Saturday, October 31, 2009

Low side Rhino test

Up today was Kelso day 1, which is run on the lower(wetter) side of the two completely separate courses that the speed river guys do here. And yes this makes it my first chance to ride and race my new rhino's.

backing up, i woke up at 7:30 looked out and it was still dark, awesome. Got some coffee going and got my camera all ready for some picture taking. Sure enough the team photographer and Support crew pulled the plug today cause it wasn't a nice day to watch a race. Solo mission today.

Got down there by 11:00 ish, got signed in and took some pics of the junior's and m2's before getting back to the car to pin some numbers and get dressed.

Highlight of the M2 race was looking left, to have Rick crash from the right and slide basically to my feet. It took all my willpower to not take a picture of him laying there looking up at me. He was alright i think.

Its official i am the worst shoulder number pinner in history, frack i suck. The back number no problem. anyways.

Did one lap that was enough for me, the rhino's were good on the flat greasy corners and it was muddy. Finished my warmup on the pavement around the park.

Lined up, started got through the first corner fine second wheel, Jared went really wide on the first set of 200 degree corners, they were tricky. I got past there and just kinda hammered. I thought yeah i feel good i can keep this up. By the end of the first lap i had a good gap to Jared and Nathan, right about the time i realized wow, i can't go that hard for another 52 minutes. The course was deceptivly energy sapping. Pure power course and i realized i really needed to pace this a little bit. The hardest part of the course was the runup, which came after a long gradual slog up some long soggy grass. Basically, i boiled it down to tempo, tempo, tempo, trot up the climb anything above that and i would explode with that run up.

I put a little bit of time into Jared who put some time into Nathan every lap. With those conditions, it really was just about who could put out the most amount of Kilojoules in an hour. The corners were slick but you came into them pretty slow so nothing to hard.

Nearing the end of the race i started getting some chainsuck(don't worry just paint, the frame is fine, in case there is anyone reading this that may worry....) had to back pedal a couple times, and try to use my big ring as much as possible. Of course the first race in a year i haven't had my spare bike setup, and I almost needed it.

By the last couple laps the race was mostly decided barring a mechanical, so I put a limiter on the effort to try and save some legs for tommorow. I walked the last runup to the taunting of Mike Dennis and Rick Meloff. That was were i was counting my laps too.

awards good, won beer, never a bad thing. In the fridge chilling as i type. Tommorow is looking good(dry)

Rhino's good, especially on any slick corners, no offcamber but i bet they will shine there as well.

Spent a good 2 hours cleaning, those muddy saturday double weekends are a little nasty sometimes.

ok then,

there are some little free loaders coming to door now,

"Zach its a little hard to draft me when i'm behind you"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

oops forgot a title

So, thursday, woke up, it was foggy, waited till the fog lifted to ride. Fog continued to vary the few hours i was out on the bike, made for a dreary ride, but the weather is dry and relatively warm, 100% ride able so can't complain. Also saw a bunch of other cyclists out enjoying the last few decent ride days. Good ride, i took a cue from Peter and stuffed my pockets with steak, basically i do everthing Peter does just a day behind him.

Ran some errands i decided to be frugal and rent The Plan, but no blockbuster isn't renting it so i guess im forced to buy it.

dinner with the bro and mother, where they proceded to try and get me to get the servers phone number saying she was my type. which is funny cause i don't really have a type. Edit: Female is definitely the broad type, but past that no type,

Oh quick film review, MOON, very very very good, two thumbs up, its no Zombieland but a real thinker. Sam Rockwell stars in the lead role(s) with some Kevin Spacy "hal" like voice work. Not an action film or crazy drama, kinda a short film which makes you ask a lot of the future.

social interview questions on facebook are kinda creeping me out, got two semi, non hetero comments on two question in a matter of minutes,

so yeah, killer, stoked

"you know what the worst day of my life was? The day i met you and you put the idea in my head I could pilot a ship in space.
Tommy Lee Jones

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That concludes that

Wednesday night, post race at hardwood chillin with Starbuck, who's bark gets louder as she gets older. I can be in the shower, with the fan on, at the front of the house and i can hear her barking in the backyard. She doesn't care that she is getting zapped by her bark collar she just keeps barking. Luckily she doesn't bark to to often but when she does you know it.

anyways, yesterday i got out for a nice ride on the road. Not too many days like that left. 15 sun, little wind.

today, more bike work, various things here and there, then headed out to hardwood for the race. Great night for it, warm the course was dry and hard and made for some quick lap times.

Jack and the velocity boys have said they intend to run the series again next year, be killer to start one week earlier and go one week later maybe? (thats just me thinking)

My brother has informed me that my baby has been sold, the mazda is great but there is no subsitute for a nice american sedan like the Lumina. To bad american car companies make nothing but garbage these days.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scary stuff

Probably the earliest monday morning ride i have ever done, 10 am. Usually Mondays are reserved for easy spins or an evening ride.

But all it took was Jacob to say the magic words and i was headed out to the copeland forrest for a ride with him and Brendan. Only have the singlespeed at the moment so i knew i was in for a hurting.

