Sunday, August 30, 2009

You just never know.

Got up, coffee, steal cuts.....blah blah blah, same old morning before a race. One thing that was interesting was that it was 12 degress and drizzling. Basically the same weather that can be expected at the Speedriver Kelso cross races at the end of october.

Headed down and made it there by 11:30 to give myself some time to register. It was interesting to see peter in registration, behind the preregistration table. As i moved to the day off registration he procedded to call me a high roller. And that im no longer the cheapest person he knows. Picked up the latest cyclocross OCA booklet, which features many pictures of my right leg. Definetly photoshopped to look more ripped.

Said hi to Havy and Sue, their cute baby girl Alexa was actually awake for once. I told Havy he should take her to the doctor cause i always just see her sleeping. Got complimented by Liz on my facial grooming she said i know looked presentable.

Warmed up with john fisher good times, he just picked up a pair of actual MTB race shoes, so he can stop wearing his high top winter dh shoes.

Got lined up, usual smack talk on the line. Told Peter no pressure but he was my pick for today. I felt good, but i was a little unsure of my race form. I was ready for a good whopping to be honest. Not trying to sound like i was negative on the race but i was cautiously optimistic about my chances.

Started, missed my pedal a touch and found myself a little behind the 8 ball. I wasn't to concerned and stayed calm. Mike was off the front killing it. By the time we hit the first climb we were pretty much all back together. The pace wasn't insane which was nice. I could handle sane a pace. By the first pieces of singletrack but the field was just strung out into one long line. I was sitting 5 or 6th on a double track and Juiceboy comes by with about a millimeter to spare on my right side. Almost said something but kept quiet the pace was low so he was using to move up. But sure enough the first rock pile in the "extreme" trail he bobeled a dabbed. Opening a gap to the leaders. May have said a word or two about that. But he closed it up quickly. A couple sections later i came by and had some good momentun that brought me up to 3rd heading to the first DH. Legs felt ok, not stellar wasn't ready to kill it off the front. Mike bombed the dh super d style, and we hit the next climb back up the escarpment. My legs felt a little heavy and i was glad there wasn't an attack, came through the lap, actually i moved into the leas cause mike and pete almost went across the finish line.

I lead the next lap, i didn't feel like Leader material at that point but if the guys were willing to follow me in my middle ring hey no worries. A selection occured early this lap which left 4 of us. Mike, Peter, Eric and myself. I immediatly thought back to the Jesse Jakomait Kelso death train of 2004, with me hanging on for dear life off Jesse J. Greg R. , and Matt P. We lapped through and i grapped my bottle from havy who said i had to get closer to him. Now its kinda hard to describe without a diagram, but basically if you were getting feed in the team zone you had to ride farther off the main line, it wasn't all that well laid out, i smiled and said no problem.

Third lap, i fell back into 3rd spot behind mike and peter. They upped the pace and i was again just hanging on wondering how i was going to get to the finish. My goal at that point was to hang on as long as possible and open up a good gap to 5th. Hit the first dh, then up the 2nd climb Mike pinned it and only peter could respond, Eric came by me, and this was the deciding point in the race. It would have been soooo easy for me to just sit up and settle into my own pace. But the stubbourness in me got me to crank it for the next km or so and ride back to the trio.

This was early 4th lap, Peter was leading with Eric on his wheel. Pete kept the tempo high and Mike started to let the gap go. I looked down at my watch and saw 1:10, oh crap gotta get by Mike. Came by and chased down the now trek store duo. Rode there for the rest of the lap, Pete and Eric seemed to have really good legs, there are a bunch of places at Kelso where you come out of singletrack and have to accelerate to 30 kph on the flat double track. Pete made it look easy his cadence and pedal stroke were something to behold. Eric could just get out of saddle and boost his speed with ease too. So here i am thinking 3rd is pretty good, i can be happy with third. My legs were actually starting to feel better as the race went on. I could ride a nice high pace but i couldn't respond if there was an attack.

Last lap, nothing much changed, we were hitting some good traffic but everyone was pretty cool and let the three of us by. There was one guy who was just out to be an ass, but it wasn't to big a deal. In the "extreme" trail Pete was leading Eric then me. Passed some masters dudes. And entered a bit of a slalom three quick turns through three trees. Basically a quick zig then a zag, but you have to get the timing right. Pete passed through, then it happend really quick but Eric "pinball" Batty clipped the first tree, hit the second tree then high sided it around the third. I did my best to hit the brakes but ended up doing a little high side myself. Eric was a good 6 feet away from his bike, his bike, my bike and me where just a tangled mess on the trail. I didn't crash hard i knew i was ok, Eric hit hard and i wasn't sure, but we got up i handed him his bike and he got back on. We got going again pretty quick but Peter was almost out of sight and its tough to close stuff down on the fast course of Kelso, I could tell Eric was a bit zapped he hit his head pretty good. Hit the dh and the next climb, nearing the top i hit the gas on a multi line climb and opened up a gap i wasn't really thinking about Peter i was pretty sure he was gone. Hit the last DH "Fire" wicked downhill trail made for small people, immediate handycap if you over 6 foot.

Came out to the field and thought hey 2nd is pretty good, i was third last year, and my call on Peter was right, I was prety happy hes been super consitent and it was time for him to win an o-cup. Just as i was thinking how nice it would be to cruise in, I looked up and saw Pete not to far ahead. Oh crap this is gonna hurt. I wasn't sure if Pete was just cruising or if he was hurting Pete's a smart guy and wouldn't let something like that slip. I punched it, made myself hurt for the last couple hundred meters, and on the last pitch up the soft grass i was able to come by on the left. Again it happend so fast it took a few seconds to sink in that i won.

Even if you don't (think) you feel great just keep pushing till its over and you never know what will happen. my motivational speech of the day

And i would like to give credit to Hardwood hills all those years of racing out pine trail on a foot deep of wood chips i think prepeared me for that finish.

The rest of the team kicked it good, Catherine won the womens race, Zach was 6th overall and a few seconds off the espoir win, Stu was a few seconds off zach.

Big thanks to Kevin for the bottle passing and magic touch with the bike. Matt P for being Matt P the most interesting man in Ontario cycling he can speak french in russian. And all the other cheer leaders out there. Tammy, know who you are.

