Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The list is life the list is good.. or something like that

Still in a bad spot, actually day to day I feel fine, but whenever I try to exercise for any length of time I just feel rotten or start coughing, Luckily its been a great year for films after a couple of lame duck years. The AWI institute for art and film has come up with this years top 5 list, actually it was such a good year no less than 6 made the list.

1. Inception
No brainer one of the best films in a long long time, I'm sure after the success of the batman films Chris Nolan was given a blank check to do whatever the hell he wanted and Inception is what we got.

2. the Town
Ben Affleck has proven himself a better director than actor, with Gone Baby Gone and now the Town, which TSCE apparently didn't like, he has hit another home run.

3. The Expendables
Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Rourke, thats all im going to say about that.

4. True grit
Just saw this one last night, still digesting it a bit. I'm not crazy on westerns but the acting alone is worth seeing this. Barry Pepper was the best but will probably be overlooked for someone less Canadian when it comes time to give out the statues.

5. The Fighter
Actually haven't seen this one but hey do you think the entire academy watches every film they get sent in all categories? I doubt it. But whats not to love, Bale and Marky Mark in an underdog boxing movie sold.

6. Wall Street
The original was tough to follow up, kinda like trying to make a sequel to the mona lisa pretty tough to do, but it was awesome none the less.

Honorable mention to Kick Ass and the Social network.

Think i might jump on the rollers for a bit get the legs spinning a bit.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time for a science experiment

The AWI institute of learning and stuff is setting up a little experiment, after calculating that I have been out with the flu/flu like symptoms for 11.538% of the past year. I have come to the conclusion that my immune system really sucks.

After being bombarded with olympic athletes telling me that Cold FX is the cats meow, I think I'm going to see what all the hub ub is about.

So for the next 52 weeks I'm going on the coldfx diet, I have secured financing for such an endevour by selling my left kidney.

In other AWI news I made the pedal mag online poll in two sections, mtb and CX, though for some reason its not letting me vote, politicians vote for themselves not sure why I can't. I have no doubt my hillbilly win should be good enough to secure the CX award.

Weather is beauty right now, getting out daily with starbuck for short hikes and snowshoes, kinda crazy talk around these parts but with the lack of any new snow and packed trails, I'm getting tempted to bust out the MTB to see if winter riding is a possibility in the near future.

x-mas was good, for once the family actually did cut back on the whole commercialized side of things, sorry economic recovery.

Looking forward to getting into the theatre to see True Grit and The Fighter so I can put a cap on the 2010 film season. I'm already pretty sure who made the AWI top 5 this year but gotta be sure before publishing the prestigious list.

"Rodents of unusual Size? I don't think they exist"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

glass is half full

Day 5 feeling better by the day, I was able to muster up getting on the rollers for a bit. Picked one of my favorite Christmas films, The Ice Harvest, took off any resistance type devices and spun the legs out for a while. Stiff and uncoordinated to start but by the end felt smoother.

Silver lining, I'm already down to my racing weight, awesome, and luckily for some reason I'm the only person on earth who doesn't like x-mas food, so no worries there. Should be a good start to the new year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What are they calling the Flu this year?

If they haven't come up with a name i'm calling it the cougar flu, cause it sneaks up on you and kicks your ass.

Friday felt great, nice snowshoe in Copeland with Starbuck, came home made a plan to get a few hours in on snow Saturday, went to bed and pretty much just woke up now.

thats about all i can muster up, think im going to take some more meds and hit the hay.

Friday, December 10, 2010

In my mind i was updating this

Everyday I was like yeah that should go in the blog, yeah,

Guess I never actually got around to it, probably cause it would have made for a weak blog(everything's relative)

Can't remember which day it was I think tuesday, hit the rollers for an hour, then hit the ball for some core stuff, decided that pushups really do suck, busted out 3 sets of 15, and now I have a torn pec or something, coupled that with shoveling and my right pectoral has been sore ever since.

I've been snowshoeing and riding(rollers) but I'm laying off anything to do with upper body i.e. skiing. Kinda bummed cause we've got some ok snow for classic. Skate is another story, Hardwood is open I think in part to the little groomer they have. Horseshoe from what I saw snowshoeing yesterday isn't open. At least there were no tracks where I was and after a couple rolls there still isn't enough for a big groomer.

....rumours swirling, well actually Nathan is organizing a new years eve CX race, St Kitts...we'll see what the weather's like.

Monday, December 6, 2010

its just like that movie with donnie darko

Bam right in the kisser, just like that winter has arrived with a bang. Saturday I was riding the ccx in copeland, and today I was snowshoeing with Starbuck on the same trails. Took two years but she is doing awesome, totally kicked my ass today.

That's the seasonal swing I like very little middle ground. Although THE ride is in jeopardy as it seems to be snowing everywhere a fair bit.

Horseshoe is opening up Wednesday, after one roll there isn't much base, I think there still needs to be a few more cm before its ideal.

Insane news from the Chico camp, provincials are going to be held at highlands nordic, pure insanity, but it did come at a cost Mountainview is no longer on the calender damn shame, third best o-cup course ever(since 96), behind Calabogie and Elliot lake.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the end, finito, endo, conclusion, die end. el fin. ha sikum

Thats it folks, stick a fork in it, 2010 is over, for sure now with the cancellation of the new years eve cross race.

Glad I made the trip down today, regardless of outcome I was happy to be there, the drive down was pretty uneventful a little snow but nothing crazy, pulled off for a pumpkin spice in Barrie, and rolled in with just the perfect amount of time, not enough to get cold before the start like nats, and enough not to be rushed.

The atmosphere was super laid back, I think everyone was there for a good time, nothing to serious and hopefully raise some money for the canadian national cyclocross team for worlds. Craigs random M2 start was awesome. One weird thing i saw a few random guys riding mtb's through the park, three guys used course crossing but one guy was so pissed off with the race he rode straight through the tape it was brutal.

Also almost punched Zach in the face a couple times, before taking it onto the course for some warmup laps, where we took turns trying to crash the other out. I think we settled things. Course was good, fast and flowy they opened it up a bit from last year.

Got lined up, a few omissions, J-staff and Mogg have called it a season, (rightly so) Box, Hardinge and Chown were racing in Quahog.

Start Zach killed it, fell in behind him and Moote, Cam must have come by at some point, Followed Jeff until he slid out, mental note on that corner. I was able to catch up to Juice and Cam, they were accelerating like Juniors (or im just not all that punchy right now) Followed them for a bit until Zach went down followed closely by Cam, mental note on that corner. I took the lead it didn't take long for Cam to catch back up, never really saw Zach again.

Cam and I switched off for a few laps, he was killing me anywhere fitness was required but my Rhino's were bringing it back on anything slick or the two run/ride ups. I brake checked Cam before the first one(i really didn't but Cam said i did) I got a bit of a gap and I was able to hold that 10 seconds or so for about 2-3 laps, before it finally opened up to something a little more comfortable.

Rolled in to take the beer prize, 15 dl's of Grande Reserve Chimay. Almost got rolled for it leaving so it must be good.

Drive home was a little hairy at points, took a while and some thinking of alternatives like staying in Barrie at my brothers weekend house.

Great way to end the season, thanks to CXO and I think Midweek was a big help too, great race, great course, hope to do it again. It was nice to do a relatively flat fast race this year.

Big thanks to Jon Safka, for the Chimay I will be sure to enjoy it on a special the end of the 2010 season??

hats off to the guy who just showed up on a giant road bike and raced on 23mm slick tires. Went past him a couple times but I think he was loving every second of it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still Riding

Whoever is writing the trail reports for hardwood is super die hard, not sure if its Jack or someone else but they are just chomping at the bit to get out skiing. Yeah i'd like to ski soon too but the riding is just so much fun right now, yes I'm saying MTB'ing is fun I should wash my own mouth out with soap. Usually I can't stand it. But with the unique trail conditions I'm really digging it.

This week hasn't been without its fair share of road miles to keep the week balanced. Lots of craziness thursday which kept me off anything that moved, x-mas shopping and getting into a text fight with KB.

Yesterday headed out into Oro after hearing on Ride guide that it has some smooth quiet roads, Bald guy was half right they were quiet, smooth is another story. 2 hours, trying to keep my cadence in the high 90's. Then shot into town to nail down harry potter episode 2. I think there's like 18 more to go after this.

Having not ridden my CX bike since nats I thought it might not be a bad idea to give it a shakedown ride before the race tomorrow. New cables, brake pads etc.... so good to have a ride on all that stuff. Loaded up and headed to copeland to ride. Conditions don't get much better, frozen ground and a cm of snow on top. Forgot how much fun it is to ride a CX bike on smooth fast singletrack. Super awesome cause the bars are narrow and I'm not bouncing off trees left right and left again. Hit all the flat singletrail I could with the exception of the berms. Trees still down on the doubletrack doesn't look like Horseshoe is in any rush getting them in shape for skiing. 70 minutes later after pulling myself out of the woods, should have forgotten my watch.

One last tournament tomorrow in the center of the universe.

weathernetwork next 36 hours 1-3 cm of snow

Environment Canada next 36 hours 20-35 cm of snow.

I'm seriously thinking of creating a gambling racket to put on odds and take bets. It would be awesome, they would start throwing forecasts and start calling for 30 degrees in January.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thought of a good title while riding today but forgot it

we'll see if i can jog my own memory. So it would appear I failed to post yesterday, I'm sure you all missed it, kinda like the way i feel when i check Tristan's blog everyday hoping, ney longing for a new post. I was pleased to see he is getting back on the blogwagon.

