Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its a road on google maps

I can't say much more than the title as it would give away the top secret meeting spot. Which caused a few to be late. I would have been on time if the drive thru at Tims wasn't so long. (for the record I purchased hot chocolate not their "coffee")

Matt and new MNS addition were there all ready to go, Tammy, Jer arrived shortly thereafter. Then into the woods for 3 hours of touring around trying to see how much climbing we could do, we didn't want to make Heather mad. Though not sure if Peter would be impressed, I guess you just can't please all the coaches. I was also under the impression the pace would be mellow and under control, I tried my best to stay out front, but new addition just kept charging to the front and kept the pace up, I think we need to draft an MNS constitution, or by-laws, or have people sign pacing agreements.

In the end we covered about half the distance of my snowshoe a couple days ago, but climbed 3x as much.

5th line "summit"

The Rescue of Tammy from the jerk bushes she tried to walk through

TRAIN !!!!!!!!

Was super tempted to hit Tara up after but I knew I had to get some fixins for dinner and when I walked in the door I got the "I know you where just with Molly for 3 hours and I was stuck in here watching figure skating all day" look. So I took the pup for a brisk off leasher through the bluffs.

Gonna sleep well tonight, first good solid structured week was good, got all the workouts in I had planned, with some creative scheduling. More the same this week,


Steve Neal Performance Development said...

I wasn't pleased for the record

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

upon further elaboration by involved parties ... i support hills in snowshoe outings