Friday, January 1, 2010

Day : i don't know

Not a whole lot to report, still under the weather, and on my last post i described the time-line well. Things were changed up this time, including almost passing out and getting cold sweats for the first time in my life. Its a freaky feeling, your freezing cold and your sweating buckets i was actually scared. Thinking i may have a touch of the swine.

That was yesterday morning so i called off the nights festivities that were planned in the waub. I was able to stay up to ring in the new year with espn2 and watching wonder boy, do a ramp to barge rally car jump to set a new world record. To be honest i bet charlie 10 bucks he wouldn't make it or would crash hard.

going through my records its Pete Glassfords birthday today, happy birthday Pete.

snowing lots(for this year at least) hopefully i can get outside and get back on the skis sometime soon.