Friday, February 12, 2010

couple things

friday, tired,

yesterday was another thing at the place, resolution was met but it took all day. Not much time between then and the planned evening so I just laid down for a but before heading to the homeland.

Great thai place in Bradford, thinking it could be fairly neutral ground between barrie, whitby, and orangville.....

Then to the highlight of the night, 5 pin bowling, ill spare the details. But ill say my olympic hopes and amateur status is still alive.

Home in time not to watch survivor with favorite son, who was heading to alert, or Iqaluit something like that.

Today, I headed out to ski place, to ski, skate ski, sunny, good, yeah, wasted.


not sure if ill make it to midnight

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

who do you know in orangeville other then me ... i am furious !