Saturday, January 9, 2010

you can call off the search

Well apparently this blog means a lot to some of my readers and my absence has caused much speculation, conjecture and inaccuracies.

No big story still trying to kick this marathon cold. Not a whole lot to say more than that. Didn't think readers would like to hear about the mucous colour of the day type stuff.

Starting to feel a little better, i have changed my strategy of rest to training really hard. Telling my body who's boss is the plan. So far so good. Any semblance of top end is long gone but on the plus side i feel rested in some ways, legs definitely feel fresh.

I've been trying to spend as many hours outdoors as possible, mostly snowshoeing. Monday i even got out with the MNS, in the wilderness "trails" for a bit.

After missing new years in the Waub i was peer pressured into attending a bike build seminar last night. It turned into who can deliver the lowest blow kinda night. Solved many of the cycling industries problems and I even rounded up some more capital for my eventual buyout of Shimano bike division. Almost there only a few hundered million more and i can carry out my plans.

Plans are being formulated for an escape from winter in february/march. Still trying to work out the details but its looking good.

Looks like almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere is in a chill right now, I've stocked up on a years supply of orange juice already.

until next time

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