Saturday, January 16, 2010

better late than never

Just returned from a trip to joyride 150, I know I'm probably one of the last people in a 400km radius to report this. Well it was worth the wait(to go) what a blast, I went in not hearing a single complaint about the place and thought it can't be that good, come on. But it is everything you here about, as soon as you walk in the door friendly faces, warm greetings, easy first time waiver membership card etc stuff, and bam your hucking and doing transfers. Well if thats your thing, Matt Tristan and I opted for a tour of xc loop with hardman Mark Summers, read this for full story. And by tour I mean him killing it and me trying to remember how to turn a bike around a corner.

The xc loop really impressed me, it feels longer than it is and its never boring you always have something coming up or a tight corner to negotiate. A couple multi line things some bermed corners and your were done like dinner, very intense, and it takes some getting used to bombing around immovable objects at speed, trees I'm used too, steel supports not so much.

Next up the skinnies, a bunch of multi line log, wood structures to challenge your balance and confidence, fun but only so many different options and I believe that is the intermediate section and they are building an "expert" section in the future(I could be wrong) Next a couple runs of the beginner jump line, Complete fail on my part, Matt was getting some good style points here.

A couple more xc loops which included my overconfidence in my ability to corner on slick concrete slide out. Walked it off, couple rug burn type injuries. Tristan then went to the front and started to hammer the pace, I was started to get freaked out, there was lots of buzzing tires and a couple wall bounces, but amazingly no more bails.

Pump tracks were challenging and very tiring, I was feeling pretty good today, but i could only handle a couple laps before pulling off for a breather, noticed the kids on dirtjump bikes and bmx's were absolutely ripping the pump tracks, thinking the xc bike with the saddle maxed out may not be the best setup.(not to mention the rider)

Had the chance to take out a (Norco) dirtjump bike for a little rip, night and day on any of the pump track, jump lines, easier and more comfortable on the pump tracks and I ,yes me, outspoken advocate of keeping wheels on the ground, even found myself on the intermediate jump line. Leaving the ground and returning on the transition. Pulled myself off before i got to confident and hurt myself.

Left the foam pit for another day, didn't want to show any kids up or anything. In total a couple hours of fun, looking forward to going back, its not too far, but far enough that its not close. With a good carpool i think jumping on the 407 may be best.

Hats off to the Summers family and any others involved with the building, design and overall goodness.

Think any of those kids would like to trade me a dirt jump bike for a fixie? mmmm.

Weather is looking good for a possible outdoor ride tomorrow. And some more in the next week or so if the forecast holds(which it won't)

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Tammy said...

Thanks for the disc! Unfortunately, no success... yet another reason to retire the old mac :-(
Can i leave it at the shop for you??