Thursday, January 21, 2010

thanks for the lead

Well, the sun was shining and my ski's were begging to be scraped and used, taking some advice from a reader, I just packed the skate skis and left the classics at home.

Rolled into the shoe after a few stops in town, dropped my windstopper jacket off to have the zipper replaced. Using big safety pins was getting kinda old and painful.

As i was putting on my ski's I was asked again to see my pass, this time the gentlemen was super nice and assumed I had one instead of assuming I was pooching, but I get the feeling they are really trying to crack down.

The conditions were good, firm snow fairly well groomed for skating, I could tell the trackset left a little to be desired with only 15 cm base Its tough to not hit the dirt every once and a while. Did a few laps each of the medium loops on the north and west sides. Lots of people out today, always seemed like I was passing or being passed by someone. It was nice, sometimes you feel like you might as well be on the moon out there.

Plans are formulating for a joyride assault on sunday, and by assault I mean a few xc spandex wearing people doing multiple laps of the xc course. Gonna see if I can do a 2:05......yeah no.

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