Took me a while to realize it was my first mtb ride since the last world cup a month ago. And i felt it especially on the fully rigid setup, i had to ride off the trail on a long downhill cause i just couldn't hold onto the bar and turn at the same time. How the hell did i ever race a bike with v-brakes and 63mm of travel? Kids these days are so spoiled. Discs, 100 mm forks..... or maybe we should all go back to that. that would be sweet retro racing, no discs, hardtails only, must weigh at least 25 lbs. think im on to something. i guess thats called cross racing.

anyways, good ride, after a slight navigational disagreement with Brendan we finsihed up by noon. Word is there is a couger or two running around in there, awesome.

got home, made some pizza's for lunch took starbuck for a long walk, well i walked as she sniffed every leaf that was on the ground. an explosion could have gone off but she would have continued to smell everything.

nap, unintentional, dinner,

now for the scary part, tonight is the new season of the most frightening show on television, i cringe and don't want to venture outside after watching it. Yes thats right Canadas worst driver.

frak it pisses me off how these people get there drivers licenses. Im sure they are nice people, but these are the people that cause major "accidents" who should never have gotten a license in the first place. I have zero respect for the canadian drivers licensing system. I think they give them out in cereal boxes. No car control, no idea what the driving laws are etc etc. Its another sad example of driving being a right of all canadians over 16, not a privilege to those who can actually drive a vehicle. frak.

quote of the day

"is this the trail?"

"If its not it should be"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

200th post

And to celebrate you all win a prize, yes, you all get to continue reading my ramblings.

Today was semi productive, got my Faze 1 almost fully built up and ready to sell. Went for a ride, dropped off some more deadwood, second season has started well. Stopped by the shop which is quickly becoming basically a Tim Hortons for local cyclists. Hang out talk politics, business, MEC, all that stuff. Oh and picked up some more glue, im looking into buying into Continental or Vittoria stock the way im going through it.

Long way there, long way back wasn't really out there for anything in particular.

And yes i am not taking in any competitions this weekend.

Speedriver kelso races will be attended for sure. One more wednesday at hardwood as well.

The Plan comes out tuesday and with that in mind brings the quote of the day

may have written this previously but its some of my favourite dialogue from the show.

"....they'd force the foxes towards the river"

"So what would the foxes do?"

"Half would turn and fight, the other half would try to swim across. But my uncle told me about a few that would swim halfway out, turn with the current and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore just swimming"

"Because they wanted to drown"


Friday, October 23, 2009

a few more posts

So you'll notice below i have listed some stuff for sale. I've also linked it on the right side of the blog. Need to make room for new stuff and raise some capital. spread the word if you know anyone looking for some good stuff at great prices.

while working on the bikes, i found a bunch of grass sticking out of my rear tubular from the weekend. so thats two tires rolled, awesome so im reglueing that. Saw Annabelle Langlois yesterday at blockbuster. She picked up Cutting edge and Blades of glory, (no i actually don't know what she got. that would be creepy if i did)

I finished off deadwood season 1, started really well, a great HBO series just like Rome with a similar feel and style. But it kinda faded near the end of the season. Great acting, some of the best tv character acting i have seen since the x-files.

so yeah, good stuff,

Lemond Fillmore 53 cm fix/single speed road bike

Up for sale is my Fixie, its in great shape, it was only used on nice warm sunny dry days. Kinda like my equivalent of a porsche.

As pictured, including pedals. Stem could be swapped out if needed for something similar but a different size.

Steal frame, carbon/alloy fork, comes with a 19 and 16 tooth fixed cog, and an 18 tooth, freewheel for singlespeed. flip/flop hub. Cane creek brakes, bontrager select, bar, stem, wheels, post. Really nice ride.

Deserves a new home where it will be ridden more.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pile up

So, tonight headed out to hardwood for the 3rd evening cross race. The weather was a little on the nasty side. Numbers were down a little, just the hardcore's out tonight. Lined up at the back of the first wave. Glenn started us and, raced, i think thats a conflict of interested but ill let it go i guess.

Warming up the course was in good shape some corners were faster than ever. Coming into the corkscrew you can usually rail it pretty good, luckily i wasn't at the front and sure enough 3 guys all slid out at the same time. I would have done the exact same thing, from the time we lined up to the time we hit the course it was already getting muddy, every lap got a little worse.

Settled into a group. Feeling the effects of the weekend a little i think. It was a battle between Brendan and myself, and Sean Kelly, who unleashed a nice attack, took me a few seconds to realize he was finishing, it really had me going.

Im pretty sure Brendan was stronger than me tonight. but i was able to mentally break him with the look and get a few seconds gap. He is getting closer every week, i think next week is going to be an insane battle.

One more week, im thinking -2 and little snow would be fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rule #1 Cardio

a couple days unwinding from the weekend, not a whole lot to unwind from but thats my story and im sticking to it.

Yesterday i got my passport sent away to get renewed, fun times at the post office for sure, listening to two people try to figure out every single way possible to mail something, i almost offered to pay for the express if they could hurry the heck up.

Stopped by the shop, monday night ride problem solving.