So this concludes my ontario MTB season, a couple races left in europe before ditching the fat tires for skinny tubulars, already looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mystery solved

So if you remember back I went on about how i don't know how i'm pushing more wattage and going slower in the Time Trials. Compared to a couple years ago.

Well today i wanted to get out there with my measuring stick and check this course out. I drove out and parked along Lakeshore drive in Oro, to cut off some fluff miles, and get down to business. I did a nice loop out to the 11th and up to the course. My first leg was from the turn to the start finish line. Sure enough i got 7.56 km one way.

Now for my workout i wanted to do some tempo so i spun around and did the full course at tempo, got to the finish line 15.12 km an extra 120 meters. And i remember turning right at a farm field entrance but we go past that now. Crunched some numbers and it does seem plausable it was just a shorter course a couple years ago.

Does it matter? no not really but i needed something to do today.

Its still my goal to do a 21:30 before the year is out. May have to convert to the 15 km course. to do it though.

When i got back to my car there were a couple divers standing around talking. I know next to nothing about diving but i could just tell they were blowing smoke.

After that came home checked the weather for kelso tommorow, it said no rain went in the garage changed to small blocks, came in ate dinner checked the weather again to see the temperature for tommorow, sure enough the forecast has changed to a little rain. Kinda bitter about that at the moment.

I needed gels so i went to the new "pumped" store, really thats what its called. Close by so i thought id check it out. Sure enough they don't sell anything unless is has creatine in it or some other sketchy stuff to get you pumped, almost made a smart ass comment but didn't.

Went to running free instead, almost got talked into buying some running shoes, a gel belt and short running shorts. But passed, im not a triathlete yet.

Should be a good show tommorow, Mike wants to regain his mtb glory days, and Peter has never won an ontario cup so i bet hes going to be all elbows tommorow. Juice boy is killing it.

Spak your lazy,

Weather for the next week or so looks good, I'm hearing rumours of a longish ride next weekend.

looking forward to opening a swiss bank account soon

....thats about it for now.

oh oh wait, i forgot to mention my moms failed attempt at making waffles this morning which resulted in the waffle iron being thrown out, after never having made a single edible waffle.

k now im done.

Friday, August 28, 2009

results are in

Machine made Espresso is better than a stove top. nuff said we'll leave it there. now that thats out of the way.

Stuck to the plan today and headed down to Kelso for some pre ride fun. The trip down sucked, i think every resident of southern ontario was on the 400 series highways.

Chatted with the Ruppels, and Matt before heading out. There wasn't a lot of people there. Actually it was pretty quiet. Two laps solo, then i ran into some other people from barrie, gave them a hard time and made them feel bad for the non carpooling that went on. Jacob was pretty much in teers and dissapeared into the woods to plant trees to make up for it.

Did another lap with Liz, Jacob, Kristen, and Chris, but they kept taking short cuts, I rode a long skinny log only to find there was a 3 foot drop at the end. I opted to not drop off it on my lightweight hardtail. And by the end it was Jacob and I. He railed the first big DH, i railed the second one past the big rock that if you mess up you'll loose your shoulder.

Drove home again got really grumpy with all the fracking traffic, im serious if you live in the GTA you were in your car driving north.

got home had a nap, Starbuck woke me up for dinner(hers) ate, took her for a walk, wore my winter jacket, it was very crisp out. now im on here talking to the 3 of you.

Noah, im with you, Peters 69'er Trek is just not right, we are at war he should pick a wheelsize.

looking forward to not doing to much tommorow, hopefully get out for a decent ride, but it may just be a suck it up and go tommorow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

where to start

Start things off with a film review cause it deserves the top spot on this post. Inglourious Bastards. Headed down to Newmarket to see this one, just as i was about to pull into Krista's, Sam Rykhoff (came in on Stu's heels at the 24 hour on the 1st lap) and a couple other young riders go past me heading towards Coulson Hill. It was kinda neat to see three kids riding down the road all beside each trying to kick each other riding to the race. Pretty much the same thing i was doing about 12 years ago, except back then it was on a tuesday. Now im all grown up and have a car so its off to movies for me.

Back to the film, actually one sec what happened to 7 o'clock shows? it was either 6:30 or 10:10, kinda crappy, had to rush to the 6:30 as i didn't want to be driving home from Bradford at 2 in the morning. Kinda grinds my gears.

The film was wicked from start to end. Kris found it slow, but just cause there are some very long drawn out scenes with tons of dialougue. But it was great, the writing, directing all great. I found it to be very realisitic the situations the characters were in, (kinda) in that nothing was rushed, everything progressed naturally.

Acting was great, the SS detective will get an oscar nod at least. Brad Pitt was good, the character actors all great. Mike Myers plays a british officer in good fashion.

Very violent (very) leave the kids at home for this one. Not historically accurate in the least. But still a good ending.

I found myself thinking of the Dirty Dozen while watching, except Tarrantino directing it.

Today, i eased into my day after the late night last night (relatively speaking) i headed out for a spin on my singlespeed into the bluffs, walked a few hills but it was a nice ride.

After an early dinner of Pita Pizza and a sweet potato done on the BBQ, i headed out to the TT tonight. I parked in shanty bay by the rail trail. It was a nice location, not to far, not to close.

Road out dropping down to lakeshore, to cruise along there. then up the 7th, put in some efforts. My legs felt good. but weird at the same time. One of those its going to be really good or im going to be shutting her down kinda nights. I also swapped my 52 big ring for a 56. hopefully be able to push a little more on the downhills.

17 people came out which i think is the best this year. Some younger riders out with there parents, very wednesday nightish, it was nice. Mark Winfield was out, i think hes planning a big comeback.

Got lined up, chatted with Ben Dawson for a bit. i linked to his blog, but it will probably be telling you how to lube or degrease or pump up your tires or something. Instead of riding a bike, but don't be fooled he can ride, and fast too.

Started, felt good, pushed some watts until about the 10th then things started to go sideways. Legs started to feel heavy, I shifted down to try and spin it out, but once i hit the grind up to the 12th i knew i was going to have to shut down the steady effort.

Got turned around and started back up. I recovered a bit then rode the flats and downhills in high tempo wattage, and killed any rises. Viney came by me just past the ninth, into a rise, i thought i was going to go back by him on the climb but once it leveled out he kept his pace up and road(stu???) away from me.

