Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good tired

With the arrival of a two day ice age it was down to rollers and snowshoes the past couple days.

Yesterday was a long steady snowshoes trying to maximize the distance through the bluffs without crossing my tracks. I was able to get 13.5 km in and think i could have gotten a little more distance in with some creative zigging and zagging. It was chilly for sure, but the sun was burning 100%, and with little wind I didn't even notice the temperature. Expect for taking off my gloves to refuel, I noticed the cold then.

This morning when i woke up i could feel that good productive fatigue in my legs. It was nice to feel that again, A little sore, but mostly just empty legs feeling. Its tough to explain the difference, but I was a happy camper.

Hit the rollers for some fast pedals (spin ups but longer) and some more single leg stuff, a nice warmup and I was back outside for a shorter snowshoe today. This time I gave into the puppy dog look and brought the angle with me. It didn't take long for her to start lifting her paws with a "frak this is cold" look, But shes a trooper and with her patented hop, shuffle, three good legs walk we trounced through the forest.

Long stretch session, followed by calorie intake.

I was planning on heading to the copeland tomorrow for some sort of snow based enduance, but couldn't decide whether to ski or snowshoe or both. Normally i would turn to my 8 ball in times like these, but a nicely timed phone call from Matt made the choice easy. Solo endurance hours or group endurance hours....mmm tough choice.

New top secret meeting location something about train tracks. Hey any opportunity to yell "TRAIN" I'm up for.

Looks like the Juniors stomped it in Tabor, Stafford had some bike issues and such and after 4 bike changes it sounds like he should be in prime shape for 2013 espoir worlds, Wonder where those are????

Ok so, umm, yeah,

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