Headed down to the marshland of Bradford for dinner and zombieland, well actually it was Newmarket. good dinner, got made fun off again for ordering orange juice, servers just love to dig at me for that.

Onto the film, excellent, i think i underestimated it. actually right after i saw it i wasn't even that impressed but it kinda sunk in and i realized i really liked it. A real roller coaster, scary, funny, sad, happy. Many themes, love, purpose, overcoming.its on the AWI top 5 list for 2009.

Yes since we are coming to the end im going to get the list up here. Yes there are a few flicks i didn't see which could be up here like "9".

but here it is

1. Inglourious Bastards
2. District 9
3. Watchmen
4. Zombieland
5. Terminator Salvation(purely based on entertainment, back to the story, and Christian Bale)

today, coffee with spak, home, short ride, home bike maintence party.

to many good one liners but i just can't pick to many as they contain a lot of profanity

"out west, we hear it's out east, out east they hear it's out west. It's all bullshit. It's like you're a penguin at the North Pole hears the South Pole is real nice this time of year. "

"There are no penguins in the North Pole. "

"You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 2 the “I don’t know what the hell everyone is talking about that’s harder than the hill side” course

Lather rinse repeat,

Up, actually yeah didn’t go for a spin this morning, all the food was the same, load up, drive down to the course.

Got there, got changed and headed over to do the usual pre race socializing, Realized that St Johns “garneau” glasses are the exact same as my Ryders glasses, we argued about who copied who almost came to blows but Natasha broke it up.

Signed in Brad Day said yeah same call up order as yesterday, I thought we’ll at least I didn’t get moved back. 3rd row isn’t too bad. Watched the womens start good racing, closer than yesterday. Warmed up on the gravel road for a bit before getting onto the race course for a few laps of it.

Got called up became clear I did get bumped back as I was suddenly 4th row…interesting but ill leave it there. Matt was there to tell me to suck it up. Start was ok, it wasn’t as good as yesterday was more or less on the slower moving side around the first corner. Grabbed some wheels and just settled in until the pace settled a bit. Lost a good chunk of time the first lap. The Cannondale trio rode off the front and never let up.

I was riding with DZ and KD for a bit, moved past kept the hammer down, DZ stuck on but going around a fast left he slid out. I didn’t know that at the time, next corner a right onto some pavement I slid out under the tape. KD came by laughed, he knew me and DZ weren’t going to make it so he backed off. Smart.

Got going again, made the pass again, thought if I crashed again in from of Kyle I would never hear the end of it, I was able to keep it upright. Bridged up to Bakker, it appeared there was two chase groups ahead, it was a big gap to the Batty group, with Schooler, and Trace. Got by Osmond and found myself chasing in no mans land first time this weekend. Took me about 2 and half laps to catch on. Again 3/4of the matches were then gone.

Sat on for a lap, there were riding pretty strong and I was all over my bike just trying to hang on. Schooler pulled off and it was down to the three of us, Batty, Trace and myself. The group infront was putting some more time into us, well me. Mark asked me to come by, may or may not have been snooty, I was getting tired, but I came by and put in a good effort, I actually opened a gap. That was short lived as I fell on a right hander again. Of course Emily was standing right there. Basically gravity took over and I was on the ground. Mark and Trace repassed me. At this point I was just hoping to stay out of the way. Just then a squirrel jumped in front of mark and I thought it was going to take him down.

Trace attacked good on the last lap, I moved past mark, and put in all I could but we just strung out a few seconds each and more of less stayed there to the Finnish.

I ended up 9th, a lot better than last year, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Lyne Bessette said good work on yesterday didn’t know who it was cause her glasses covered half her face. Turns out she was 4th women in the Toronto marathon today. Damn.

Got interviewed by Colts dad for cycling dirt, totally started hand talking again.

Frack, I’ve tried three times to upload the pics to facebook, keeps failing, man im getting grumpy.

Post race brews with Matt P, Jer, Tammy, Pete, Tim, Noble well he watched us drink. While yelling at the M1’s to go faster, its true its very easy to say it while watching.

Big thanks again to all my support for the weekend.

Spak won his category today at Hardwood, good stuff.

“tired now”

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1,”the hurt locker” as Scott Kelly would say….from the sidelines…holding a beer.

Woke up, went for a morning spin, took a flick(year one) (pretty good) back to blockbuster, two birds one stone.

Had a solid breaky, and got some food ready to take down. Got packed up, then just relaxed with the feet up for a while watching a little superman returns. After watching a bit of Cast Away, way to depressing.

Loaded up the AWI, racing vehicle with the team photographer, and mascot. After not trusting my directions, we arrived, I’ve learned by experience that there is no westbound Ranforth exit, and you have to get off at carlingview. But year after year they keep writing that for the directions.

Got signed in, the day was perfect, chilly but the sun was warm, course was dry almost dusty. I was able to sneek onto the course before the womens race for a lap, didn’t get vary far before I rolled my tubular off, first time ever, though to be honest it was more of a hitting it off on the stairs I was trying to ride. There was a guy with a video camera so it may end up on you tube or something. Rolled back to the car, and put my other heavier wheels on. I wanted to run the lighter wheels I have, they are coming to the end of their live but I figured I could get another race on them. Oh well, can’t go wrong with 1700 gram reflex/32/ultegra setup. Still waiting for those carbon tubulars to show up to ”review”……..i swear I will declare them.