Felt good to blow out some carbon, and burn some matches. I got my clothes back on and bottles and everything i left at the start line, and headed back to the car. I rode for a bit with Ben, then turned down the 5th. Like i said before no ride is complete without a little gravel. Sure enough what is pavement one week is gravel the next in Oro and vice versa. Made it to ridge road, but it was getting dark fast, decided to get onto the rail trail at the 4th and rode that to the 2nd.

drove the dog out...

heading to kelso tommorow as it will probably be closed saturday for pre riding. if it rains, not something i want to risk.

go to Spaks blog and vote for him to race on sunday. Just do it, ill give you candy

"Hey you racing tonight?"

"Hells yeah, all i want to do is beat Jack"


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Was it worth it?

So im going to change things up today and start with a negative. and end on a positive. Backing up to yesterday, to kill some time the family loaded into the van to look at some houses. I knew i wasn't going to like any of them but i went anyway.

Got home at 4 ish had a nice dinner and got ready to head downtown for the ride. As im driving down essa, i come to a detour around essa and ferndale. for a crash. Right off the bat i knew there was something different. About 8 cruisers, blocked off to pedestrians the whole bit. Got around it and had a good ride. ill get back to that in the positive section.

As im driving home at 11, sure enough the whole area is still locked down. I have never seen a car crash scene like this, so obviously someone didn't make it, and there was a bigger story than just a car crash.

Sure enough, the details have come in last night and today on the news. 15 year old kid steals a Mitsubishi Lancer, cops chase him he crashes into a 48 year old guy just driving home from work. 48 year old is killed, Kid was hurt but he'll make it. Siu gets called in all that.

Two freaky things, one we passed through that intersection minutes before it happend on the way home at 4. Second, i drive through there anytime im in a car and its probably one of the safest intersections around, 50 max both ways, and the light is always red it seems. So yeah that rattles me a bit.

So second time in about a year a police pursuit in Barrie Ends with an innocent bystander dead. The kid will get off, a) cause hes 15 and b) cause he was driving a car and everything is an accident when your driving a car.

Cops will get raked over the coals again, probably rightly so. so really was it worth it? The kid is an idiot, didn't know any better, hes still responsible though. The cops should have known better. A CAR IS NOT WORTH IT. k, i could go on but ill stop there.

sorry just had to rant about that.

k, k,

so last nights ride, awesome ride, followed by a trip to Tara, a indian place that is a favourite among barrie residents. A feast insued there was about a dozen of us and we all ordered enough for 2 people. And passed everything around. I have no idea what i was eating most of the time but it was good. I woke up this morning with what felt like a hangover.

I awoke with one thing on my mind this morning, BERMS. today was the day, i had credible information. And directions from relative to the xc ski trails. No excuses if they were there i was going to find them.
Third times a Charm, yes the mustache is coming back strong. I set out, i had my gps on, but i was pretty sure i wasn't going to need it. Instead of diving into some singletrack early i made a b-line right for the climb i was told it was off of. Sure enough after only about 10 minutes of riding, i found it.

Berm #1, of the Bermed downhill. I felt like i had found bigfoot, or the loch ness monster. Anyway the actual trail wasn't anything to get crazy about. It was fun but nothing epic. But like they say its the journey not the destination. I marked into the GPS, so for the right price i will supply the coordinates. Finished the ride off with some more exploring, ran into some horse back riders who seemed pretty pissed at me for riding a bike. Which brings me to rant number 2, why is it (trail) socially accepeted that horses can crap all over the place but, if your dog drops one and you don't pick it up, you'll be shot and dragged to jail. I don't get that. Really its all over the double track up there. again ill leave it there.

On the way home i made sure to pick up Mark Summers reward.

Up next, riding bikes. Trying not to eat the coffee crisp sitting next to my computer

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to being friends

Just got home from a very pleasant monday night singlespeed ride. with the 24 hour behind us we were able to be quite civil with each other. Other than the usual, calling each other out on taking "wussy" lines and stuff.

On the advice of Jube we found some new trail, which was nice for a change. 8:15 rolled around and the lights were burning.

It was nice to be able to roll along flat trail with little effort, As opposed to pushing some serious watts at albion in the "tacky" conditions. That was the word of the day this past weekend. I think i heard it about 546 times in the transition tent.

Matt posted some good pics from the weekend on his blog. Be sure to note the big grin on Cory's face, im pretty sure he was in league with the guys on that one.

On another note, i'd like to pass on a link to a tv show i was told to watch on Animal Planet. I dont' get the channel but you can find the episodes online. The show is called whale wars. Its pretty crazy, coles notes of it is, this guy Paul Watson. no relation that i know of. Broke off from green peace and is a little more aggresive. Forms up the sea sheppards names a boat the Steve Irwin, and goes after Japaneese Commercial whalers, of sorry they are killing them for "scientific research"......but then selling the meat.

Commercial whaling is technically illegal, but countries are still allowed to kill whales for "research", and sell off the meat. Each country can make its own quota for the year. The japanese quota is close to a thousand.

The latest episodes is pretty crazy, on film they get the whalers harpooning a whale, killing it and cutting it up all in about 30 minutes. really hits hard. anyways, check it out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where to start

Crazy weekend. But i guess i'll start right back at the beginning. Saturday morning i got up at 7 to eat, pack the car up, which didn't take to long. When i checked the forecast it didn't look good. Well lets just say it looked like every other Ontario mtb race this year. Rain and good amount of it.

Headed out the ski was just starting to get darker as i drove down to Albion and got there around 9:15. Some of the team had arrived, but it was still pretty quiet. I got my tent setup quick as i was pretty sure it was going to get wet. My tent isn't the greatest so the second option was to use an air mattress and just sleep in the back of my car. Wagons rule.

As the team arrived we started thinking of the start order. Stu was out first there was no negotiating this point. Probably good as i hadn't done any intensity since Midland so i had no idea how my legs would react. The juice was off myself 3rd, the kid, kd? Matt shane.... something like that.

At about 11:30 it started to rain, not a lot but it let us know it wasn't going to be bone dry. It actually stopped for the noon start, which was a lot of fun to watch for a change, John Van Arragon was lined up in between Jacob and Stu and almost got a couple elbpws to the teeth. But they got off the line relatively clean and a lead group formed up front. Stu led it in, Jacob held the lead for about 15 seconds partway throw but crashed out of that one. Stu came in just ahead of Sam Rykoff.