I didn't plan on much time exercising yesterday, got on the rollers for a nice 30 minute warmup which included some coordination, then off the bike for a solid 30 mins of core and strength. I didn't have a set routine, just worked out using the ball till 30 mins was up. Core isn't bad but my upper body is yelling at me right now. But i need to whip the old shoulders and arms into shape for the ski season which may or may not arrive sometime before spring.

Back to basics today for a 120-150 minute endurance MTB ride. When I left snow was starting to trickle down but didn't really accumulate. Rode over to copeland via bidwell, and highlands. Laid out a route in my head but quickly realized I deviated and needed to rethink, Some rejigging and I was back on track. Hit all the highlights, like logans run and Matheson's 7th circle climb, With the snow falling it was really quite beautiful in the forest today. Nice ride, doesn't really look like the weather will be closing in anytime soon so probably be getting out for a couple more rides.

regarding the poll, really starting to lean back to the old blackberry, not so much for the phone itself but whats to come from the company, if, key word if, I ever get interested in a tablet googl(...cough sorry) Rim's playbook is looking much more appealing to me with its flash and java capabilities as well as a USB port.

recovery day tomorrow, maybe some x-mas shopping before the madness starts to get to insane and i avoid any store at all costs.

more research into THE ride, looked at a calender and figured out next Sunday is the 12th. thats as far as i have gotten.

Monday, November 29, 2010

and don't call me Shirley

Good times last night at Elizabeth and Jacobs new Horseshoe pad, not bad, the spiral staircase freaks me out. Definitely solved some world issues while there. Blackberry was given a solid boost, much more business like, something I'm surprised Matt P hasn't thought about....

Got home to some bad news Leslie Nielson had passed away, bloody shame, found this video it is pretty much bang on, Buck Frobisher was his greatest role in my opinion.

Sun was shining nicely today for a nice (I say rides are nice a lot don't I) It was a nice ride, 170 minutes of matchbook building, not matches mind you, just getting that Matchbook ready to insert matches. Out into Flanders to Wasaga, north above Elmvale before heading back south to homebase. Good amount of gravel, and even some doubletrack, scoping out possible terrain for THE ride? maybe, maybe. Next sunday seems to be the targeted date.

Some x-training tomorrow, pole runnalking probably.

In the summer I love travelling, building trails and just about any sport except for swimming in the ocean—who knows what's lurking in the dark water". – Mike Garrigan

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looks like the I-phone is winning out, shame, but I asked and you have spoken.

Pleading, convincing, begging for someone to ride with today paid off with a nice wintery mtb ride in Copeland. Just the perfect amount of snow, don't get to many days like this up here, but maybe with global warming there will be more in the future. By the time noon rolled around the snow was melting, hit the berms, other fun dh, and as much flat stuff as possible. Worked on some skills for sure. Tammy's coach will be pleased.

Post ride practiced some winter driving skills, e-brake turns and such, on a closed circuit(parking lot)

Decent hours this week without any real structure, until the weather is sure what it wants to do, it will probably stay that way. Just aim for weekly hour goals. Keeping the tools in a bag for now so to speak. Actually I just got a new wicked tool bag, I can ditch the skimpy musette bag now.

Mustache is coming in strong should be prime for next November.

"Whats your last name?"


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't look at me I was all ready to go

Ill start with bailing on Riverdale tomorrow, I can't shake the memories of almost freezing to death in 08 there. My OCD was starting to kick in today big time. Basically yes I am Soft not denying that, love the course, love the organizer, dislike the lack of parking. OCD, but I turned to an unbiased source to make a final ruling and it came back "no". If im not at Subway ill kick my own ass.

Yesterday with the apparent end of the world coming the plan was to hit up Copeland for one last ride at 11 am, that came and went and found myself there at 2:30 but with a riding partner. Good ride had a weird sound coming from behind me the whole ride, kinda like a weezing, laboured breathing, I just went faster.

With a light dusting of snow today, its starting to feel a bit like winter, but not surprisingly we didn't get anywhere close to the 1000 cm predicted. Took Starbuck for a hike in Copeland, all freaked out by the cougar talk, kept looking behind me.

MTB again tomorrow, shes gonna be put away soon too(well except for joyride 300 visits) Little bit of snow should make for some nice riding.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So lost

Solid 178 minute ride yesterday, the sun was out and even though it was hovering around 0 it felt warmer than the previous day. Roads were pretty good until I got back north to Bass lake in between the 5th and 6th, it was a skating rink, almost got off and walked but I thought that would be soft. Fenders came in handy a bit so I think the road bike has had its last hurah.

The whole I didn't invite matt P thing to ride guide came out wrong, I retract that statement, Matt I'm sorry.

Last night I got talked into seeing the new Harry Potter film, I told KB that i have never seen any of the others so I would be lost. She promised I wouldn't be and sure enough I didn't know what the frack was going on. All I know is its a very violent movie that I would not take kids to see.

The expendables on the other hand was awesome, I'm not even going to go into detail, just go rent it, you won't be disappointed. Seeing Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and The Bruce in a scene together was a childhood dream come true.

Haven't gotten out yet today, might turn into a night ride

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One way ticket to LA please

Well that`s that just waiting for the phone to ring with some big hollywood movie deals

Matt P and Andrew check out Ontario cycling

Really happy with how it turned out,

notes- I did not invite Matt it was a third party that arranged it

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thats the ticket

After setting up Saturday and running the race sunday myself and others im sure were pretty wasted. I was a wreck yesterday, pretty much useless during the day, did manage to give the CCX some TLC upgraded to some Shimano cables, not sure what took me so long, could be getting spoiled my MTB cables seem to get switched all the time. New smaller brake pads as well which hopefully means less being made fun of, Juniors can be very mean. Bike is all ready to race, after sitting on the sidelines for two weeks I think its about time to get back in there for the last two races, Riverdale this Sunday and Subway the following.

Last night had the BCC AGM, lots of excitement post cx race and sounds like everyone is keen to continue on in the future with it. I am apparently the Youth Development coordinator, I was told it was totally up to me what i would like to do with the position. I think I will do a Russian style program get 10 juniors together rip their legs off and hope one ends up surviving. (im kidding we'll come up with something else) MTB seems to be covered fairly well in the area with Devo, but Road and Cross could use some development in the area. I'd really like to see more cadets and juniors racing cross.

After three days off the bike but doing bike related stuff it felt good to get back on the bike for a solid 165 minutes of endurance. Got my winter bike all ready to roll, a little wd-40 here and there helped, but once she was rolling it was smooth sailing, literally the winds were a little high and I purposely choose to ride out into Flos and to Wasaga for the flat terrain. Lots of open exposed farm fields, I'm calling it new Flanders henceforth. Kyle Fry broke down into tears out there cause it was so flat and windy once, it was a sad sight. I usually avoid Wasaga in the summer but the fall is a great time to ride around the area, even ended up doing a loop I didn't know I could do. On the way back in I passed a guy in running shorts, bare legs, running shoes 15 year old rocky mountain, just loving the ride, huge smile on his face. Awesome seeing people out enjoying cycling for what it is.

A few snowflakes, not really man-ride stuff, maybe a 75 pointer not even worth mentioning.

Back to Micheal and Marions for dinner tonight to celebrate my brothers birthday, where i tried Flying Monkeys Hoptical illusion, im just not digging their brews, thats 2 for 2, maybe I'm just a simple Rickards red kinda guy.

sending some positive vibes Pete's way, had a little brush up with a car, sounds like he's in one piece.

Totally different direction, but with Ben's new purchase I thought what do I want from a car? next to the Mazda which is awesome. Didn't take long this is pretty much me, firebird on the hood and all, someday.....

"yeah so we're tossing around the idea of having propane patio heaters for the start line area"
"I have an idea just don't race your bike in friggen November"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

not enough patting of bums

Just realized there was no dugout ass grabbing today, it was the "baseball cross" and nothing about it was like baseball, No chewing tobacco, No beer, very few steroids, may need to change that name again.

It was all smiles when we headed home from the venue today after a great day of bike-cycle racing. I was extremely pleased to see so much "racing" not just solo tt'ing, Most of the categories came down to a last lap duel. Even saw some early groups of 4's and 5's not bad considering there weren't huge numbers in any one wave.

I (fully responsible) miscalculated the amount of Pylons we would need and had to do some improvising. Thank you big giant blue bins.

An interesting trend it seems is a lot fewer masters racers the past few races, only 3 M1's today one of the smallest categories for the day. Not a criticism or call out just an observation.

Would like to thank Joe Breedon out at the complex for his excitement and help with the event. There was never any second guessing what we were doing, basically as long as we stayed off the playing fields we could do whatever we wanted, we could have had a jump over the fire pit and that probably would have been cool with Joe.

"wheres my pat"
Kevin Costner

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful day in Barrie tomorrow

I have the pre race jitters, hoping everything comes together nicely tomorrow, I have no doubt it will but still you start to second guess yourself. Robb has done an awesome job organizing everything and everyone around the event.

The facility starts to creep up to you with the details, lots of really unique features/challenges that we needed to consider while making the course.

Looks like it will be a clear albeit chilly day for racing.

predictions, You know I'm thinking Hughes will be a force out there, Box maybe, J-staff will be tired from getting his award tonight, if he wasn't he will be after reading this.(subconscious) Nathan will be in the mix for sure. Anyone's game really.

Post course-work hit up Starbucks with K.B. for some good livin, apparently every other person in a 10km radius had the same idea, never seen Starbucks so busy, about a 25 minute wait for a latte( I got my plain old coffee in 30 seconds)

see you tomorrow, yes YOU, what else are doing? huh? riding on a float in a Santa Clause parade? sorry that excuse is already taken.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So it begins

I knew it was going to be chilly but, I wasn't planning on getting wet today, so i tried to squeeze in one more ride on my road bike outside.