Anyway, the women were off so I headed to the Sunday course on the other side of the venue to warm-up. Juice and I turned a lap or two before he disappeared, serious he was behind me then he was gone.

Good pep talk with Matt and Havy, got stuffed squared away.

Got one lap in on the course after the womens race then got lined up. Third row right in the middle not bad, behind Box, who was behind Mike so good starters.
Start wasn’t bad, nothing too crazy singled up into a nice train pretty quick. The gaps started to form even before we hit the first climb up the hill. Just started trying to jump across whenever a gap opened up and soon I found myself in the top ten coming up to the lead group, containing the Cannondale guys, St John, Schouten, Jacques-Maynes and Anthony. Came into the barriers to hear being yelling big crash, just caught the aftermath of Powers bailing really hard over the barriers. He must have been right in the middle of the group as it slowed them down enough for me to latch on.

The pace was pretty high, St. John and Johnson were at the front. I had burned about half my book of matches to get up there so I needed to just try and hang on for a lap and hope to recover. It was tough the pace on the climb was incredible. Out of the saddle sprint. I managed to stay attached and even move past Schouten.

Can’t remember when Johnson made his move but when he did he meant business, and gapped everyone quick. Driscoll was at the front and he was next to go up the course. I was still trying to get my bearings back and sat on at the back. So group of 4 Schouten, St John, Jacques-Maynes and myself. It was my turn to hit the deck, just after the barriers I was little off my line and in the loose stuff and before I knew it my front wheel was gone. Schouten got by me so I was left chasing for the next lap of so to get back on. Another ¼ of the matches burnt. Got there, and not long after moved past Jaques-Maynes who faded back.

3 left, I was looking at a top 5, podium spot if I could at least hold on. Matt was yelling at me like a mad man and I knew I had to try for the top 3. I attacked hard with 1.5 to go, got past St John, but couldn’t put any real estate between us. Led until the second part of the climb, I drifted wide, getting tired and opened it up for him to get by and attack hard on the left side. I buried it, but he put time into me across the top. Quickly running out of ground took a risk or two on the decent and narrowed the gap. I knew I couldn’t out power him into the finish but I wasn’t going to pack it in either.

On a fast right hander, he slid out which opened it up for me to get by. I only had a few feet, I had used my entire Kyle Fry issue match book, but I stuck it in the big ring and hammered out the last couple corners and straight, holding onto a few seconds. Definitely the hardest fought cross battle I have ever done.

Started to put time into 2nd, but I’m pretty sure he just cruised the last lap, saving a little for tomorrow, Johnson was 35 seconds up.

Huge thanks to all the people yelling and chearing, had some Barrie and area guys come down to watch which was great. Matt P for holding my bike like a pro and not letting me let up an inch, Pete for keeping Matt in line. The Scandium Norco loved going up and down that hill too, it has that down part in its blood I just have to sit back and relax it just steers itself.

Up next bed, race is earlier tomorrow so out a hear a little earlier too. It’s a totally different style course, out of two times I’ve never been able to put it all together on it. But im looking forward to it.

"At least you didn't swear when you crashed"

Friday, October 16, 2009

king of the hill

Morning, passport photo, paid 8.50, im told that was a good deal. came back, lunch, bicycle ride making sure the aforementioned bicycle is in good working order. It is.

some videos of the night race at HH on matts blog, his lady friends commentary is good. Truly is a silly sport

Sunday night is Stephen King night on family guy, should be good. Can't wait to see there take on Stand by me.

tommorow, relaxing morning, don't race till 4 which means i won't be home till after my bed time. Greg Reain is racing sunday, thats cool,

i find it funny that the whole balloon boy thing is a hoax, hasn't the father ever seen the simpsons episode when bart falls down the well. Yeah, or the story of the boy and the wolf,

Just found this pretty good .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im going to keep todays post a little more upbeat cause i apparently made a few readers a little depressed last night.

So today, i headed out alone, into the cold easterly wind, with a little bit of that low hanging october sun, on my bike, for long ride. With nothing but the shifting of gears, and that buzz of my tires going over the new pavement in Oro to keep my wind from wondering......ok yeah that even makes me depressed reading it.

No, it was a good ride, headed out and discovered they have paved 20/21 and the 1st line south of old barrie, must have been the past couple days cause the shoulder was just getting graded while i was riding on it today. It was a really nice fall day for a ride, dry, really all you can hope for this time of year. Came back and passed by my tracks left in innisfil street last week. Looks like they may have rolled it over with a steam roller but you can still clearly see the nice 23 mm wide line in the pavement.

Legs feel ok, really its going to be a mental game the next couple days getting ready for the weekend. Good chat with Matt P, who will be there to hand me a spare bike if needed or at least point to it and say "theres your bike." Possibly have the prescence of pete glassford to give me tips on pelvic tilt angles.

Morning, Starbuck, what do you hear?

Nothin' but the rain.

post away

Peter i just changed it so you can post anonymously and anyone else.

