Monday, January 11, 2010

looking back

This evening I met up with some fellow mns'ers out in the heart of Oro for some snowshoe fun. I realized it was about 3 years ago to the night that all the monday night craziness started, then it was actually a ride out in midhurst, i think we were wearing arm warmers and knee warmers. Im not drawing any conclusions from that regarding weather patterns.(not in this post at least)

A good sane pace, I think Liz has learned her lesson. Though after some Spak/Jacob comments she sped up a little for some reason.....

Before heading out I hit up canadian tire for some nuts and bolts(literally) for my build. A quick stop at chapters to check out the newest issue of Triathlon Canada magazine. I was told they had a little writeup about the toronto uci races and thought i'd check it out. I realized cross is almost two thirds triathlon, im going to get shot for that comment. Im also considering a change into Triathlon this season.

Yesterday i did some good coordination work on the rollers, spin-ups and single leg work. Still not 100% but everyday i feel a little bit better.

Plans are in the works for a trip to a certain indoor bike park in the gt of a this weekend. I could always use the singlespeed but i have a little more incentive to get my geared bike up and running.

Not much else to report

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

Sounds like your are on the up and up ... good blogging as of late.

bike park is good ... 2:05 is time to beat on xc course ??? I never timed it but as i got more confident definately got the urge to see how fast it could be done ...

Couple corners that are intriquing to try and roll smooth ... the right hander before the steep on especially (I met the wall a few times trying to do it!)

Rip it up!