As I was getting dressed I noticed a few random snowflakes coming down, no biggy actually its better than rain as long as it stays light. Headed out with two goals in mind(gotta have goals) #1 get 180 minutes of good old fashioned SNPD endurance done and #2 check out the new painted up ridge road.

Snow started to get a little heavier and it soon became apparent that the ride was going turn into the first man ride of the 2011 season. No fenders, dry clothing, 1 degree and saturating road surfaces. Cut the ride a bit short but still managed to ride the new shoulders on ridge, before heading back. 1 degree and wet spray is a good way to stay cool. A little chilly by the time i rolled in, actually hitting the garage door cause my hands/brakes weren't working 100%. Its wood no worries.

the tally
150 minutes =150 points
cutting planed time short -5
using poor equipment for conditions +15
Snow + 5
above 0 -5

160 -points pretty weak I know but its early.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

snows are on,

I usually wait for at least one sketchy drive to change out my wheels. This year I'm ahead of the curve and got them on tonight. Also have the garage set up so the car can go into garage, insane I know.

But before that, Monday I headed out to turn some laps on the baseball/snowball course, a few tweaks here and there but otherwise looking good. A nice hour riding out there, beautiful day. Before returning home for some good old fashioned chainsawing, bring it on dead trees.

Got on the road bike yesterday for a couple hours, one nice thing about late fall riding is the lack of traffic, even on the usually busier stretches. Could be the last ride on the CRR before she gets put on the rollers for the next several months, not to worry the Bucket is all ready to go fenders, 1x9 low gearing, 36 spokes in the front 35 in the back.

You may have heard of a new retailer coming to town, I didn't want to go but K dragged me in to scope it out. Not as impressed as I thought i would be. Actually quite small for what it looks like on the outside. After some perusing among lots of people in suits and ties during what appeared to be a cocktail party we jetted out of there.

Cause this is the thing to do

"Is that a Chainsaw?"
Kid in canadian tire

"yes, yes it is"


"yes, yes it is"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

really running out of ideas for titles

Yesterday went very smoothly out at the sports complex, had tons of help driving stakes and even managed to nearly double the elevation gain from 5 to 10 meters of climbing. Still a little work to do some more staking, taping and maybe some snowblowing if the forecast holds.

A few folks were asking where this place is exactly here is a map

Today started with a mission to canadian tire to buy a chainsaw, semi successful until I got to hardwood after opened the box to find a used chainsaw in the box, awesome, sawdust and all. Immediately found my way onto the course to start heckling and cheering the 11:30 race on, I offered up a sweet 5 dollar challenge to the juniors to try and ride up the stairs. Bretton took on the challenge and made it clean on the third try.

The 1:00 o clock race was sweet, Box wanting his second win, Cam going for his first win, and my pick Mancini who actually took the win the day prior at the kissing bridge cross race.

First lap looked like a group ride, slackers, second lap the I planted a toonie in the run-up, (If only Canada had dollar bills) Cam picked that up while in the middle of the group avoiding taking everyone down. Then the next 5 dollar bill came out for the ride up, some tried some didn't, solid efforts by Parker, Stafford and some others, in the end Tristan Smit powered up to take his winnings.

Wasn't really paying attention to the race, I think Box and Hardinge chased Cam all day, in the end Cam came away with the win, of course the one time I don't pick him.

Out ten bucks but had some good fun cheering and heckling with the cowbell.

In other news AWI is coming closer to fruition signed another rider today, I think that makes 5 pretty solid.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Been doing some good x-training, I think this scene sums up today pretty good, except i didn't use a chain saw and i didn't pad my shoulder i just carried that thing skin to bark.

Got my sledge hammer, rake, shovel, weed whacker, all ready for tomorrow for some more landscaping of sorts to to put some finishing touches on the Baseball Cross course. Forecast is looking promising for a little dusting of snow.

Then onto Hardwood for some good cheering, calling Mancini right now for the win. Unless Tristan races then its all him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kyle Fry was right

You know how you feel after the first day on the slopes for a season. You feel all those little muscles you never use unless your skiing. Yeah times that by two.

My first two day's in a row at joyride and I'm feeling it in places I didn't know existed.

Reason for being there was a national team training camp. Best training camp i have ever been too (2nd camp I've ever done) Basically all the riders from Ontario on the National team, plus Lespy imported from Nova Scotia.

Monday morning was back to school with Dan going into some nice detail regarding training, different workouts, learned some stuff and also was relieved that Charlie has been on the right track for the most part.

Afternoon was spent on some BMX bikes learning balance, handling, and riding with only brake. Then onto some dirtjump bikes for some drop riding. Lots of fun and really was nice to get together with everyone for some riding.

Day 2 was similar with some party room instruction and then into the newly finished training room with our trainers for some interval work, and coordination drills. Hardest efforts since worlds I think.

Some lunch and back onto the dirtjumpers for some more drills on the drop and pump tracks, everyone was riding way faster and more comfortably which was the exact time we finally jumped on our xc rigs and were all super freaked by there silly handling characteristics. But we were still able to launch of the drop with confidence on them.

Two awesome days down there, paying for it now we didn't limber up at all. But hey do you ever see a lion limber up before taking down a gazelle?

Thanks to Dan for setting it all up and flying in from the warm okanagan valley. Brendan Arnold for his BMX and general badass riding skill teaching. Oh I forgot out manual competition..... for good reason maybe.

Mike Garrigan for his help on day one, and of course to Joyride 150 for building a world class training facility,

All motivated to train now but I'm not sure my body will let me at the moment.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Oh baby, had a great day with the BCC crew putting together a smoking fast course at the sports complex. The course is on basically the flattest hundred acres in Simcoe County so finding some elevation was challenging. My GPS recorded an elevation gain of 5 meters over 3.35 km kilometers.

All that elevation comes from a Sunnidale esque run up (which is ride able). First half of the course is pretty flat out wide open turns, slowly turning a little more technical with some slower speed stuff to finish the lap off. We built it to be fast and flowy, I would say its more of an on the gas, aerobic engine type course, nothing to punchy. Good surface mixture, grass, gravel, fine gravel, soil, Pavement.

Definitely leaning to one end of the spectrum with this course not going to lie. If you like speedy, momentum, dirt crit type courses you will love this course.

This is a rough course map, nothing is set in stone, but it will generally look something like this.

Looking forward to putting the final touches on the course throughout the next two weeks.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good times

Home now enjoying a cold one which I have been trying abstain from the past couple days. In preparation for todays show, after many years of being questioned and ridiculed for not participating at cross nats (see Kabush quote as to why he didn't come here) I took part in my first cross nationals since 2005,(where i was somehow third)

Had some choices to make yesterday, and today, with last chance number pickup at 11 am, and an open course at noon for an hour, I opted to make it one long day instead of two long days on the road. If reg and the course were open all day yesterday i probably would have headed down but it wasn't till 4.

So it was a long day waiting for the 3:30 start which to credit the organizers went off right at time. Up the super sketchy hope nobody steps out in front of you start.

Getting ahead of myself got to watch some great racing in the earlier races. Pete "see I made a smart call last sunday" Mogg took another win(looked a little close to be honest) Hats off to Hardinge who had a solid shot at taking the Master B title was taken out by a spectator. Rough way to DNF, Crashes and flats are one thing but that's just crappy luck.

Also Evan and J-staff put in solid efforts with McNeely taking a comfortable win. Great to see such great talent from the young riders.

back to the 330 start. Got an ok jump off the line but got into a a spot of bother with DSJ and Blueboy#2. DSJ and myself found ourselves well out of the top ten approaching 15 ish. Not a good way to start, and with some very tight corners early on the start was very important on this course. Put in a dig to try and get onto DSJ's wheel to hopefully start working our way back up. Well he had the same plan and was able to stick to it. I however made a few passes but quickly started to fade back with some not great performance. Put it into damage control for a bit, tried to stay positive and enjoy the course and riding bikes.

Rode with Box and Mancini for a while, guys I was comfortable riding with and wasn't afraid of being taken out unlike some of the riders from east of Ontario.(scary) Started to get back into a groove and was able to make my way up to a big group and eventually moved through and past the group.

Got rolling pretty good near the end after passing Nathan and him chasing my down hard(fastest time 6th lap no big deal). Made my way up to 7th and held onto that till the end.

You always hope for more and I had a ton of support there, lots of people coming up to me asking how i felt and they had some good feelings about my chances. Thank you. Even Kyle fry was man enough to stand in the cold to cheer.

Kevin and Scott for their support mostly in life advice. Mom for the drive and bad ass sandwiches.

Does this sound like I'm done for the season? Well I could be, it was a short condensed cross season starting in mid-October till now. But i think any races post today will be fully fly by wire.

Changing gears tomorrow going to be laying out the BCC cross course. Then a two Joyride extravaganza for a national team training camp Monday and Tuesday.

Feel like there is a piece of me still plastered to the ground in Bromont. Gotta go find it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

now that we are on the subject

Sitting down watching Predator in HD on the tube(good living) and its reminding me why the new predators film had potential but failed(off season film rant)

ok, yeah had a nice ride today headed out for a while west towards Orillia. Found myself on the 6th line again, flying down the road beside coffee run is pretty fun. The weather was perfect for November, sunny and no wind. A little chilly but hey that's why clothing companies make booties, gloves, and jackets.

Back to my inspiration, call it nostalgia call it sentimentalism(is that a word?) I grew up with Arnold, Sly, the Bruce, the late 80's early 90's action films always find their way onto my screen on a regular basis.