The juice then killed it on his second lap to open up more of a gap, and in doing so set the fastest lap of the race.

I got kitted up for the teams 3rd lap and got a bit of a warmup in. Zach came in after already lapping a bunch of people. After making sure Spak's biek was all taken care of i was on my way. My legs felt like bricks for the first lap, i could spin ok but any incline and they were screaming at me. The traffic was pretty bad lots of riders on a short course.

I came through and handed of to the KID. then got back to clean up and eat something. The rain shortly started back up again and this time it meant business. A good solid hour, followed by another hour of heavy drizzle. The mood around Albion was pretty low, lots of sad faces. I actually overheard Adam Ruppel on the cell phone with his travel agent booking the red eye out of the toronto saturday night to Las Vegas. I believe his words were F this im going to an f'ing desert.

Shane i think had the worst lap, super greasy and came back nice and muddy, but once it stopped raining every rider that came through looked cleaner cleaner, but the course had a good amount of rain on it and the laps slowed dramatically. I'd say we averaged down about 5 minutes at least.

I got out for my 2nd lap at 8 p.m. so i had my lights burning the whole lap, my legs started to open up a bit, but it was still super slick and i was going all over the place. I did the splits once. But still managed a nice lap and handed off before heading back. We had a comfortable gap on the monday nighters who suffered a broken chain.

The plan was to start doubling up some laps, give some people a little more time in between. Since they were only 45 mins 2 laps were only 1.5 hours so not to bad.

I hit the sack and tried to get some shut eye. Only to hear Stu yelling i lost my glove i lost my glve right beside my tent. I really wasn't to concerend. The i hear Matt Paz who was handing off to Stu, "STU!" oh great Stu missed his handoff, perfect. Then i hear that we lost some time back to Brendan. But Matt was happy he held off the sun aka Ben and Jacob.

I got some sleep and woke up at 5 am. Got my light on for my double figured i'd need it my first lap. I got the chip from Boucher at around 6:35, and sure enough never had to turn my light on at all. Put in two solid laps 42's. Legs really started to feel good, the course was in good shape, traffic was low as a lot of people pull off by this point. But people were getting grumpy out on course.

Came back and started running some numbers looked like we would get two people out again for a 5th lap.

Zach took the challenge of putting in a hard 2nd last lap to get Me out on the last lap by noon. Matt did a super solid 2nd last lap, so the juice only had to do a 51 minute. I went and got kitted up. Cory Hancock was in the same boat as me, his guy had to do a fast lap to get him out to and it was going to be a close one. I said i'd wait for him and we'd ride it together.

Sure enough zach comes through just killing it. 40 minutes. Pretty sure its the fastest post rain lap. The juice was by far the fastest guy out there this weekend. Should be in good shape for provincials.

He handed off to me at about quarter too, and said get going, I said i was going to chill out, he wasn't happy. It came right down to the wire for Cory i thought i was going to be the course sweeper. But Dan Dolan had a good lap and got Cory out with 2 minutes to spare. We headed out for a our own "paris" lap, champagne laughs with the officials all that.

It was nice to just ride the lap, we road(are you reading this stu) the singletrack fastbut just chilled on the climbs and open sections, coming through the halfway point by the start finish, i caught Scott Irwin running out of the corner of my eye, and thought oh shoot. Then about 6 monday nighters came out of nowhere picked me and my bike up with me still sitting on it, its a light bike, placed me into the forrest. Infront of about 200 people, Cory was nice enought to wait but i was on my own to defend myself. A last ditch effort i guess, well played well played.

I managed to get going again, to the enjoymeant of the crowd. finished off the lap, Felt good to be done and finally win a 10 person jersey after my first 3rd place in 1998 with the drag racers.

got packed in record time and hit the podium. Won some swag in the draw prizes and got my new jersey.

I said before it wasn't just about winning it was the win/to enjoyment ratio. Not sure who won that but having a good time was way better than winning.

The team was awesome, guest riders all put up with Norco antics with patience.

Chico racing outdid themselves, Adam decided to stick aroung after all, the course was awesome and they didn't panic when it started to rain.

Quote of the day

"my bike is too long to fit around some of these corners"

Friday, August 21, 2009

final countdown

About 16 hours out from the start of the biggest race of the year.

All the planning, training, trash talking is coming to fruition. The "Norco Intergalactic and friends" team and the "monday night something" team are going head to head starting at noon tomorrow.

but before that, there is a rumour going around that i used to smoke. no i never smoked. more monday nighters just trying to stir things up.

full report up sunday night.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

District 9

So got out to see Peter Jacksons new film District 9. awesome. The first 20-30 mins were so so. Kinda choppy the main character was a little annoying. But it really buckled down and gave some good entertainment. Yes some people walked out, some had kids and i could understand that, like i said its not Spielberg or Disney.

But the last 20 minutes were amazing, good action, about 10 little plots all come together. Im not going to tell everyone to go see it, but if you want something different, see it. Both Krista who is hard to please film wise and myself really liked it.

If you want cookie cutter hollywood garbage stay home and just rent cookie cutter hollywood garbage.

followed this up by us getting drenched in the storm as it rolled through town just getting back to the car.

Out to dinner which i made the mistake of making another bet wagering my mustache. I lost again. Our server was very kind to settle it.

getting geared up for the 24 things are falling into place.

the hunt part #2

So these are the past two rides ive done in the copeland, aug 19 and aug 14 I can say that it is none of these trails. I am posting a reward of one coffee crisp to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

p.s. i watched revolutionary road, it doesn't derserve a full review, it kinda sucked, hello over acting. actually the worst i have seen leo and kate. Actually the best acting and part of the film by far was the real estates agents crazy son. Michael Shannon . this guy can act. actaully i would recommend just fast forwarding to his parts. and skip the rest, kate and leo just yell at each other the whole movie. the end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The hunt continues

First off, need to apologize to Haydn "the Hammer" Boucher, i spelt his name wrong and didn't give him a cool nick name. my bad.

moving on headed back out to copeland this evening for a long ride with Matt he said he knew where the super crazy bermed downhill was. I said its on, im going to rail this thing like its no thing.

