Thursday, January 14, 2010

ducks in a row

The past couple days I’ve been doing lots of little time consuming things you would think would be simple I’ve dealt with customer no service with more businesses than I can count, and I think I'm getting there a couple more long wait phone calls in the near future but the worst is past I hope.

On top of this on Monday morning my beloved 4 years+ old Toshiba laptop kicked it. It was giving me some signs of impending doom I backed everything up (I think) and let it go. I considered briefly looking into fixing it but to even get it checked is probably more than I’d want to spend on it. At 256 mb of ram and earth shattering 100gb hd, dead battery, burnt out dvd drive, it was time, that said it still did the job. It will be missed. Already hating this cramped keyboard with a full number pad on the right, smallspacebar, kind of like breaking in a new saddle. Though I will say this windows 7 is pretty slick, I missed out on the vista era and I think I’m better for it.

Training wise I’m still trying to kill this bug, I’d say I’m more exercising really, went for a ski it was good to get out there but it took no time for my finish friend to start yelling at me. I don’t even think i got out of the car and my hr was 165. Been doing some rides on the rollers focusing on coordination, again the hr is insane, getting pretty close to seeing a doctor. I hate going to a clinic for a cold but a 3 week cold that just never ends is pissing me off.

Haven’t had a good rant in a while,

Back to another topic I touched on a few weeks ago regarding extended warranties on computers and such and why they are a huge ripoff. After the staples debacle/scam plus they have very little choice, I headed to future shop this time around. Nice sales person helped me out, didn’t try to upsell me or anything on the computer, I was pretty upfront with my limited needs with a PC. I went with another big T. Checking out I knew it was coming and just smiled and kept quiet as he explained the extended warranty. Very politely I asked about some of their policies and explained the situation at staples.

Which was to recap, the motherboard and hard drive were fried and instead of fixing the computer they instead bought out the warranty for 220, but the warranty itself cost 120, so really only about 100 bucks. And they kept the computer. So really for the same reason I’m not fixing my other laptop they don’t fix them either they just give you a store credit for a small amount towards another computer. Which they get to sell you another warranty on. Its smart on their part don’t get me wrong I’m not business man but they would have to be stupid to actually fix it.

After explaining this to the salesperson explained they don’t do it that way and they don’t buy you out. Etc etc, they are different etc etc. The cost of the 2 year warranty would have also been more than 25 % of the cost of the computer. I said I would think about it, you can buy the warranty up to 30 days after the computer. Once I read the fine print sure enough they can buy you out at their discretion or give you a refurbished computer, at which point the warranty ends.

Now there may be instances where the insurance may be useful, I think if you were buying a 2000 dollar laptop then maybe. But to buy a $550 dollar laptop or a $450 desktop, then to pay another 25-30% on an extended warranty that you are guaranteed to get bought out of as the computer will be obsolete after 18 months, is just a waste of money in my opinion.

Don’t take my word for it ask some of these questions when buying a computer for yourself, when you cut down to it, what they promise is to good to be true.
K, im off my high horse now.

The mtb is all built and ready to go, she’s a mutt there’s everything from deore to XTR on it, crazy light wheels, some heavy steal parts, but I think she’ll be another ever ready bike for years to come.

Plans are in place for Saturday morning journey to Markham to see what all the fuss is about, probably wear my free ride Norco jersey to make sure I fit in.

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