Monday, January 25, 2010


Backing up to yesterday, was another trip to the bike park. Still good, actually had some new features. Got there pretty much right at 10, in time to hit the foam pit early before it filled up. I was able to convince Tammy, but not Jeremy to hit it too. First attempt used the easy line to just get a feel for it. And by feel for it, ride into it and endo. That was the easy part, getting out is an ordeal on its own. I managed to clear the way for Tammy who unleashed a nice tailwhip 360. Hit the blue line next which gives you much more kick. After that i dragged myself out of the way and let the youngsters have at it.

I started my watch and headed out onto the xc loop to start a longish steady ride, I used the skinnies, and pump tracks to make a 6+ minute loop, with the place filling up fast i kept it flexible and just kinda went where people weren't. As long as i was moving and pedaling i was happy. One or two little breaks here and there, one feed, and i was done the business end of it.

Just started touring around after that, ran into some people i knew, Rick and Jamie, hit the foam pit one last time, and developed my own trick its called a 2x90. Basically consists of a 90 degree lateral rotation, followed by a 90 degree roll. Pretty sick. There are rumours of a video of it, but i haven't seen it yet.

Another good day on the mtb in January.

Today, I was pleased to not be sore at all, I think i was way more relaxed and used to the place. Granted there was no tire buzzing and wall bouncing on the xc track.

Semi-rest day, but i did get on the rollers for a while for a warmup and cooldown with a core and strength workout in the middle. Follwed by some shovelling and clearing some snow while the getting is good.

Heading back to the park tonight, well I consider 4:45 am, tonight, not sure if I should just not go to sleep. So if your up and watching the tube between 6 and 9 in the gta tune to breakfast television to see whats going on at Joyride.

alrighty then

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