As Box has pointed out the weekend is turning into a canada cup mtb race
"This is turning into an Canada Cup MTB race; Watson, Zandstra,
Garrigan, Jette, that 13 year old who rides for Norco...."

so you better get on a bike or you'll miss all the fun,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 down

so, been a couple days with no post, well one day. I took the day off the bike yesterday, got some good organizing done in the garage, room, basement done, i have stuff spread all over the place.

Had a bit of a rough night, didn't get much sleep, But yeah rough 24 hours.

Headed to the GTA to do some exchanges with Havy, who turns out to be an awesome therapist as well. Good chat before heading back home.

Got my bikes ready and headed to hardwood to blow off some steam, in the freezing cold so it was more like frozen water vapour. I was letting a buddy use my spare bike to get a feel for a cross bike as opposed to a mtb, actually to a tri bike more like it. I think he liked it. converting one triathlete at a time. Thats the goal.

Got nice longish warmup in on the course, same as last weeks with more lighting. Started with the juniors this week. I rode at the front for a long while, keeping the pace high. It was pretty cool, every time we did a 180 there was just 6 guys in a train, a couple juniors made the "selection" along with Mike G, Tristan, Brendo and myself. So that was fun, partway through the third lap picked it up to see what the legs had. Rode what i had, finished and realized it was cold. The juniors starting with the seniors and masters was great, i think we all went a little faster with more guys to battle.

Its a good thing i have an outlet like cycling, funny how one thing can be the cause of and solution to a problem. Its a viscious circle sometimes.

Also got a wicked Norco gift compliments of Tristan and Jacob, it will come in handy this fall for sure.

0 degrees in the dark is bone chilling, it sounds stupid but it feels way colder than even -10 and sunny. still feeling chilled.

Big news Spak came out to a cross race, its big cause i've never seen him ride a cross bike, i look forward to the blog post.

"When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for man's convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became. Here, for once, was a product of man's brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others. Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle."

~Elizabeth West, Hovel in the Hills

Monday, October 12, 2009

Flying monkey - Creemore springs - Flying monkey

The fall classic ride, my 2nd time out. Start from downtown Barrie ride to Creemore sample, ride home. That was the plan for today. A little chilly in the a.m. and i had to pull myself out of bed but the thought of being able to ride with real people, not just the voices in my head im there. I also heard rumours of an SNPD coach coming out to keep our pelvices in line and making us stop to do some crossfit partway through....but i guess it was just a rumour.

Picked up Scott, got to fred grant, had a quick hot bevy at second cup, and headed out with 8 or 9 of us, something like that. Good ride there, some good gravel, mud, riding in angus passing some construction. Tristan almost crashed us all out when he ejected from his pedal at the cashtown sign sprint.
Samples were good, but Scott and I couldn't linger too long, he had to catch a flight and i was his ride home, plus he had my bike and some gear. So we headed out while the others had coffee. At Cashtown corners. Coming through Angus we stopped for a quick pickup, where i got to see a pregnant teenage girl smoking, near the gas pumps, then butt it out at the gas pumps, classic.

Made it back in good time, thanks to long pulls by Scott. My legs are feeling a little heavy after the past two days.

Got home, realized i just needed some sleep, slept ate food, watched dexter, now chillin and typing.

looks like field of dreams is on soon, 20 year anniversary, gets better as i get older.

Zombieland thursday it looks good, stay tuned for a review.

Tommorrow, some cleaning and organizing, light ride.

Wednesday evening 30 min cross race under some lights, hopefully one or two more lights this week, also sounds like the juniors will be starting with the seniors, should be good.

If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat.
-Herschel Walker

Sunday, October 11, 2009

todays post

I headed down to the city solo today, i left pretty early didn't see the point in sitting around home when i could watch the earlier races. I forgot to bring my camera though that was a bummer.

Rolled in, just as i get out of the car juiceboy rolls up. potential teamwork? no probably not. Got registered, watched some of the 10 am race then got changed and ready to turn some laps with the Norco cross team, before the 11:30 race. The course blew me away, from a 4 minute circle around the park into a 7:30 min lap with tons of fast corners, climbs, off camber, just about everything you'd want in a course. Stephane did a great job with it, with some tweaking to the start and pit areas, it will be really nice nationals course.

Good laps with juice he was killing it, his definition of easy lap is different than my definition.

The turnout by the looks of things was looking huge, turns out 157. not sure but i think thats a new southern cx record.

Watched the 11:30 race, Jason Massicotte(sp) killed it off the front of the junior race again. Amanda had a chaser all day but won the womens race.

Got warmed up again, with a few more laps, Craig gave us his usual speech, basically pluggin his own race. But he let us start a little early, which was nice as it was a little chilly. Led the start until the second corner when i slid out going a bit hot, Nathan got by me. Followed him into the run up. Marco, Juice, Morse and box came by Nathan and myself. Marco and Box immediatly gapped us. Nathan and Juice started getting the elbows out, i just sat on, and waited to see if Peter was going to chase back the duo. I Nascared juice good into a corner, and on the next corner something happened to Nathans bike, and he pulled off. Just before the lap I came by peter and chased after Box and Marco. Marco killed it with me on his wheel basically in the process an impromto leadout into the tough drag climb. I was able to hold the lead even on the long run up, which really sucked the life out of me. I settled into a nice groove and continued to build my lead a few seconds over Box a lap. Juice was with box for a while in 3rd. But fell back partway and got passed by Morse and finished 4th. Could be some good Stafford/Juice espoir battles this year.

