Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bricks and Mortar

Good couple days getting back to some structure as opposed to just trying to stay active.

Yesterday after a trip to the vet for my rabies shot, and a little procrastination I got out on the classic ski's in the bluffs, ok not much structure there not to mention the less than ideal conditions for the waxless ski's. Ill admit I have little to no classic ability or knowledge of proper technique, but I could not get any no matter what i did. Almost stopped and put some sap from a tree on my ski's. Actually the super packed trail looked prime for a mtb ride, but i was out there on the sticks so I made due.

Today was the first ride in a while I went at with some key objectives planned, time, effort and HR, choose a pretty standard rolling-hilly route out into Essa up to 90. Where the historic battle of hwy 90 took place between Springwater and Essa, in the end it was declared as part of the armistice that "Hence forth all roads that cross highway 90 shall not meet up and cause the horse and thy that they carry to zig then zag". Or something like that, Headed up the long drag that is sunnidale to Barrie hill farms road, out the new Carson, through Midhurst along ski trails road to the third and back in via ridge road (rail trail is looking dodgy on a road bike these days).

The sun was shining there was very little wind, roads were clear, couldn't ask for more in January that for sure. As for the objectives, time was easy, the effort and HR was a tough cookie to keep in check. But I just kept thinking back to when I was a wee lad heading into the 02 season and started really training. I'm still in better shape now than that but the principles are the same, rule #1 Base is the most important thing to an athlete, Rule #2 It can't be rushed. oh and rule #3 Don't talk about FACT. Back when I was starting into this training thing with Steve and FACT, he always said (when i was trying to go all Ricky Bobby on him) if I can't keep my hr where it should be get off and walk. And I did on occasion, granted I was pushing 160 pounds then. Yes it was painful but it paid off huge later down the road.

It wasn't that desperate today, I was able to just gear down and spin up the climbs, my Finnish friend only yelled at me once or twice. The first 60 mins or so I wasn't feeling to hot but by the end I was feeling a lot better and finished the 180 mins off pretty strong. Took the hard man climb again back home, and didn't almost fall over.

So the schedule is all set, printed off and posted on the fridge, feels good to get back to something like that rather than playing it day to day.

Tomorrow Joyride mission, then it looks like back to winter next week, with minus double digits later in the week, hopefully get some more snow too so the big groomers can get out on the ski trails.

"You know ........ ....... when i first started coaching him he would run at night so people didn't see him walk up the hills" that always stuck with me

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