While i was waiting for Matt i got stung by a wasp, good thing im not allergic.

sure enough couldn't find it. Stopped and asked some guys they said yeah they knew where it was but couldn't explain how to get there. I am 100% sure it does not exist. The goal of the ride was to ride to the 8th line trails and back. So we didn't spend a ton of time looking and headed out onto the 5th toward sugar bush. Had a nice bail early in the ride, hit my bar on a narrow set of trees, ill tell you if they ever ran a world cup in some of this singletrack Kabush would need to stop and cut his bars down in the tech zone. There are numerous trees that are 611 mm apart.

Got into sugar bush had a reall nice bail. Its ok i broke my bikes fall, the FFH is all good. Got into the 8th line trails lights went on, but that 20 mins of dusk was crazy, i couldn't ride in a straight line.

Headed back, and gave my lights a really good run, once it got really dark they were awesome. Hit some nice singletrack on the way back to the cars, and finished up with a little over 3 hours and 42km of mostly singletrack riding. And nothing scary jumped out at me.

i could get used to this mtb riding thing.

Ive compilied some gps data, and i know where i have been and it appears there are still a few more little pockets where there could be trail, next week ill get in there, and bring a backpack full of food and H20 just ride untill i find this fraking downhill, it might take me 8 hours but ill find it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sending my love back down the well

First off just got word Jeremy broke his knee, again. Something about some kids chasing a raccoon down the street which startled a unicorn, which charged at a hippopotamus which ran into a alien which fired its ray gun that hit a squirrel that ran in front of Jeremy and made him fall. Or something like that.

Anyways, i think we should put him in a bubble for about 6 months, i hear there's a two for one deal, I can get him and Starbuck one.

back to happier things, With a ride planned for the evening i got a little of this and a little of that done around here. I applied for a new travel card, not only did i get accepted i got sent two cards, seperate account numbers both for bigger amounts than i should have gotten. When i called to activate the one i told them and asked if they could cancel the other one, they sounded surprised. Asking why i didnt' want both. I will never understand credit card companies. They are more mysterious than women from Winnipeg.

after some good debating over what made better espresso, stove top or machine, i was ready to hit the ride. Again a pretty low turnout, for a nice night. And some weird vibes going around, may be pulling the plug on the ride a little early this year. But we did ride some new pavement this time the 1st line, pretty nice. We also had a nice run in with a st bernard puppy, don't be fooled it was still big just not filled out. Super friendly but in a bad way as it jumps in front of a group of 10 cyclists. Steve went down in a heap rolling over the dog, both were ok, the dog i think enjoyed it and carried on by licking everyone else. Could have been worse. Steve dealt with it by charging off the front for a while.

Post ride refreshments, this time Bears were the topic of conversation. Number one threat to america, and by the sounds of it canada too.

So the final roster is in for this weekend, i can't disclose our start order, mainly cause we don't really have one. Actually Stu is starting for sure, ill probably be off 2nd or 3rd, not sure after that.

Stu "The pain train"Alp
Zach "The Juice" Hughes
Shane "glasses" Hollingshead
Matt "optimum pressure" Paziuk
Andrew "1st or last" Watson
Sue Stephens
Hayden Boucher
Kyle Douglas
"The Kid" not sure who this is, really thats all i know

It will be very tight between us and the monday night something guys, honestly i think it would be back and forth yo yoing between 5 minutes either side, if everyone brought there "A" game and was super serious. And it would come down to a last lap throwdown. So im thinking the goal is to see who has the biggest fun to race ratio, a win is a win, but if the other team has more fun, i think they are the real winners. So it will be quite the balance between the two..... its going to be good. Really looking forward to it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

everything has a limit

After the wicked morning ride, i headed back out to Midhurst for a MTB ride with some people. Fun ride, it was still stinking hot out though.

Got home ate some more food, and hit the sack, i woke up at quarter to 11 last night and let Starbuck out and then locked her into the kitchen/living room for the night. Its pretty easy all we do is use a kiddie gate across the walkway into the dining room. Ever since she was puppy she wouldn't walk down the hall infront of the stairs, opting for the long way around. This is nice cause we can still walk through without having to jump over anything, especially good when she had her ACL done and had to be in there. A long story short, last night she suddenly overcame her phobia of the scary basement and walked through. Twice, man she is a crazy crazy dog.

I got up at a good hour and could feel the hot air already pouring in my window, awesome another nice long hilly road ride was in order. I choose to go and ride River Road, i got my powertap all dried out and ready to go so i was feeling good about the day. Once i got 20 minutes away i got the sudden urge to check and make sure my saddle bag was still on. Damn, nope forgot to put it back on after working on my bike in the stand. This pissed me off, rode back, got the bag put it on, and for some reason couldn't bring myself to ride back the same way. So i totally changed my ride plan and headed south instead to Bradford. Then cut west to beeton, and no lsd ride would be complete without some sections of gravel the first piece was super smooth tractor packed road. The second Sector was a little rougher, i just rode the tops, into a headwind, false flat uphill, i felt pretty euro almost took my helmet off.

Turned north along the nottawasaga and started to feel the heat of the day. I realized my route took me past no stores where i could stop and fill up. I wasn't far from home, but i really started to feel funky, the ski was mostly overcast for the morning but when the sun came out it really start to bake especially on the hills.The last section of gravel i hit actually had me off the bike hiking up a steep climb, that kinda sucked. I manged to get home feeling a little iffy, much longer and i would have been in trouble i think.

after drinking two liters of water in 10 minutes and nice chilly shower i felt right as rain. Well almost. good enough to take starbuck out for a walk, the skies are overcast again so its not to bad.

so thats it 4 days of hot humid riding takes its toll, so going to listen to my body and just take it easy. Im going to forego the ride tonight and let Matt and boys go over there last minute plans.

Hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whos dog is that?

Today was another one of those crazy rare summer days i remeber from when i was a kid. The kind were i could leave at 8:30 in the morning with nothing but shorts and jersey on. And start sweating at the first stop light.

Yeah one of those, met up the Airstream ride down at Freddy G's, really nice ride, with some weekend riders i haven't been able to ride with this year. Hit bass lake again, i think thats 6 or 7 times now. Not really getting old yet.

When we came up to the 7th line, there was a little beagle just roaming the intersection. Not a great place for a dog, i rode over to the some Mtb'ers (crazy dirt lovers) and in my best roadie snob voice asked if it was their dog. Robb got a hold of her, "Becky" and called the number on the tag, the woman said the dog was running out with her husband. She came and got the dog, lived not to far away in sugarbush, never saw or heard anyone calling for the dog. The lady thanked us and didn't seem to concerned about the situation saying that her husband likes to run fast. So yeah i don't know, i hope the guy is ok and not laying in the woods.