Lots of good spectators out too which was nice, a couple random off leash dogs but im not Steve Homenuk so it wasn't a problem.

Won a good size Pumpkin nice. Got out of there in good time, home before 4, food, long walk with Starbuck, more food,

bugged Spak to come ride tommorow morning, looks like it will be chilly but dry.

for the winter i've decided to take my level 1 in this fine sport and get back into instructing at Horseshoe this winter. Book your private lesson today!!!

Creemore tommorow......ill probably actually skip the samples, unless they are warm

"good stuff"
Me just now

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In between year

After spending the morning slaving over a hot stove preparing my world famous chili for the potluck yesterday, i managed to get out for a spin on the cross bike to make sure it was all ready for todays race.

Good times last night, Liz's birthday, im pretty sure i brought the best gift. Got home and got some sleep.

Before i left for the race this morning i made my picks for nationals also taking place today,

women: Sydor
U23 men: Guthrie,
Men: St John, basically thinking that Kabush's race just hard enough to win strategy would result in a last lap flat opening it up.

loaded up, hit the road long drive mainly cuase of people driving 60 in 80 zones.

Got there, it was back to the original side of heber downs, course map said it was the "better" side. This was the side that 3 years ago was flooded and the whoel course was under water.

But it was nice and sunny so that was good. Got registered, didn't see too many names sign in. Box, Chown, Velotaku(sp?) were all in attendance. Warmed up, hit the course for a lap, 4 barriers, 1 natural double tree barrier, 4 mud sections and 1 river crossing. Made for an interesting course. Nothing really tech about it, biggest threat was hitten rocks and puncturing.

Got started settled into a group of four , Box, Chown, Smith. Issac led until he flatted after a lap, bummer. Box, chown and myself fell all over place exchanging the lead for a lap. I wanted to take the lead and see what would happen with a clear course. Pulled out to pass Nathan, he wasn't having any of it. And matched my acceleration, tried again, same thing, damn roadies and there ability to change speeds repeatedly. Knew i had to punch it 100%. Came by and made it stick before the long basically singletrack section. Got a bit of a gap. I couldn't match Nathans power in the pud sections, but the turns i could hold him off and make a little time up.

Kept it up till the finish, was able to settle in nice at the end. Im feeling good, about 98.9%. Talked myself into racing tommorow in Toronto, to try and get that little extra bit of form before the johnson, powers beat down.

Made it home spent a while cleaning and getting the bike ready for tommorow, which is a good thing cause it wouldn't have been touched before wednesday otherwise.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yup woke up and the sun was shining, it really is a beautiful thing, all that nuclear fusion going on and stuff. Hydrogen turning into Helium....yeah just watched a documentary on the sun. Anyways it was nice to see.

Glued up the rhino's today, went on nicely easy to straighten up. Then jumped on the road bike for a good endurance ride, bass lake road was the goal........

watching Mathew Mcconaughey showing the "new" way to resuscitate someone on CNN. Basically don't do mouth to mouth, cause we have 8-10 minute of oxygenated blood in us already. So just do 80-100 compressions a minute. interesting kinda makes sense.

back to riding, good ride until I started to come back down the 5th, i could feel my energy fading a bit. I was still able to keep up a good clip and power but i felt bonkish. I think thats the years upon years of riding base, when i used to blow up i could barely ride at 20kph on a flat road, now i can still push good watts, it just feels not good like. Made it into the shop grabbed a cliff bar, i should really keep a stach of food in there.

Then on my way home, i had to cross some new pavment on innisfil street, though i didn't know how new until i crossed it. My tires sunk in almost up to the rims, no signs, no workers, just fresh soft asphalt. I left a really nice line right through it, just as i said my best "awesome" i noticed a worker taking a smoke break under a tree, he didn't even look at me he just walked over to the big groove I left and dropped a huge f-bomb. classic.

Made it home, stuffed myself, walked the dog, napped, ate some more. Figured out what im making for the potluck tommorow night its going to be good.

"Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated by fusion power is ancient. It's called 'rain'."

Michael McClary

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish i was still a carrot farmer

Tonight was the first of four night cross races at hardwood hills(yes i just called it that) Good times.

backing up though, thanks to Big mike for letting me know the uci races have switched, good thing i would have been on the backside of the hill wondering where the hell everyone was. And to Andrew for the Norco history lesson, and yes i know Andy Tout left some big shoes for me to fill. Too many Andrews floating around that sentence.