These current re-makes and sequels always fall short, the new predator flick showed some promise, jungle, big guns, great score, Robert Rodriquez etc. First big mistake having a bunch of hardcore guys plus Topher Grace in a Hoody bouncing around giggling and being the comic relief. But I got past that, all the way till the end. When Adrian Brody kicks the crap out of the predator hand to hand. Serious? your going to tell me that Arnold gets his ass handed to him by a predator but Adrian Brody can take one down.

Sorry not going to fly. They just don't make em like they used to.

back to more pressing matters i am prepared to give some predictions for saturday.

U-23 again will be an awesome race to watch, favorites include J-staff, McNeely. Guthrie is a bit of a question mark at the moment, also Morin. Fry could be a factor but will probably just sit in a car with the heat running and miss the start. I don't even want to guess an order but i'll say J-staff, Mcneely, and Guthrie will make up the top three. Others to watch Bailey, Hughes, Lespy.(who knew newfoundland had a cross scene?)

Master A: Pete "I'm too cool to be cold" Mogg,

Senior women: Pendrel, Elliot, Simms in that order

Senior Men: Time to double down, Cam for a top three, Trace and DSJ also for the top three.

In other news plan to make the trip up to the snowy (if we're lucky) north on November 21st for the 4th annual Barrie cross race, which has been moved back to Barrie....well Barrie runs the facility in Midhurst. Pre reg 25 bones which is tough to beat these days. Hot food and beverages will be on site in a covered pavilion with heated washrooms. Course is still being finalized, staircase, sand pit, are all possible. We are fully prepared for snow. just come it will be awesome. Even if its just to watch and heckle its all good.

Put on by the Barrie cycling club, non-profit, so any proceeds will be funneled back into community cycling initiatives.

"your hit, your bleeding"

"I ain't got time to bleed"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I never really was into these tuner cars

I am late to the party reporting on Ben's new hot rod. After a day of cleaning, scrubbing, hosing, de-thawing and a trip to newmarket I made it out to Midhurst for a ride. I went for the ride, apparently everyone else went to oogle Bens ride.

While the others got rides back and forth in the parking lot I got ready to ride. I said i didn't want to get in cause up till then the fastest car i have ever ridden in was my old Lumina and I wanted to keep it that way. But they forced me into the left hand seat(right hand drive car) Yeah its kinda fast. Still not my cup of tea if it was an old american muscle car with tons of horsepower and crappy suspension i would have been more excited.

Oh and we got out for a solid ride, not sure how many more we'll be able to do. It was pretty much at zero which means snowshoeing isn't far off. I was digging through the crawlspace for my winter clothes before heading out.

A BIG congrats to J-staff for being the OCA male MTB athlete of the year.(p.s. J-staff you are about to go on notice)

stay tuned for nationals predictions once registrations are finalized,

some more pics of the Hustle are here,

Sunday, October 31, 2010

stuff that didn't happen and the hillbilly hustle

I know there has been a lack of posts here, sorry, actually no I'm not sorry.

Haven't really been up to much this week. Still working on the garage, getting pretty dialed. I have a crazy plan to actually park my car in the garage.

But I may have made it up to blue mountain yesterday for a ride with some misfits to three stage and back. It could have been an awesome ride, i think we pedalled for about 2 hours of it but it took us about 5 hours to complete the ride. To go into more detail would probably mean a dis-invitation for next year. I did however fully miss the evening's festivities.

This morning I awoke to a face full of sunshine and though hey what a nice day for a bike race.

got driving still nice and sunny but i realized I couldn't see the escarpment from 26. And then the road got snowier and snowier, started to wonder if the van would make it up the hill to highlands nordic.

rolled into this

Hopped out of the van Pete Mogg rode past me on a mission, turns out that mission was to get the frack out of there(smart).

Signed in said my hello's to the hillbillies and Pete who tries to be a hillbilly once a year. The juniors race and womens races were good still very snowy and hopefully it would stay like that but it looked like the snow was starting to melt.

When I got on the course it was definitely starting to turn a little soupy like it usually does for the afternoon races like these, albion 07, riverdale 08. But apparently cross racers are tough so I'm told.

Got lined up and started in short order trying to minimize standing around. Mik took the lead right way, opened a gap, I ran a little more on the off camber and closed it back up. At the top i got clipped into my pedals faster and took the lead. Tried my best to not think about the prime cause it can lead to some good blowups.

Mik came back by on the last uphill and promptly slid out on the next corner, I think we both giggled like school girls. Regained the lead and was able to hold on through the line for the prime, the one and only time i used my big ring.

Anything below the knees was basically numb from riding through the growing icy puddles, core and hands were doing ok, but my face was a little numb.

Stafford rode up to me, really I just knew i wanted to be done as soon as possible. If J-staff went by and put the hammer down cool, but it was too cold to play games.

Slowly started to open a gap over the next several laps. Nothing to exciting happened during the race, the slackers standing by the off camber stuff were super loud and weren't above throwing snowballs.

Crossed the line and straight to the van, (soft) Hands, face, and toes were totally numb, took some time to try and wrangle off my muddy clothing.

But that's what cross racing is all about right? Looking back yeah it was fun kinda, but i think the earlier races would have been a little funnerer.

Got re-awarded the jacket, and some more beer which is good cause the wellington is almost all gone.

Thanks to the hillbillies for another great day of racing,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey Zach you got this today? Yeah yeah I got this

Not going to lie it was a tough one getting out of bed this morning with the pouring rain. But I figured I would be ridiculed for being soft for many moons to come. Ate my Wheaties and jumped in the Mazda for a solo mission down to Kelso today.

Rolled in and parked beside giggles, signed in watched some of the 11:30 start and got warmed up, did one lap on the course and that was enough. Legs were feeling better than yesterday.

I was determined to stick to my plan of not leading from the start, which apparently was Nathan's and he did start to finish, with Zach hot on his heels and myself in third. Thats about all she wrote, I tried a few good efforts to try and close it down and managed about 1 sec in a lap. I felt good everywhere except the paved climbs. With about 2 to go I settled into a nice tempo and just tried to work on some mud skills.

Won some wellington and gas money and headed home after another great Speedriver weekend. Time to get focused on the biggest (Bragging rights) race in Ontario cyclocross. Bring it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


After getting my equipment all ready for today I got out for a ride on the road bike which has been neglected since the brewery to brewery. Headed over to the hardwood block to ride some of the new pavement there, down the 5th over and up the 6th, never thought I'd ever see these roads not gravel. Even I think they should leave whats left gravel. A touch on the chilly side especially when it started to drizzle, would have been better if it had snowed.

Legs felt good going into today's race, all that was left was to get a good nights sleep. Left earlier than normal had to make some stops along the way, one was a kitchen store, which turns out to be right next to Bikeland. After checking out some sick neon bikes of an unnamed brand it was on the road.

Rolled into Kelso a little later than planned but I was still able to get most of a lap in on the course before the 11:30 start. Rode with Mike Dennis who talked me through all the lines, I got the impression he laid a lot of the course out.

The 11:30 races were good, saw a couple nice bails and rolled tubular's, pumped up my tires a little more, and decided to play it a little on the safer side.

Road a couple full laps to warmup, and got lined up for the start, which was good, got clipped in and off the line well. Didn't follow my plan which was to let some of the other guys set the pace. But it didn't take long for Stafford and I too expand a little gap and on a turn that I blew j-staff came by on the inside smack talking. He continued to drill it, and but me in a spot of bother. He blew another corner, I made sure to point it out, and just tucked into his wake. He shined a barrier hard, I took over the lead and tried to dish out some pain. I made myself hurt but I think Stafford was A) riding the turns better than me and B) was pretty comfortable.

After a fast corner I did a casual, look back without looking like I was looking back, to see him standing on the course. I thought he had crashed but instead just powered off his hanger.

After those two laps we had a good gap, after those efforts left me with nothing in the tank but to hold onto that gap.

Settled into a nice pace(I say that a lot) then felt what I thought was my front tire roll off, backed way off thinking it was going to come completely off. Kept checking it without looking like I was looking at my tire. Seemed to be holding on. I slowly started to ramp the corner speed back up. It was a weird couple corners but the tire is still on when I checked it at home. Weird as my prediction of Cam winning would have come true. So really it was win win.

Rolled in for my first win of the season, wasn't sure it would ever happen this season.

Thanks to speedriver for putting on another great race, and a great provincials.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ruffling some feathers

Oh boy, that's what went through my head when the first snowflake hit my glasses on my ride today. Already? Are you serious? I know I'm really in the snowbelt now but really? Also played the clothing a little on the light side trying to delay the inevitable winter.

Well I guess its time to bundle up and just keep trucking through until I literally can't ride anymore. I was hoping to do some more miles before the big stuff hits hopefully there's still a couple more weeks.

Got out to Hardwood ski and bike last night for some Cyclocross photography action, The lighting sucked that's my excuse. but I did score some decent shots, some in black and white cause that's what its all about. Two of the better ones

After getting warmed up it was a quick drive to midland to get my hep a booster shot, good for life now they tell me. Then back south to the city for a little Pie and Wall Street. At Pie I was told to try Netherworld, flying monkeys dark beer, I'm going to have some words with some people about that.

Onto Wall Street, awesome a lot different than the previous one. But I think in a good way fractional stoke quotes just wouldn't work these days. Bud Fox, Gordon Gecko, awesome characters, I don't expect any Oscars to come out of this one but I enjoyed it, and being set during the 2008 meltdown was a nice touch and added a bit of current relevance.

