Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the past few

The past few days the weather has been smiling on us "northerners", well north of 89. With lots of sun and little to no new snow in a couple weeks it has been prime for just about whatever you want to do. I'm really glad I got that new fancy gas can for christmas for the snowblower considering i haven't even gotten through the gas from last year still in the machine.

I got out for a nice shanty bay road ride. I usually head out into Essa in the winter to avoid riding across the city but with the clear roads and a stop at the shop to drop something off I just kept going out ridge and back. It was overcast but, using my highly scientific thermometer(water bottles) I can tell you it wasn't below zero. Good ride very refreshing to get out on the road for a nice steady effort. Coming back up Mapleton I was in a world o hurt though, legs felt like bricks, but i made it up and home.

Snowshoe a couple days ago in the copeland via the 5th line. There is still plenty of snow in there to make the snowshoes useful, the title of the event was actually "is there any snow left". There was and we, meaning the guys, fell in line behind Liz who led the way using some sort of internal navigation system. There's no getting lost with Liz around, which is comforting as Copeland is pretty big and not that it would be life or death but you could be in there for a while going in circles at night. And with Molly in attendance she would probably try to get you lost to extend the outing.

Yesterday, I loaded up my mtb and shot down to coulson to see what i could do in there, i kept my hopes in check but it turned out to be not half bad. There was a hair to much snow for some of the trails, but there were some nicely packed singletrack and doubletrack sections. I was able to put together a 15 min lap, probably would take 7 in the summer. Turned a bunch of laps of that, basically until I started to make stupid mistakes and couldn't stay on the trails. The bike is working well, I've had to twek the shifter barrels a bit, thats normal.

Trying to stay cautiously optimistic about feeling better, its the longest its been without feeling any ill effects.

Gonna get out to Horseshoe for a ski in the next couple days, hopefully they have been able to groom, may be a long shot with the thin snow coverage.

Also have this itch i may need to scratch which may or may not involve an indoor bike park....


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Tammy said...

I was at Horseshoe last Sunday and there were some bare patches, esp. on the classic track.

that means you should go to the bike park :-)