I went for a good trail run today. it was a little scary the wind was blowing pretty good, i was worried about getting smoked by a falling branch, a tree i can avoid but those branches are trickier to hear falling. Made it out unscathed, my garmin is telling me im running at about 7.5 kph in the woods, which would put me at 2 hours if i was able to keep that up. Ben brought up a good point about the accuracy of the Garmin for trail running, is it cutting corners? am i running farther and therefore faster than its telling me? not sure, but i figure 1:45 to 2 hours is the goal. It will depend a little on the course too i think.

Got home another layer of tubular glue on the rims and tires. Lost count now. Good chat with Gershom at Bikeland, he tried to sell me a specialized stumpjumper.

wraps for dinner,

Headed to HH got registered signed up for the whole series, i guess i know what im doing the next three wednesdays.

Almost saw the blue ranger(Bretton) knock himself out with his own bike, still not sure what happend. Was asked if Pete and i are friends, I said yes but that Peter should be asked the same question maybe he would answer differently.

Got on the course, I was immediatly impressed with the thought and effort that went into it. Same general direction and layout as the BCC hardwood cross race last year. But with a bunch of little changes, and additions, a giant corkscrew that takes about 3 mins to ride. (exaggerating). Decent turnout, we started with a bit of light in the sky, but by the second lap it was dark, they did a great job lighting the course, using the ski lights, and also the old baseball trick, cars running with there lights on scattered around the course. It was a blast start to finish, there were a couple spots on the course that were pretty dark and all you could do was hold on and hope there still wasn't anything there. I really hammered it good, trying to get some good form heading into the uci races. The course had nothing really technical on it, pretty much on the gas, 180 degree sandy corner and repeat 18 times a lap.

Used my big ring a lot, by the end of the 30 mins i was pretty cooked. Brendan was second on a singlespeed mtb (running my recomended gearing) Tristan was third. The juniors started 30 - 40 seconds behind us. I think they should start with us, pretty much doing the same lap times.

so yeah good stuff. look forward to next week.

"I almost drove the lawntractor to work today"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good bad,

Good, got a really good endurance road ride in today, with power, the bad, not surprisingly it started pissing rain, and now ill have to dry out my powertap for another week.

I think it has rained every day since i've been home. Gotta be a new record.

But did get a really good ride in. The legs feel good. Thanks to Kyle Fry for proofreading my new title. I thought a new extreme title would give the blog a little more pop. I'm up to about 100 unique hits a day, not to shabby for talking about next to nothing.

I hear that if you get free stuff and do reviews on it on your blog you can get in trouble if you don't declare it. News to me, you can get free stuff for doing reviews on it? mmmm I would love to do a review on some carbon tubulars. e-mail me for my shipping address.

well those should be arriving any day now. Ill be sure to declare them.

In the midst of all the crazyness, media, interviews following to the hillbilly i forgot to thank Norco for setting me up with the bikes for the season. So thank you Mr. Norco and Kevin Haviland. Is there a Mr. Norco, i don't know. a quick search and i found this guess there was never was a mr Norco, damn thats really bugging me now why is the company named that.

Just registered for the UCI toronto races, on the 17th and 18th.

well im probably repeating myself a little

found all these sports quotes just going to use them.

"Most people race to see who is the fastest, I race to see who has the most guts."

Steve Prefontaine

Monday, October 5, 2009

just found this deserves its on post

So you wish to conquer in the Olympic games, my friend? And I too, by the Gods, and a fine thing it would be! But first mark the conditions and the consequences, and then set to work. You will have to put yourself under discipline; to eat by rule, to avoid cakes and sweetmeats; to take exercise at the appointed hour whether you like it or no, in cold and heat; to abstain from cold drinks and from wine at your will; in a word, to give yourself over to the trainer as to a physician. Then in the conflict itself you are likely enough to dislocate your wrist or twist your ankle, to swallow a great deal of dust, or to be severely thrashed, and, after all these things, to be defeated.

50-120, Stoic Philosopher


yep, like the title says its monday. Been busy this morning finishing building a new wheelset, putting some layers of glue on them and the rhino's. Washing the bikes from Saturday. The garage is a mess, my room is a mess, its that changing of the season and gear i tell you.

The weather is just like it has been for the past week, off and on rain. With some scattered sun.

I've also begun prepping for a 15 km trail running race on october 25th. Its a shame i guess that means i can't go camping. Went for a 5 km run/jog/walk yesterday, really only did 15 minutes of running in 5 minute "intervals" Im really looking forward to it, its nice to have something a little different to focus on in october.

Oh so yesterday, filled with shopping madness, first got some spokes and glue from the shop, and talked some smack. The went to the mall, it was insane you'd think it was christmas, didn't by anything. Went to shoppers to pick up some newly available Aleve. I think it will come in handy with all this running. Then cleard the store out of chocolate powerbar protein bars at 50 cents each. So stoked.

This is a wicked clip, im pumped i get to race some of these guys next weekend. Which reminds me should register for that. Same plan survive the Formula one race day one, and kill it day 2.

Ill be ready for the off camber muddy grass this year too.

Tonight some monday night madness,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Round 3

I awoke to sunshine and butterflies and kids playing. No actually i didn't not even close, when I woke up i was greeted with wind, rain, darkness. A great way to start the cross season i guess.

coffee, slow cook oats etc......

got to Duntroon at 11, first person i saw was Glassford i said a big hello to him, you know haven't seen him for a while. another exact quote.