Now for the big money bets,

U-23 not a giant field but some serious engines in here, May come down to MTB provincials all over again, but I sense that J-staff really wants 4 new jerseys this year, and he only has two more to go. This will probably be the best battle of the day.

Senior, Cameron Jette,

Master A Mogg, Weber, Reid

And Master C, Mark Herbst for sure,

That's all i'm prepared to publish at this point, for fear of reprisals.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AWI correction

In a previous post I stated that Breton destroyed everyone at the 50km. Although he did kill it, it appears that Mike Dennis did in fact win the whole shebang, with Davis(overlord)Ross taking 2nd, my bad.

out of my comfort zone

Got out for an awesome 2 hour ride in THE copeland, trails are in great shape after the rain the day before, did the berms which I see are now named "logans run" and some other highlighted trails before riding home via highlands and bidwell, in what became a typhoon. I was a little chilly by the time I rolled in.

Then got ready to head to Toronto for fubar 2, I hadn't seen the first one and that was a mistake I was a bit lost in the complex storyline. It didn't meet the expectations or the hype it received but it was still good, I'm not even sure they said giver once.

Got some gluing to do before the weekend,

"yeah I got skills I got two skills right here"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SLX is good stuff yeah I like it, it shifts nice

Start things off with a bit of a why? and that why is, why am I(and others) always referred to as a "Mountain biker" in the cross reports, it doesn't say road racer Derrick St John, road racer Mark Batty(who is a MTBer at heart) etc. When we are out there racing our cross bikes aren't we all cross racers?

Or does it make roadies more comfortable to remind themselves they are the normal ones?

If we crash, do we not bleed? If you smack talk, do we not smack talk in return? If you crash us into a sandpit do we not revenge?

Anyways, lots of work done yesterday before heading out to ride last night in Midhurst. It was raining nicely here in Craighurst but by the time I got a couple KM down the road it was dry as a bone. Good ride, we were graced by Ben Dawsons presence. With the leaves down we(Tristan and I) kept riding off the trail, I think of it as trail blazing. Sun is coming out nicely time for a little bikcyle ride before heading to the center of the universe to see Fubar 2, I haven't seen the first one so I hope I'm not lost.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Upload on facebooks just failed, grumpy now.

Today wasn't a fail though, the plan was basically the same except for an earlier departure time. Got there just a hair over 11:30 to sunny skies again.

Got the camera out for some good stalker shots with the long lens, before kitting up to ride the course during intermission.

Before lining up did some media

My apologies to Peter in case he wanted something more serious.

Lined up on the right side today in between Schooler and St John and before long we started, not quite myself on the starts these days and found myself back a little bit but still lightyears ahead of usual. Got into a train just behind Nathan and J-Staff, not to long after Nathan went down hard(hope hes ok) and Stafford had nowhere to go but into him. I screamed like a little girl and managed to get by on the left, and regained some ground.

The group split with Frattini, St John and Mark, I was still a couple wheels back. Came into the chute right behind Schooler and suddenly realized I was in the air, Obviously went into it a little to hot, channeled my inner joyride to make a semi smooth landing and it was hard on the brakes, I managed to get slowed down but Schooler slid out a bit.

If memory serves thats when I managed to get into third, rode there for a lap until making a mistake in the sand pit which allowed Lalonde by, which immediately opened up a gap to the leaders. Got by him and turned it to 10.5 to try and bridge back up to Frattini and St John, not sure if they knew I was coming back or if they just didn't care. Once I was on i looked at my watch and saw 22 minutes, ouch, shouldn't have down that. St John must have watched Without Limits last night cause he was just attacking out of every corner. Hey winning any other way is just you know the line. It was all I could do to hang on and ride well and clean to stay in contact.

Counting the laps go by, it was definitely going to come down to whoever didn't make a mistake, and with a lap and bit to go, DSJ slid out after the chute which gave Frattini his opening, I got by as well and hammered it but the steam was gone, out of the sand lane, and it was just a pure guts race, Survived the final few KM for a solid 3rd.

Best overall weekend at this race since it started in 07, It was nice to be back at the cross races, I look forward to the next month of racing.

Also shout out to Bret Mathews for destroying at the Hardwood challenge today.

Thanks for the cheers and support from all my readers who were there the past couple days.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 1 Toronto uci cross race of the world, ok italy versus north america

Plan was to be there for noon to ride a few laps during what appeared to be scheduled half time in the day. Rolled in just after I keep forgetting I'm 20 minutes further north now.

Nice to see folks like Box, Chown, Morse, Mancini, and to catch up with the MTB crowd too, only been away from racing for a couple weeks but it feels like longer. I missed you guys.

Got my numbers which are getting bigger every year, and headed onto the course for a few laps, right away I was digging it, felt comfortable in the fast flowing corners, If you can ride Hardwood's rough course semi smooth, when you get to smooth grass its as easy eating pancakes. Not sure who set the course but it was awesome, none of this 30- 180 degree corners every corner was smooth and allowed for some good momentum throughout the course. Rode with the 3 Rox Armada for a bit, which appears to be growing.

Watched the womens race good to see some Norco's up front in the field. An exciting finish to womens race.

Got warmed up, and called up to the front line a first at this race, a lot nicer than 4th row the past 2 years. Start I missed the memo on starting on the word go, and didn't get a good kick off the line, no matter until the rider to my left missed a pedal or blew out of his pedal, lost his hands off his bars and rode into the rest of the field, coined it as being Kulhavied(again. Mogg and Myself had to slam on the stoppers to avoid a pile up and restarted in the 20's. Stayed calm, it happens, just focused on getting moving again to be honest I didn't have a great idea of how I'd feel so not being in the front front wasn't bad, just wished I was at least in the top ten.

The first few corners were slightly dicey, locked bars with Conor obrien, I think we even made eye contact, Somehow came out of it.

Rest of the next two laps were jumping the gaps from group to group making my way up.

Rode in the Stafford train, basically him on the front and an American sitting in, tried to move my way up twice thinking the three of us could reel some guys in, America didn't like that and kept sprinting me. Ok, so i sat in for a while and when I went by and made sure to go it alone.

Started to put some time into the 4 guys in front of me, got to see the St John passes. I settled into a nice pace and worked on getting Junior(McNeely). Touch and go for a while but I think the length got to him a bit and I was able to reel him in with a lap to go.

Got to 4th, crossed the line happy that I stayed calm and was relatively patient and didn't burn to many matches moving up.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thats one way to get the page views up

Looks like my hits per day has tripled in the last couple days, thanks to links from CC and the OCA. Suddenly very self conscious that means that about 6 people now read this blog.

First race since CTS is coming up tomorrow, bike is ready to go, got my <33mm tires on, the stock clinchers were a bit over.

Got on the the MTB for a gravel road ride this afternoon, obviously I didn't ride in Oro as the gravel there is becoming as common as seeing a unicorn.

Went into springwater and flos, windy but hey that's why they invented gears.

looking forward to some good racing the next couple days.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

you going? I don't know are you going?

Started pretty early on yesterday regarding the racing at hardwood hills(yes hills) I had just finished getting the CCX SL ready, took off the bar top brake levers. Switched the stem,bar,seatpost and the wheels.

Thought it was a good idea to get some intensity in before the races this weekend which will be awesome. A slight drizzle had started before arriving perfect fall cross weather. A few changes to the course, for the better, took out some straightaways and made the tunnel a little safer going into it.

Start was pretty much a group ride for the first lap. We were getting heckled pretty good by some spectators, Davis went to the front and took the speed up a bit, I put in an effort which seemed to explode the group. I wasn't riding the sand very good, sorry superman does good, I didn't ride the sand very well. Lots of fun and put some good efforts into the legs, enough? probably not, racing is the best training anyway I always tell myself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

beer place to beer place

First to "speedriver", sunday check, but not knowing about it? it was posted all over the place, it would have made for a nice weekend drive in your porsche.

After a nice thanksgiving dinner Sunday, got up early to make the ride into town to meet up with the folks from sport swap and head to Creemore. Tristan said he was riding in from Orillia so I couldn't not ride into Barrie, he didn't. Elizabeth and Jacob drove past and didn't even offer a motorpace at all not even 15 seconds.

Matt P even made the trip up from the GTA bubble to ride here in Barrie, He rolled up on a sick carbon bike. Actually Norco's were outnumbering Treks.

No time was wasted in the sign sprints, Brandon Parker made the ride to finish what he started on the pancake ride.

Rolled into Creemore after a dude in sketchy Intrepid followed us for a while, Peter G hobbled out of the his car to have some samples and lunch with us.

The ride back started out slow but that didn't last long by the end we were splintered into about 4 groups on the road. That's when I said I don't need this and turned for home.

Perfect day for the ride,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

forgot how to take screenshots

The smell of thanksgiving dinner is in the air, Seabiscuit is on the tube, as good a time as any to fill you on recent AWI happenings.

Ok, just got caught up on how to do a screenshot and tag stuff.

Yesterday was the 1st annual Midland Enduro, well time will tell if its annual, I hope it is. Also it was decided that a better name would be needed. Oro-medonte off road Gran fondo will probably get people out, gotta use those buzz words.

Got to Mountainiview for the start after an awesome experience at the midland Mcdonalds, I love midland. I think 10 of us started out at 10 am. why only Ten? I have no idea, this was going to be an awesome event.

Got rolling T-dog and I knew how hard the day would be and just tried to keep the group chill, but guys were pretty keen on killing it. And it didn't take long for the group to split in half. 6 of us found ourselves up the road, Brien Ross took off on his own, but once we hit the second off road section we rolled past him. T-dog, Davis, Bretton and myself, came out. Settled into a nice sensible rythem. As Tristan regaled us with his previous nights adventures.