We carried on and had to chase like mad men (season 3 premier tonight by the way) to catch up to the 5 who carried on. Caught them, them stopping for a drink helped. Rode in, had an iced coffee which was surprisingly refreshing.

good story from Larry, the other day he was talking to a cyclist across the street from the coffee shop, who had a first aid kit, mirror on his glasses, a whistle tied to his jersey, Larry asked about all the safety gear the guy responded, "hey man you have to be safe out there" and rode away without a helmet on.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

my 11-23 and Jamie's hilly ride

Headed out today with Orrin, Robb, Nigel and Jamie to do a loop that Jamie put together. He was very clear in the fact it was hilly. I scoffed and never bothered to switch my 11-26 onto my wheel i was using today. I have ridden all the hills on the ride many times, but never all on the same ride.

The weather was perfect, some may say too hot, im not going to its summer and Im liking it.

After our pit stop in moonstone, we headed down moonstone road to the 9th, Robb "flatted" but when he changed out the tube we couldn't find a hole in it, we came to the conclusion he just wanted to stop.

By the time we hit the top of the 10th line at old barrie, i was done with climbing for the day Luckily its mostly downhill from there.

Post ride bevey's followed by a stop at the shop to give Jeremy a hard time, he wasn't in so i had settle for Brendan, who might i add is playing his second "gig" on september 12th in toronto with his band the Oro sessions.

waiting to hear how matt made out today at mountainview, some more sleep and i get to do another long ride tommorow, hopefully the thunderstorms hold off till later.

"i promised i wouldn't actually publish the quote of the day" sigh

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hunting for berms

So yesterday after much consideration I opted out of a bicycle ride. It can be tough, even Kylie calls me an exercise addict, i disagree, i hate exercising, i just love riding my bike. Really if i could afford some sort of motorcycle it would end my cycling days.

But i enjoyed some pool time, starbuck got in on it too.

Followed by some good eats, a little Battlestar 4.5 and i was asleep getting rested up for the long rides i have planned ahead.

Today, got myself prepped to head to the Copeland forest, near horseshoe valley. Actually its the same property that horseshoe uses for their northern xc ski trails in the winter. I have dabbled in their before but never parked there with the express intent of riding there only. With racing every weekend there hasn't really been time or desire to go for a mtb ride, not to mention our relatively short season, if the trails are open im usually racing. Well with the weekend off I thought this was the perfect time to actually go for an off road bike ride. Yeah crazy i know.

I keep hearing about this bermed downhill, matt talked about it, and in my way in I stopped in at the grocery store in Creighurst to pick up some snacks, and ran into Lesley and Scott and i again heard about these amazing infamous berms. So that was my mission to seek out and ride these berms.

I parked at the north side of the property and had some nice double track to warmup on. started hitting some nice singletrack, i always had a good idea where i was, i recognized all the double track ski trail. I rode a ton, 3 hrs barely on the same trail, and still never hit everything, and no no fracking bermed downhill. Maybe it doesn't actually exist. Running low on fuel, and water, yes i even had my hydro pak on, i headed out to the car. Though looking at the gps map after im pretty sure i know where it could be, a part that i didn't get to ride today, that ill try to hit up next time.

Lots of climbing though almost 9000 feet, but its all pretty good well thought out trail, that isn't just straight up or straight down a fall line.

Up next, tommorow im starting out with a group for a hilly ride to the north, then maybe a little extra. Sunday more of the same Sunday morning club ride. Long endurance rides. It was around this time last year i had my infamous Awenda explosion ride. Id like to avoid that. Then see how the legs feel before finalizing my plans for the rest of the race season.

its 5:30 and starbuck is looking at me i swear she has a watch or can read a clock


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bass Lake Wednesday's

Yep, just like last wednesday i ended up riding the new bass lake pave. This time i hit it westbound though. Not as fun, mainly cause its uphill for the most part that way. Still highly enjoyable ride though. I think there are already tire grooves from all the cyclists that have ridden that road since it was paved a couple weeks ago.

Backing up, Monday after the post ontario race cleanup, i had a pretty chill afternoon, headed to starbucks on the fixie for a coffee break with Matt, well he was on a break, I was just killing time.

Before heading to Midhurst to lay down some smack on Molly and the boys. Molly was no match for my late season form. Not even with her cheat lines. Were getting closer to solving all the worlds problems at those rides i tell you. Actually the mood did change when the 24 hour came up, already lots of strategy talk, and it has nothing to do with rider ability. One strategy is sending Ben out first with instruction to do a 90 corner and t-bone Stu 100 meters into the race. Which would totally clear the benches, and we'd be forced to settle it there and then. We'll see.

Yesterday similar day with an evening ride, starting to build up a cross bike to sell with some parts i have laying around, know anyone wanting a 52 (smallish) cross bike?

Then met up with the usual core group of tuesday nighters, we hit bass lake eastbound, but cut down the 7th, daylight restriction, and not sure if people would be cool with a couple km of gravel. Good news is that summer has appeard, and it was the first ride i did without taking my armwarmers with me. So that was good.

This morning I, in good Matt P fashion, eased into my day, we had some guests over last night so a nice breakfast was in order. Followed by Mazda 3 vs Mazda 6 smack talk.

got home from the ride and immediatly assembled a turkey fryer from walmart, it had the absolute worst instructions every. But i got it together and it didn't explode, made some sick chicken wings.

the matt p thing reminded me this was the list that was given to Matt about what Women Want, this came from a Aussie 4x'er so it could be skewed one way or another,

What Australian girls like...

- Motocross (no shirt)
- Sailing
- A bit of wine
- Bit of muscle
- Bit metro
- Facial hair ok
- Nice mix of collars and t-shirts
- Able to wheelie!
- Some scars
- Wicked watch, several of them
- Wicked sunglasses, several
- Shoes should be decent but not a huge deal
- One pair of dress shoes that are good with jeans, pointy if you are cool with it
- Easy to eat food on the first date
- Not tooo good a first date, hard to follow up
- Exciting date, like rock climbing

Up next, just going to put in some LSD miles, my legs are feeling like a break from intensity for a little bit.