"what do you want? I'm busy"

I dragged myself into registration, where the girls there commented on the fact it was my first cross race. I heard that a lot today.

Got pined up, watched the juniors start, good size field. A bunch of the jetpower kids were there, I'm going to start calling them the power rangers. Varga is the red ranger, cause he was my favourite and Dan won Epping so he gets dibs on that.

I headed out on the road for a good 25 minutes of warmup, really nice thing about that venue is that you can get out on a nice country road to warmup on.

The rain had stopped the sun was breaking through and wind was out of the south and pretty warm.

Saw many of the usual suspects, Box, Chown, Hines, Stafford.

Hit the course, it was a little slick here and there but i could tell it was drying up. I really only have (currently) one set of good tubulars mounted up, A less aggresive dry tread design, so i was glad the weather was favourable. But ill be ready for whatever toronto dishes out this year.

Took in some of the junior/womens race, good show lots out racing, Amanda was there won her race, Red ranger was second to Sam Rykoff in the junior race.

Got lined up, small field i think 8 guys. the first lap prime was announced, i had more of my "nam" esque type flashbacks to 2007. Promised myself i wouldn't go for it from the gun. Stafford took the lead first, i stuck on his wheel best i could, he was cornering a lot better than me. I think Nathan was behind me. about 3/4 of the way around i passed Jared and put in an effot on the runup, hur like hell, but i opened a bit of a gap, which was opened up more when Jared when down on the 180 down/up.

Now the decision, do i continue and try to open the gap up then, or do i settle down and file back into the group. On a sunny, warm, day i would have done just that. But with the weather being unpredictable and being on dry tires i wanted as big a lead as possible in case of rain. Nathan and Jarred were both on mud treads, not saying its all the tires but.....rhino's compared to griffo's on off camber and greasy corners, yeah I wanted a buffer. I was 100% and was putting in a couple seconds a lap for the first few laps. Nathan and Jarred appeared stuck to each other, which wasn't good for me. One good attack by either of them and i'd be done. About halfway through it started to open up a little more, until i had at least a minute from what i could tell.

I really started to get into a groove on the corners, and run up, the drying course helped no doubt. I settled into a nice high "tempo".

Nearing the end of my laps i headed up the hill and saw exatcly what i saw in calgary in 04 (watch off road to athens) a big wall of black coming over the escarpment. Again flasbacks of rivers, hail, lightning, dopers flying up hills etc. I managed to finish just in time to hear the siren on the adjacent golf course going off warning the golfers to get off the course. Funny we don't have a similar system in cycling.

Nathan and Stafford had a good battle for second with Nathan taking him by a couple bike lengths. Don't even want to think about the next couple years with Jarred. Its gonna hurt I think.

Got changed, awards, Peter was in a better mood by the end.

They even made up a 3x winners jacket just in case, they refrained from telling me before probably a good thing.

Molly was scared of the rain and jumped in our van, i think she was just scared of Matt and wanted to come home with Starbuck.

Awesome race, hats off to the HBCC and all those that helped, the course gets better every year, its a shame more GTA folk don't get up to do it. As my mom says you'd think they'd want to get out of the city and see some scenery.

Ride home was long, had to go look at houses in rob roy and singhampton and a couple other places in the middle of nowwhere.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday, i headed down to Woodbridge to see Kevin and pick up the new "A" ride for the season a CCX SL. more on that later. When I left Barrie it was 4 and raining and I could swear it was almost snowing.

When i got down to the city(yes woodbridge is still toronto) it was 10 and sunny, crazy. Anyway, got back had coffee with matt, i got crazy and instead of my usual "cheap" americano, i spurged and got a pumpkin spice latte, not bad. Was it worth 4 bucks, no.

I then headed out in the pissing rain for a workout on the cross bike, the ccx 1. I needed to do some fiddling and modifying of the SL before i could ride that.

Getting back into the groove, i have a nice loop over in a simcoe county forrest not to far away. A couple run ups, some flat and some well placed logs to jump over.

This morning i got to work on the bike, getting it all measured up. Then headed out on it, again in the pissing rain, actually today it was raining harder for sure. Hit the same loop but i was turning a lot better, i was running the exact same wheels, tires, pressure and position as the ccx 1, but damn the SL was slicing around stuff, and with a scandium frame and full carbon fork, its very light. If you got slightly silly there would be no problem getting it to 15 lbs. Really silly and it could be very under the limit.

Got home and started measuring and sure enough the wheelbase is 25mm shorter, and im pretty sure the headtube is steeper than the ccx 1. Now the 1 is a sick bike, and perfect for the everyman. But if racing is your game i'd look into the SL. I apologize if im plugging, but i was really impressed when i rode it today. I can't wait to race it tommorow.

Weather is reminicent of two years ago at this race. I have a lot of pressure on me to win, and it would appear that a certain young whipper snapper is coming out of the blocks pretty quick in his first year as a senior.

It sounds like Peter has been putting his heart and soul into this race, he cut the grass on the over under in the RAIN. crazy.

"imagine banjo music playing"