We got to the first section of Horseshoe valley west of 93, which has a nice paved shoulder, but within the first couple minutes we got buzzed by a truck for no reason and almost saw a head on collision, Myself being the CEO and Tristan being the COO of AWI decided to modify the route around the valley to avoid the Valley on probably the busiest day of the year. Bretton and Davis didn't put up any protest and Brien had caught back up and followed the detour which actually climbed higher than the valley on doubletrack and then cut through highland.

Hit the 6th line hike, Bretton made it the furthest on a cx bike, props for that. Filled up on a unamed great sports drink, and headed down to the Mississippi( actually i think its matheson creek) Bam, Tristan front flats, I said awesome pull out your spare lets fix this things, He replied what tube? Then my Bontrager dual action pump crapped out on me, should have got an axiom. Karma.

We got rolling Brien kept in race mode and attacked hard when T-dog flatted. Got to the river and I was totally dissapointed to see that the river had dropped about 18 inches, it was barely knee deep. I was grumpy after that.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful except for Bretton getting buzzed by a guy in a subaru with two bikes on it on a back gravel road. yeah asshole drivers were out in full force yesterday.

Tristan started laying down some insane attacks at the end, but in the end it was Davis, Bretton and myself crossing the non-finish line, line.

Turns out a guy missed the Craighurst turn and rode the entire Horseshoe valley, which is both insane(not a local) and a nice shortcut, a formal protest was launched.

In the end everyone had a great time, Feedback was welcomed by Tim the organizer, he's committed to keep the event going.

- name change
- a couple weeks earlier
- short course option
- NOT using the horseshoe valley on a holiday weekend
- cheaper(if there is better turnout potential)

Out of the squeezer, Paris to Ancaster, the old Hardwood raid and similar point to point or big loop races/rides. This has to be my favourite, most challenging one so far. Ok the point to point Canada Cup in Fernie was pretty cool too. Lets say in Ontario it was my Favorite.

that took up some webspace ill leave it there for now, gotta fuel up for the brewery to brewery tomorrow morning,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Should change my header pictures around, that hardtail is long gone, well not really its for sale in the near future.

Yesterday, got some stuff done around here which included a marathon car wash(double wash) hand wax and polish, wheel clean, tire shine, vacuum out the inside, shes looking like shes off the showroom floor except for the door marks.

After that went into Midhurst to hit up my first Monday nighter for a while. The other blogs have the highlights, but yeah I can confirm a big porcupine and many high fives.

Beauty day today, again on the cx bike trying to get those BB 30 bearings worked in, 200km of riding they are starting to free up. Did some doubletrack through Simcoe county forest to Midhurst then in the new bike lane on st vincent to my favorite Barrie hang out. Where i got attacked by a bumble bee, in fareness to the (Anonymous concept)store I was at I probably brought it in with me in my pocket. When I went to answer a stupid text from Spak bam little fracker got me. Bugger, anyway World problems solved and I was outa there to finish up through some oro hills and home.

The Phaser is going back to the future Tomorrow, so I got it all cleaned up, now anyone who knows me well knows I despise full suspension(for 2 hr xc racing) but this little gem wasn't bad, actually I really liked it, felt a lot more balanced and more progressive than any of the full squish's I've ridden before. Which were all FSR designs. The new ART is pretty slick, may be a convert to full squish who knows, can't believe I just said that.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

yes two posts in a day

For this mornings post scroll down, should have written it last night but got that itch to do it this morning.

Great weekend on the bicycle, this October is shaping up a bit different than years past by this time I'd usually be starting into the Saturday game(I don't know why I'm using so many movie references lately, I think Scott Kelly will be the only one to get that last one)

Since the Bromont incident I haven't really been able to put many miles in, I just feel this urge to train now. Thats why I liked cross it was the lazy way to train. Now i actually feel motivated to do it on my own without chasing and being chased in circles by J-staff, Box, Chown, Morse.....ok now I actually miss it.

I'll be out there soon enough but before that hopefully some more rides like the past two.

Today I finished up the enduro route, the northern part is pretty straight forward lots of rolling climbs on road, some paved some gravel. 4 sectors of doubletrack, one pretty early on about 15 km it that will set the tone. Three after crossing the little Mississippi, really hope its relatively warm and sunny.

Did some math and figured out I did about 90% of the route in about 5 hours of riding.

Lots o miles beautiful colours are coming out, cool crisp clean air, never really enjoyed fall riding before this much, maybe I'm just happy to be riding at all.

I swear I saw Brad Pitt fly fishing

Before heading out to preview the northern sectors of the midland enduro, thought I would give a rundown on the southern part of the route. Why am I preriding a tour route? well its nice to follow someones else's route for a change and give my map my ride account a rest.

Tristan and I headed out on course in 15 seconds from the house and had a nice warmup climb up bidwell. Took the alternate route around horseshoe valley, still not sure about that one. the route around was good some nice doubletrack climbs and the 5th has two good climbs so your not loosing much elevation gain.

Tristan lost his iphone on the 5th line in a washout(of which there are many) had to back track and luckily we found it, for no other reason but to document the upcoming sections.

6th line climb north of mt st louis road was cruel, hiked it, grade isn't a big deal but its pretty loose gravel, i don't think a two wheel car would make it up.

Then the descent down into the swamp. I swear all you needed was Gollum leading us around and we could have been in the dead marshes heading to Mordor (yeah I know). Hiked in as far as we could, but then we came to the actual river crossing. That was as far as we were going, this wasn't some little creak or a standing pool of water, this river had some flow to it.

So, cold waist deep water crossing followed by 30km of road most likely into a headwind, in october, could be interesting. Hiked back out and cut west on moonstone road until we got back on course at around the 20km mark.

Followed the route from there back to Craighurst, it followed a bunch of snowmobile trail, and road allowances, sketchy on a cross bike, lots of sandy rocky washouts, used my bar top brake levers a lot and I'm leaving those on till next weekend(Fry I'm sorry i ever doubted you)

Overall, I'd say it will be an epic day, It is NOT Paris-Ancaster, Not sure you could put more climbing into a 95 km loop in Ontario.

So there you have it October 9th, Midland-Horseshoe-Midland enduro tour, and a river runs through it.

oh, yeah last night double movie night, first The Town, take Point Break, a touch of Ronin, and the soundtrack and film style of Gone Baby Gone and voila The Town, it was awesome batting 2 for 2 with hollywood films, are they out of the slumps can it be that some good films are finally getting made? Hope so Wall Street is next, if that's solid then I think the film industry is saved.

Friday, October 1, 2010

brilliant idea

After getting a taste of downhilling at blue, i had this itch to get out there without a camera crew yelling at me too hike back up a hill to do the same line 4 times.

It didn't take much arm twisting to get Matt and Tammy to join me at horseshoe for an evening, really I think I said im going with or without you and they were game.

The time was limited only 4-7 tonight so we got there at 3:30 to buy our tickets and do their stripe test of sorts, only hitch was they didn't even open the ticket counter till just before 4, but no worries it wasn't busy and we were on the lift by 4:15.

Got yelled at and warned to start on the green trails, so did some of the easier trails to get warmed up on, lots of high fives and girly screams on the way down.

The lifties (is that still an acceptable term) were super friendly, met one of the trail builders, nice guy, liked him more after he pulled a prank on me and dropped my seatpost all the way down while i was on the lift.

So a bunch of runs not sure how many but, it was a lot of fun, one bail on the last run of course.

Had a good time, we only rode three of the four runs, hopefully they can expand a little bit next year, lots of fun.

now, haven't had a quote of the day for a while but i can't not post this one

Liftie- Whats your favorite run?

Me- the one to the far right

Liftie- Time of the month

Tammy- ....actually i can't say what Tammy said, it was a good one

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and another one bites the dust

Looks like the Spaniard is going down, now here is the choice keep your mouth shut take the two years and come back to win a couple more tours, or blow the whistle Landis style. I'm thinking the previous, if he was older I could see him trying to take the big man down with him but I think he'll take his licks and keep quiet.

I know I sound like I think everyone is on drugs, well ever since Chris Sheppard was busted I think anyone "could" be on drugs. Don't get me wrong out of all the old boys he was the friendliest most helpful and the only guy to even acknowledge my existence at my first worlds in 2003. Even offering me some sweet chocolate cereal. But it was a wake up call, you don't need to be a star to be juiced up.

Back to what I was originally going to write about, the last couple days of Matt P and my Ontario adventure. Post squeezer we headed to Niagara falls for the afternoon to get some good bromance shots of us overlooking the falls, and a couple more interviews.

One last dinner with Josh and Neil having some sweet Indian on St Paul street. We headed to Joyride 150 for one last day of filming, it wasn't for the same episode but we were glad to help fill the xc role at joyride, they had some great bmx'ers come in that will be the highlight of that segment for sure.

One last night out in Barrie and I arrived home this morning, got guilt tripped into racing tonight at hardwood, really wanted a day away from a bike, but I caved.

It was a great night for a race warm and sunny, the course was great similar to last years, lots of sandy corners, took me a bit to get used to the new bike and geometry, I was buzzing my toes like crazy trying to pedal on tight corners, need to get used to that bike again.

Was riding with Jacob until he crashed, and there I was by myself, least this time I was on a short course and got to ride past Elizabeth, Tammy and Matt who had lots of colourful commentary.