"What dya hear Starbuck"

"Nothing but the rain"
Yeah best show ever

Sunday, August 9, 2009

yeah mountainview dries up real problem

So, im home, after dinner with my brother, his fiance and mom i invited myself to the mountainview club's post race BBQ at the woods residence. It was good times, really laid back folks who just love riding there bikes and hanging out, and hugging lots, there was lots of huging.

I don't think i have ever seen anyone from the BCC hug each other, maybe we should.

the morning started out kinda scary like, i had to have the light on to eat my breakfast at 9 am. it was crazy dark with no wind, and lots of humidity,

Got loaded up, stopped by starbucks to pick up Stu a little birthday present, the big 25. Then headed up at 10:30 ish. As soon as i got onto the 400 hundred i saw lightning hit a cell phone tower right beside the highway, i said awesome and kept going.

Got there, and it had stopped raining but i could tell by the way the bikes were looking that it was going to be a normal eastern canadian race. WET.

Havy got my bike all dialed in, i switched to Karma's from the small blocks. Got warmed up, which wasn't hard to do.

lined up at the bottom of the hill for the Skyloft style start. I started out hard, I knew i had some good legs and didn't want to get caught out early in the first lap. Mike G started out hard as well. He was killing the first few poppers on the climb.

When we were crossing the fields i moved past into the lead and that was about it. Hit the first downhill, and it was a total slip and slide, super slick off camber stuff. I immediatly got the outrigger out, and made my way down. I heard Mike slide out at the top. That was the last i really heard from anyone.

I did the next run up and singletrack sections and had a good gap. I paid for the effort though, i started to feel a little "funky" my legs were feeling soft, and mushy, i was able to keep a good pace up, but i knew that if i got caught and passed i wouldn't have been able to go any harder.

I settled into a good pace, i learned a lot from my race pace lap the day before. That the course was very hard to recover on, i had to really chill in the flowy singletrack at the bottom, after a lap or two i settled in and my legs started to feel really good.

Basically not much more to say about the race until early on the last lap, i had no idea how much time i had, i knew it was over a minute but that was it. As im about to the hit the rock garden, my rear tire goes down, awesome.

After not very fast change, and every second i thought, mike or kinsie or atkins or someone was going to come trucking by. I got back on and started to hammer. I didn't get a ton of air in i was probably running about 15 psi if that, so i had to be very ginger. My rear was rolling all over the place. I was expecting to roll it right off or rip the valve off. The Kenda Tube hung in there, and i was able to hold onto a good gap to take my first o-cup win in over 15 months. not that im counting.

Stu finished a personal best 4th place, Catherine won the womens race, Zach was 10th.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

not to late

so its 6:16 saturday evening and i realized i did not wish DZ and Peter luck this weekend, Zandstra was 6th, and i haven't seen full results yet so by way of logic its not to late to wish peter luck today in Mount Snow. Kill It Pete, im calling you for a just outside the top ten.

good ride today, blew some crabon out, course is good, really fun course to ride and to race except for all the uphill singletrack, it really makes it tough when it comes to lapping, i know mountainview people are pretty defensive about their course, and its a great course but just not when it comes to multi category races. Its the one and only flaw of that place. Ill be the guy in a yellow jersey with #3 on my plate if you need to vent on me.

Anyways dinner time,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sun, warm(kinda) this is kinda weird

So first off the weather since Tuesday morning has been very nice. I will admit that, not hot but decent and dry so ill take it.

Yesterday i got some things here and there done, didn't ride my bicycle.

Last night i took Mom out for her birthday dinner at the Keg, it was solid, of course i had chicken as I'm not much of a fan of restaurant steak.

Today, i got a good ride in, which included a stop at the shop to call Jeremy Lazy. He just sits there, and uses a sling to move his leg around to help customers, cheez. Actually in all seriousness he appears to be doing pretty good.

After making some killer Espresso, I don't have a pressure guage but i bet it was pretty optimum. I put the legs up and watched the new Fast and the Furious, awesome, yeah i said it, i loved it. Its no gone with the wind but it kept me interested which is more than i can say about Twilight, Yes i watched Twilight, it sucked, not even remotely good. Actually i think the story had potential, but the acting, directing, dialogue, all horrible.

Tommorow, meeting with the Juice for a lap or two of the course. Then back home to inject myself with H2O, right now for Sundaythey are calling for 29 degrees, but it will "feel like" 41 with the humidex, yeah, today i was wearing a vest and arm warmers, can't wait for that.

mmmmm yeah i think thats it,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

no title

a couple good rides in the books, last night i headed out to the tuesday nighter, the weather was pretty freaky until about 6 but then the sun came out and it was a nice night. Lowest turnout ever of 6, it was really demotivating when your used to more. The wind usually dies down by 8 but it was still howling pretty good on the way in.

Post ride had an awesome brownie that took 30 minutes to eat, Jamie and I planned on doing a nice easy ride up to scope out the new pavement on bass lake sideroad today. Woke up Jamie called and said he couldn't make it, something about having to watch his young children. It was pretty windy so i was hoping to have some company. Oh well, i headed out, and the first thing i noticed was that an hour on the road felt really long. Shortly after i made it to the new pavement. It was nice, i ended up linking up some gravel roads to get to the 10th but it was a nice ride.

playing the next couple days by ear, or by leg i should say, saturday will be a standard pre ride day at Mountainview, followed by chasing fellow ontario riders around in a yellow jersey on sunday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"If im lucky maybe it will rain or snow"

So its Tuesday morning(soon to be afternoon) Laundry is almost done, my bike is not in my possession so no marathon bike wash. Caught up with Mom on everything, it would be easier for her to just come to the races.

The whole race is still sinking in, but ill pick up sunday morning with sunny skies, two things were still up in the air, tire choice, and if my legs would give me any power. Many thanks to Matt Paziuk for lending me his XTR wheels so I could mount up some Kenda Nevegals to them, i had a set of Karmas on my wheels. That course can change so much hour to hour its crazy. In the morning Small blocks could have probably been used. But the weather was promising to be nasty, so the "professional weather predicitors" said

I had a solid Breakfast....let me back up, for dinner i had some gluten added pasta as last weekend i had gluten free pasta and im pretty sure it didn't give me any energy at all. Moving forward good breakfast chatted with Matt about various things, we had some good geek out conversations about bike geometries that would last for hours, and crank the shield bike possibilites.

