Thursday, January 28, 2010

You win this round winter

Been a couple days, i've been trying to get into a every other day posting. Fell short yesterday, But training is getting off to a good start.

Last I left you I was heading to bed for a nap before getting up later that night at 4 am to head to the bike park for 6 am. Apparently I'm good at just wandering around aimlessly in the background so I convinced Jeremy and promised him i'd have him back in town for him to open the shop at 10 am. It was an early morning but we made it there at just before 6 to see the parking lot well on its way to being full. Rolled in and people were already all over the place. Appearances by the likes of Sam Rykoff Jamie Davies, Shane, and a little late Havy rolled in as well.

I got changed and headed to the foam pit immediately before it got too crowded. I think this will become a tradition before anything else. Then just started touring around, in the hoards of media hogs out there. I actually forgot about the whole breakfast television aspect of it and just enjoyed the early morning fun. I think they were a little late anyway. Around 7:30 the call came down that I was going to have my 15 seconds of fame, giving them an XC angle on the place, I said I had to jet at 8:22, no problem. Well with live tv nothing goes to plan and It was pushed back. Really it was just a big Norco ploy to keep the competition from opening. At 8:45 I got my 15 seconds and by 15 seconds I think it was closer to 12 seconds before the camera's turned back to the foam pit.

Got changed quick and jetted out of there and onto the 407 to get Jeremy back by 10. Almost made it, I think I did set a new joyride-Barrie record though.

I was pretty much toasted from the early morning and just laid down for a minute to rest my eyes. Yeah, after waking up I changed my calender around.

Yesterday.... oh yeah was an indoor specific ride, lots of coordination, single leg pedaling and spin ups, followed by a steady endurance effort. Its about as exciting as it sounds, but i just keep telling myself only another month at the most and it will be all clear roads and butterflies.

Had a long x-train endurance day planned today, well after the weekly shuffle it was. With sunny clear skies, only -8 I was tempted to do a vast majority of it out on the roads. But I had a stop to make out at Hardwood today anyway so i loaded up the skate skis and headed out to Oro. As soon as I hit the 400 it was blowing almost white out conditions, which made for a slightly longer drive out. Made it intact while listening to all the collisions on the roads. Chatted with Jacob and played temperature mind games with Jack for a bit, if your watching the olympic coverage next month and Jack Sasseville starts getting all confused about temperatures and plus and minus, my bad.

Continued on my journey to Horseshoe, as soon as I pulled in regretted not bringing my classic skis and or the snowshoes. Compared to the dusting in town they had a good six inches of powder on top of the trail. Well when in Rome, I stepped into the skates and just went with it. Aside from making for some tough going it was really nice and soft. Easy on the joints for sure. Some of the trails were packed well by the school kids who thankfully didn't stick to the tracksets. I did some loops and even made my way up and down gunthers in the powder but in the end i cut my losses and headed back home to salvage a workout at home.

When I arrived back I realized it was a good thing i didn't head out on the bike, as the storm arrived after i left and left a nice coating of snow. Not a lot but enough. I strapped on the snowshoes ignored the stare of death from Starbuck and headed into the bluffs for a couple hours. One big loop over to Ferndale and back at LRP (Liz Ross Pace) and i was heading back, when I was crossing Mapleton I could feel the temp had really dropped and with the wind it didn't take me long to duck into the woods for shelter.

After some problem solving I got the hours in I wanted so, it turned out to be a great day. From now on I'm bringing everything including the kitchen sink out to Oro.

This is dragging on so Ill leave it there.

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