Oh and Matt P busted his collarbone last Thursday at hardwood crashing on skid rock, raced the squeezer, rode joyride, yeah thats Chuck Norris tough.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Back in the room after a great homemade meal at chez Morka, good living exactly what I needed after a week of dining out breakfast lunch and dinner.

yesterday we rolled up and got registered at liberty bikes, and got a tour of the some of the spots for the guys to shoot. Walked around st paul street, a bit sketchy not going to lie, to top it off some wasted guys wanted to pick a fight with us outside liberty as we were picking up the cars.

Headed to the course early to catch the other waves head out. Then it was the big show, the super elite race.

Start was good, then started to get boxed in a bit, once I saw an opening after a few minutes I got an opening through the one puddle on the course and found myself in the lead for a bit, don’t remember exactly when but Pete and De Cal came by. Struggled in 3rd wheel thinking I was going to blow and need to pull off. Luckily I got all messed up through some narrow trees when off the trail and found myself at the back of the group anyway. Yup two bars next year 620’s for Ontario, 660’s for the rest of the world.

Hit the first road climb and gaver to see if I could catch back on, I couldn’t. And again I found myself in no mans land. By myself, just cranking along, and that’s how she stayed until the end. The course was cool, very fast, the full squish was awesome, I was able to just sit and pin it though anything. The last road climb wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Thanks to Liberty bikes for hosting the race, the Ontario riding trip is coming to a close, almost time to head home.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 3 CTS plus the past couple

As promised i am ready to deliver my stage 3 report, now that many days have past and im in a pretty non race mode at the moment, it will be brief,

Started at sir sams wicked trails best ridding of the weekend it was over to quickly. Had made up my mind to let the teams have their battle and have a "me" stage. Set up some riding partners from the previous days chase groups. That plan fell apart on the first downhill with Jamie Wagler blowing a tire off the rim and crashing, awesome.

When we hit the road the gap to the leaders was substantial. I settled into the group that formed with Andrew M, Mike D, Preston and the 8 foot tall 3 rox rider. And others of course.

When we hit the hydrocut hills I got that urge to start turning the screws not sure why, Maybe knowing it was a shortish stage and I really remember enjoying haliburton forest.

Found the trek boys at aid 1, Pete was putting his wheel back on after a flat, I thought cool maybe i can ride with them now, got rolling then never saw them again must, turns out they had some more issues. So there I was alone cranking the shield solo again.

Long story short rolled into the finish line grabbed my crank the shield hat mowed down some chips and cola, and ate some wicked BBQ to finish of the weekend. Glad to have won the solo cat to go alone with the two man team win in 08. Next up for 2012 solo singlespeed trying for the trifecta. Guess a mixed team is also an option. Any ladies out there want to go for a win??

Before i forget the the young Scottish chap that I'm with for the week took some grat shots of crank up at here on facebook also some of blue mountain and some more of the weeks adventures to follow.

Monday after a morning of laundry and packing up some more diverse riding gear I headed to Blue mountain to meet up for the first of three days there, pretty mellow first day did some village shots of Matt and I strolling.

Tuesday did some lift access runs with Mike Towers leading the way. Had a blast, wall rides, jumps, berms, skinnies, its like joyride 150 but on the side of a hill ingenious idea.

Wednesday we got rained out, so we headed to scenic caves to do some shooting in there, the guys were skeptical but got pretty pumped once we got in there.

Past couple days had "two local rippers" show us around hardwood, Matt Bailed huge, had a run in with the OPP on the 5th line, it was pretty eventful day for sure.

St kitts tomorrow after filming the start of the 8 hour.

The squeezer thing Sunday, Niagara falls Monday, and just got the word Joyride 150 Tuesday to finish off this Ontario riding adventure.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The rundown

K, have to keep this as brief as im packing to head up to Blue for a few more days of filming with the ride guide.

Day one, woke up at 5:30 to get some grub in me, and headed off to Haliburton forest.
2 hrs and an angry phone call later I arrived no thanks to google directions. Signed in and got my bike all fitted up, did a short pre race interview with the ride guide which i guarantee won't make the cut. Start, 3 rox was playing some team tactics and sent Hancock and Wagler2 out front, Preston missed the first turn even though there were 25 people and arrows yelling go right.

Was in a train with 3rox(A) and the trek boys. With Tyson's first hanger replacement I found myself alone with Peter and Eric. Had a nice crash early on, broke my bottle cage and lost my bottle so I was down to just my back pocket. Very tricky in singletrack taking a drink. Pete was killing it for the first 1 hr of singletrack, Dropping Eric and myself multiple times.

Got out of Haliburton, and onto some atv trail, yup it was crank the shield mud bogs and rocks, found myself really getting into it. Haven't felt that good on a bike since Bromont(first 99.5%) The duo were riding well, but I still found myself riding ahead on my own. Then it happened my 2010 bear hunt came to an end, a small black bear which I could have easily taken ran across a cottage road in front of me, I was a happy camper after that.

Got to hwy 35, starting to feel a bit tapped, they said 6km on the road, I knew where I was, got aero for a bit and thought f-it if i get caught oh well i'm going to be comfortable and settled in for a long drag, into camp kandalore. Never looked back, 1.78km from the finish just before turning into the camp Pete came by me out of the saddle, something about kelso 09 was said and I was left in their dust. Rode in and before long the 3 rox boys came in.

Day 2: yeah, gotta get going, ill get back to this, hopefully they have some interweb at blue.....k packing is going well

Day 2: ummm, neutral ride to the start nice morning not to chilly. Strategy for the day was to ride with the teams and not by myself. The plan held for about 45 minutes when Pete and I were having a big ring competition and he snapped his chain. So it was the 3 rox boys and myself, plowing through the B trail, seemed pretty similar to 08, Derek took a header into a pond, and knocked his rear wheel off. Tyson and I took a nature break and we continued on. I was thinking how nice it was to be riding with some people and knew there was a lot of road once we got out of Hell sorry the B trail.

Sure enough a rock pops up and smokes Tysons rear d and hanger again. I think that was at about 1.5 hours in (ish) So there I was on my own again in the wilds of the Canadian shield, day two is somewhat unique in its remoteness the other two days your always crossing roads or other trails, the B trail however is never ending. Got to the hunting camp and was pleased to see Rob there, and I knew I was getting somewhat remotely close to the road. Hit the hydro cut and really just wanted to get out of the woods. At 2.5 hours I was out on the road, out of food and water, and feeling a little drained, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

After a few Km's I could see the two teams with a little gap charging hard, 3rox where the first to arrive, Thought for about 2 seconds about jumping on but did not have the juice for that. Hit a tough climbed and knew I was in a bit of trouble.

The trek boys came up, asking where the feed zone was, I gave a simple "I don't know" hand gesture and they continued on their chase, with Eric leading and it looked like Pete hanging on for dear life.

Luckily it wasn't far, I pulled in behind them, but took some more time there, had some coke(cola) and as much food as I could stuff down. Headed out knowing it was mostly climbing on roads for the last 20-25km.

I was feeling pretty blown out, no top end, but was able to get into a nice groove, Kept looking back expecting a train of guys to come up, but never did and finished off the day pretty spent, not as spent as Peter though I was able to think and talk coherently. And remember events in their proper order.

Got showered and fed and hit the Mic with Pete for the first of hopefully many announcing gigs.

Day 3 to come, ok now I really need to get some stuff done.

Sunday, September 19, 2010



brief, rode a ton by myself, saw a black bear(check) had a ton of fun, was adopted by two wheel express for the weekend.

water crossings weren't as deep as year one, muddier though

Not sure I would do solo again, it sucked out there sometimes. Ill explain later why I was by myself so much, it was mostly cause the other guys bikes were exploding, then they would come back by at mach 3 saying "get on" or "where is the next feed station!!!"

big thanks to the chico crew, amazing event, all the volunteers, Norco bikes for setting me up on a full squish for the weekend.

...more in the coming days.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 more sleeps

Like a kid who wants to open his christmas presents, I really just want to get the show on the road.

After an easy recovery spin, I headed to the big big city to drop off my bike to be re-jigged for the weekend. There are about three different possible set ups which may be used, I won't know which until I get to Haliburton Friday morning.

Also got some Mace baggies for the shoot next week at Blue mountain cause apparently downhilling in spandex is not cool, guess I can fit in at Joyride now too.

not even going to comment on the current state of CTS trash talk,

Also picked up this seasons cross stead, its comfortably resting in the stable, CCX SL with some improvements, steeper head angle and improved crank clearance, Gonna have to wait for a while to put it to the test. Since the CX season, for me, won't start until the UCI races in TO.

In the meantime, there appears to be a "challenge" being put forth by Mountainview, 90km Midland-Horseshoe-Midland, which one source says will be cross bike able, another source talks about swamp and river crossings, so might need a canoe.

Training: 60 mins, <175 watts, high(ish) RPM

Homework: Eat, sleep outside

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


CTS is fast approaching, registration has been finalized doing with an old training partner he's pretty good, can get kinda wussy when its cold but we'll ride well together. Was trying to get Matt p to do it with me again, defend our title, but contract negotiations broke down at the last minute, he wanted 20 bucks, I said 15 max, and that was all she wrote.

According to the rooming list I'm 29, thats cool. Rooming with a bunch of milk boys, hope they bring enough to share.

Saturday rode midhurst for a bit, couldn't ride in a straight line, decided to opt out of the marathon the next day. Sunday 2 hours on road. Havy called that weak and that I needed to toughen up.

Training Yesterday

4 hours endurance, riding up and down hills of Oro.

Homework: Watch American Flyers for 3 day stage race tactics,

4.5 hours endurance 4 planned but wind shifts and construction extended it, Awenda complete ride with rain, wind, sand pits,(road construction)

Homework: re-read Art of War.