I rolled up to the site on kevins Faze as my FFH was all primed and ready to go at the site. Watched part of the womens race, and it started to rain a little, Still not enough for the Nevegals. I was stressing. Hung out with Kyle talked to some race fans who were loving the new carbon hardtail, which i still don't have a good picture of unfortunatly. Then my wish came true the bottom fell out of the clouds and unleash some awesome rains. I think i was the only person with a smile on there face for a 100 miles. Nevegals were going on. side note, my front nevegal was blessed the night before winning the four cross aboard Fionn's 4x bike. so i had every confidence in it.

Warmed up on the trainer, under the tent, it has become essential in the nation. My legs felt ok, i felt healthy, and i was in a good mood. I new that anything better than the previous week would be good. Last year i had the same sensations, feeling healthy by my legs had not recovered yet.

Got staged, which may have included about 5 guys standing under one umbrella, maybe 6 Manny Prado, Atkins, Cam? there was a lot. Of course i was standing next to Ryan, long story.

Got lined up, with the skies opening up, Got started was going ok, first right hand corner things got really piled up and i ended up somehow laying across three top tubes. Never hit the ground but lost a ton of spots. you can see me ride past then getting back on my bike. I stayed calm and stuck to my orginal plan. Basically start, and just hold my position, and not burn any matches making passes my first lap. The first laps are so crazy and people trying to move up it takes enourmous amounts of energy to move up one spot compared to latter laps. When i got close to the top of the first climb i looked back and saw maybe 10 guys behind me, quick calculation i was around 95th. Awesome. There was lots of walking, and not much riding first climb. The first decents were crazy slow, i think i lost half my break pads. Guys were riding the breaks like crazy. I was able to make some passes without expending too much jsut ride past when they slipped on a rock or root or something, The nevegals(yes i talk about them a lot) helped a ton.

Lapped through in 78th. My legs were feeling good, but this was the same time that at st anne i started to shut down. I put the pressure on during the long climb, and passed some more guys legs still felt good so i thought its now or never and got my game face on and started to Cole Trickle it up through the field. I still couldn't ride the singletrack at full speed yet still some good traffic, but i was everything on the course, minus one little 10 foot section of the climb. Started riding with some canadians, it was good to see some familiar faces, and people you know what and how they ride.

Finished lap 2 in 58th, this is when i asked myself how many laps am i doing anyway, the plan was for 7, but i heard briefly it was maybe cut, and it totally slipped my mind to double check before the start. The course really started to open up, and even when i caught groups it wasn't hard to pass, as people were starting to wear down. I went through the top feed zone and asked Kylie how many laps, 6 laps. It continued to just rain and rain and rain. (Insert Nevegal comment here)

Lap 3 another 14 spots to 44, and i knew by the time backs i would make the last lap. Also noted that Kabush was at the top of the leader board, this really got me going. Started passing guys in the tech zone, a couple flats and muddy bike issues. I settled into a nice rythem and kept moving up, my 4th lap was 17th fastest in the race,(lap analysis) Matt was giving me some good splits even though when i heard them i didn't believe him.

Lap 4 done 35th, good stuff, 5th lap more the same, started to have some fun riding the singletrack, the course was really clearing up and i could pretty much ride any line i wanted too. Matt gave me an 18 second split to McGrath i thought he was pulling my leg then i looked up and saw the maple leaf jersey. Moved up a couple spots in the last singletrack section. First panic moment of the race happened. I saw sealent spurting out of my front tire, in between the treads, i was coming up to the tech zone, but it sealed up and i didn't seem to lose any pressure.(blessed i tell you) Took the gamble and rode past the tech zone and feedzone, grabbing a feed bottle from Kevin.

I made one pass early on the 6th lap to move to 25th. I started to real in Ludovic. My tire opened up one more time briefly, 2nd panic moment, but it sealed quick and i was on my way. Climb finished and i seemed to be in a bit of no mans land. The crowds were gone heading to the finish line to see the k-bomb win his first world cup. Matt was on the last gravel climb giving me some encouragement, all the hurty stuff was done all that was left was to traverse the hill to the line. Kept it upright closing to 6 seconds of Dubau.

A hair over 10 minutes back, 8.7% pretty happy with that. Knowing how hard those starts are and how much time is lost on the first couple laps with traffic. Really need to get some points going to get up in callups.

So yes it was a "Watson race" patent pending, but thats what i had to do. And watching the coverage it looks like Kabush employed a similar tactic, i think some royalies are due.

Zandstar had a good race as well finishing up just behind US champ JHK. in 19th.

post race dinner with Norco factory team and friends which included some Aussis, brits and canadians, some good conversations and i may even have some "what aussi women want" pointers posted soon.

good ride yesterday morning Norco style, flat pedals, baggies, long travel bikes, it was fun, it felt a really long ride to me, Kevin said probably as i raced a world cup 20 hours before, nonsense.

yes this post reads like a novel, im sorry.

All the thanks in the world to Kevin Haviland, Matt Paziuk, Jonathan Duncan, Kyle, Catherine and many others for all the support and good conversations. And of course Kylie, who keeps things in persepctive at all times.

Next up,mmmmm we'll see......

Saturday, August 1, 2009

20 hours out

So a little less than a day until the bromont world cup. My ride today left me feeling less than awesome. I was getting some funny body feelings when i was opening it up. Probably as it was my first intensity all week, but still i thought i was having an asthma attack, when i don't have asthma. Good news is im riding everything really cleanly. I think the multiple laps over the years has helped.

The word is in 7 laps. I never did a full race pace lap so i don't know what that means for me. But it sounds long to me. Which is funny as the UCI wanted to make these races shorter. Its weird and they always make the hard muddy races the longest and the fast dry races the shortest, there seems to be something messed about that.

I have some Kenda Nevegals all set up and ready to go, im actually looking forward to riding them if it rains they are sick tires.

had a nap, it was good, Matt rode a 29er a bunch today, he might be walking home.

Belt drive 29er Norco singlespeed has caught my eye.

i'd like to use what Kylie said as a quote of the day but i just can't

im already looking forward to getting home and putting some miles in on my road bike. Im thinking around the lake sooner rather than later, and maybe river road. questions for the 8 ball.

also start doing some long CTS prep rides. Still working on negotiations with Matt P to partner up with, hes asking for some heafty start money, we'll see what we can work out.