All was on track my battery shipment was coming in with all sorts of new goodies for all my eletronic gizmoes, Really just needed a HR monitor battery at the moment, sure enough they sent each battery but that one. yeah not a happy camper right now.

Lots more to ramble on about, short story few more days till an awesome race starts,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So it begins

Took a little break from this for a few days mostly cause since the end of the race Saturday it has been pretty low key.

Sunday just hung out and watched the DH, Lauren won her race which was wicked, she even remembers my name.

Monday was the long journey home, I barely slept that night, but it was my job to keep the driver awake, so cracked some redbulls and rambled on about anything and everything for the next 10 hours.

Woke up Tuesday am with a sore throat and some nice nasal congestion. I will say that this year I have been pretty lucky with my illness timing.
Laid low for a couple days downing all the herbal supplements that I'm sure do nothing but makes you think your doing something to get better.

Today was the best I've felt for a couple days and looking at the calender thought I should try for a long ride. Loaded up as much food and water I could and headed out on the FFH. No Hr(my monitor needs a Battery) no gps, no ipod, just me and my bike, looking for bears. Ingram to warmup and into Copeland(berms), 5th to sugarbush trails, into the 7th and 8th trails, old barrie to 6th tried to ride wilderness but apparently its being logged, resisted the urge to cross the road and rip a lap of coffee run. some more simcoe county forests to finish off a nice big loop. Longest ride since July and I didn't feel half bad. I mean I felt Awesome I'm going to tear some legs off on duck lake road.

(Mind games are in full swing at the moment)

I think thats about it

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Back from a nice team dinner, spirits are high it was a great week for the Canadians.

Had some time to digest my race.

The weather was changing by the minute this morning, tire choice was really the only stress the past couple days, Decided on a Karma front and a slant 6 rear, intermediate tires. While I was warming up Kevin sat down and pretty much said this is the show man up. So the Small Block stayed on the rear, Kept the Karma on the front though, I really liked the idea of having the L3R compound up front for the rocky DH.

Good warmup, I noticed a ton of glass in the pit area from the previous night so I opted to warm up on the trainer. Warmup was good, left leg was feeling a little tight, I think I've been compensating a bit the past couple weeks maybe have a bit of an imbalance going on now. Put it out of my mind, my leg is 100 times better than it was and thinking about it wasn't going to help.

Callup was awesome probably the most I have ever been cheered before and all I was doing was heading to the line. A preview of what was to come I guess.

Start was decent off the line, held onto a nice position, moved up a bunch in "the" crash going up the left side.

First climb and singletrack was tough but luckily I am comfortable getting on and off my bike. Hit the rocky DH, it was a bit of a cluster, opted to go where the least amount of people were and run the rocks.

Next climb was again lots of running up the switchbacks which was surprisingly pretty quick but tough on the legs.

Main DH,(about 10 mintues in) pedaling became all messed up, got out to the field looked down and looked like i had a sapling trailing out of my derailleur/hanger/cassette. Not sure where it game from never left the course and bushwacked at all. Luckily the pit was right there pulled in and the Shimano guys helped me get it out. Had to pull the wheel out, chain came off, found another twig in the top of the cassette. Not sure how much time I lost 25 30 seconds, but a ton of spots, went from the high 40's to low 60's.

Right away new the shifting was off, probably a bent hanger, or a bashed rear d. Decided I'll know soon enough if its the ladder and put the rock hammer down. Gears were skipping pretty good, took me a while to figure out what was useful and what was to be avoided. Best bets were middle and top three on the cassette, which was good it wasn't the other way around on the climbs.

Once I got things sorted out it was apparent by the time back I only had another lap or two left.

Just focused on riding everything clean, even found myself having a little fun out there, Rode the rocky DH every lap, which saved huge time and got some good cheers from the crowd. I felt pretty comfortable on it even in the mud, last lap started to chase Sven Nys, I could see him in the distance, after the DH he was out of sight thought he put the hammer down, guess he b'lined it. Got to the 80% with 2 to go and made a graceful exit.

Highlights, not DNF'ing, the cheering was insane on the switchback climb/decent and the rock garden, definitely helped out. Oh and didn't affect my performance but got stung by a fracking Bee halfway through, flew in my jersey, spectators probably thought I was hitting myself out of anger.

Next up, hang out tomorrow, take it easy and head home Monday and get training for CTS.

want to thank all the CCA staff for all their support, Kevin for his wicked pep talks, and everyone back home sending my tweets/facebook messages.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The seconds are in the corners and on the hills, i've wasted a lot of seconds in my life

Bike is primed, I am ready as I will ever be, the weather gods are promising to unleash hell on the big boys(and girls) tomorrow.

Now that I have the course dialed it will probably change a fair bit with the rain. walked the B-line as apparently it is a good option especially on the first lap if there is a line up waiting to hit the rocky DH.

The pre-ride today was solid, couldn't shake this french dude, he had some nice lines so I followed him for a bit anyways, found two I hadn't seen before, and then attacked him good when he dropped his bottle.

I keep thinking I'll be able to chill out after this, but CTS is only 2 weeks off. Might be a good thing to be somewhat prepared for that.

Apparently there will be some CBC coverage of the race starting at 3, may catch a glimpse.

Before I forget sending out some healing vibes to J Staff for a quick recovery.

I know I had more to tell but its getting late,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Senior worlds of the world, the real worlds not tuesday or wednesday night worlds.

Finally after a few bubble years i have arrived at senior mtb worlds. Rolled in Monday evening parked the team truck and got into national team mode.

Nice to see lots of provinces represented even Newfoundland, they must be very proud of Lesperance.

Random but just found out hydro transformers are filled with mineral oil, crazy.

Course is "blown out" never seen it so dry and dusty, reminds me of hardwood. Had a little bail but it was all good cause i landed in 6 inches of powder.

Took me a few laps yesterday and today to feel like a mtb'er again. I'm not nervous but just tense for some reason. But all is good now, the course is getting more and more torn up but my comfort level is higher.

Accommodations are good, Geoff almost kicked me out for using a blade grinder to grind my coffee. Still can't look me in the eye.

Just got back to the place after the relay. good stuff.

Leg is good, had a little work done on it yesterday and it feels great right now.

Some rain in the forecast would be good, keeps getting pushed back so we'll see if we get any.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

race report

For all those dreading my race report rejoice as it will be brief.

All was set to go nice and early, even got some birthday pie Fee was celebrating last night. Good times. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day here in new york sun was shining not a whiff of wind, warm, didn't' feel like a usual wet world cup like they usually are.

Everyone was in high spirits it was time to finish off the world cup season.

Warmed up headed to the start line, listened to the American anthem on the start line, Pretty sure Broderick had a tear roll down his cheek.

The start was for me very clean, I thought everyone was pretty keen on a clean start with no crazy take out passes. At least where I was, up front a couple guys hit the deck going under the finish/lap banner. Which in a funny way made everyone string out single file which made for a nice climb. Made some nice ground up utilizing walking over a rock that no-one wanted to go near(it was on the course don't worry)

All in all probably my cleanest and happiest i have ever come out of a WC start. I felt good, i was able to settle into my own pace and could tell some of the other guys were working way harder just to stay in front.

Like I said one of my favourite RACE courses my legs felt pretty good considering and i was ready to buckle down.

Headed into the DH and punctured I kept my cool, did a quick calculation and opted to fix it, as it was a good chunk to the tech zone, not runable(for me Pete will say different) and didn't want to destroy a wheel. Got the tube in, but as is my problem frequently co2 error. By this point the follow moto was waiting behind me, and again quick calculation, wouldn't have made it through the 80% hoofing it after trying to change it. So that was that,

Made my way down, did some cheering and reported in where the commisaire looked surprised and thanked me about 8 times for reporting that i dnf'd. Really i was just scared of ending up in an OCA communique.

I was able to see some of the race which was cool, cheered on Cam and DZ, Cam commented that he didn't know what the last lap was like, I also called Kulhavy for the W, Zack said who? I said just watch.

getting long,

Good workout planned for tomorrow then off to mt st anne Monday.

I would quote what Peter said to me on the side of the trail but this is a PG-13 blog.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been informed my fact checking is sub par. In an earlier post I stated that Cam was the U-25 provincial champ. When in fact it is Adam Morka, for some reason I was under the impression he was 25 racing age, should have checked the uci codes to be sure. My apologies to Adam and his sponsors, AWI will aim to do a better job with this stuff in the future.

In which case I have created a new category U-24 provincial champ.

Also first place big wheel goes to Ryan Atkins.

....Also big thanks to Matt for lending me his laser for my leg, still don't believe in it but ill be on a world cup start line tomorrow so it definitely didn't hurt.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

US of A racing

After some long days I've found out we have some interweb here at the Norco world/factory team household. The trip down was fairly uneventful zach got gloved at the border but other than it was quick and painless.

Im not going to lie, apparently ever since i broke my leg I sleep a lot, and crushed some zzz's in the truck. Jonathan is with us from out west so the navigating was in good hands.

Got on the course today with Zack for a few laps, where I realized my skills/confidence are not as high as i would like. The leg is pretty good, got a solid 2 hrs in on the tuesday nighter, pushed some respectable wattages.

Back to the course, I think I missed all the trail signs except for alp duez which I almost crashed on(its a climb) and blackout. Couldn't find the Kabush Falls section.

Kept it upright for the pre-ride, which was good there are a couple right handers that have me on edge.

Switching to the Slant 6's for Tomorrow and probably the race i was running on some low volume tires today which left a little be desired on the rocky sections.

Want to wish everyone luck racing HAN I expect some elbows between a couple solo's,

sticking around sunday so look for a post race report.