Tuesday, June 30, 2009

low pressure

Now that you have all had time to absorb the press conference video. I will move on to other things.

Backing up to Sunday i headed out in the morning with a small group. I was pretty sure i was going to get wet so i left the powertap at home and ventured out. Thinking oh well at least its over 20 degrees it won't be to bad. We got a good chunk of the ride in with fair weathr but the last 25-30 minutes was pretty wet. When i checked my hr monitor i noticed it was also 15 degrees, this physced me out and i immediatly felt chilled. My phone kept ringing all the way in and i didn't want to answer it out on the road, i ducked into the shop for some shelter to check it. Which was a mistake cause as soon as i stopped moving i got cold quick. So i proceded to call for a rescue.

I had the heat in the van cranked and couldn't stop shaking, it took me a while to get warm again.

Got home had some tea and headed to blockbuster, i needed something light so i picked up Fanboys. And Valkyire.

After watching 7 pounds, and the visitor, the two most depressing films ive seen in a while i needed something light. Oh yeah review for 7 pounds, great flick, top notch acting, Woody Harrelson was the highlight for sure. But seriously not a happy ending.

Fanboys was awesome, just what the doctor ordered. Set in the late 90's leading up to the premier of Episode 1. basically an updated version of Stand By Me, except instead of a body there looking for a print of Episode 1. awesome cameo's by Carrie Fisher, Bill Shattner, Lando Calrision(don't know his real name) great stuff, best line coming at the end of the film when they sit down to watch it "dude, what if it sucks" also Kristen Bell is in it. can't go wrong there.

Back to cycling, monday i attempted to ride over to starbucks and have a coffee, but i got sidetracked when the weather cleared by a certain provincial team coach asking me if there were any "cool" coffee shops in Bradford. After laughing really hard i said no, only about 8 tim hortons. I jumped on the CCX but as soon as i did the clouds rolled in and it started to rain. I aborted.

But in the evening i headed to Midhurst for a monday night something training ride. it was drizzly and slippery and i hadn't ridden that bike for a while and i was having a really hard time turning right. All nascar jokes aside i couldn't do it. I hit a tree, and went wide in another corner and had to eject from the bike. i was riding sketchy, Molly got the takeout of the night when she caused Jacob to bail up the trail in front of us, it was a good one. Post ride we discussed our plans for the 24 hour in august, they think im kidding but im not getting second again. where winning or im sabotaging it and where going to be down numerous laps.

I finished up Valkyrie, yes i have seen it but i knew it was good so i played it safe and got it instead of taking a chance on any other film that was probably bad. Awesome film, go rent it.

Tuesday morning, i was able to spin over to blockbuster and starbucks. The sun was shining, but the there were walls of black clouds circling over head. When looking at the radar the entire weather system was rotating over barrie yesterday, i kid you not, it was the center of the universe for 12 hours yesterday. The south end of barrie never saw a drop of rain, where just downtown it was raining. weird.

After learning some life lessons, which i may share one day, i headed out to the tuesday nighter under some threatening skies. I came prepared for the ride this time, 6 or 7 brave souls came out to the ride. I don't blame people for not coming out it looked ominus. Usually im the last guy pushing for Oro but the weather that way looked the best, and i figured we'd get wet coming in, but we could get most of the ride in. As we were heading out st vincent we came across a roll over in the corner which i guess is pretty common, and the ambulance and couple firetrucks were there. They carried someone out on a stretcher, they didn't seem to be in a hurry, so either the person was fine, or really bad off.

the ride was good, very mellow, lots of joking around. rode some new pavement, and we only got a few drops of rain. Coming in i actually thought we were going to finish double file over the top of the hill, no dice Jamie outsprinted us all. It was a furious 33 km/hr sprint. hot apple cider, drove home, typed some of this went to bed.

awoke, now im going to wash my car, oh and its raining again today. and it looks like it will be raining in Bromont, No way, i can't believe it.

it was nice having a weekend off after 8 straight race weekends, but now its back at it for another 8(9 if i make worlds) (i mean it will be 9, stay positive) straight weekends. Off to Bromont on ????? not sure Then off to felicien to spend some time with my favourite coach.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Press conference

All the speculation can end.....

for those scratching there heads, its a joke, a bad one, about 4 people will find it funny, i didn't really get banned from anything.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

long days of summer

last i left you i was heading for bed getting ready to ride around the lake on Thursday. Just before hitting the sac i checked the weather and sure enough it changed from nice and sunny to potential thunderstorms. When i woke up and looked to the west i could see a solid wall of black barreling down so i opted to save the long ride, and grab the dog and head for the basement.

Tunrs out most of the system moved to the south and missed us, we got a little sprinkle but that was it. I changed up my ride and headed to fred grant for the club training ride instead. It was a solid ride and with the late nights i was still able to get over three hours in.

Yesterday, with the sun shiny i opted for long ride up to the escarpment and pretty river road. My legs were a little stiff heading out but once i hit phelpston my first stop. My legs loosened up, and i was on my way west. I hit wasaga and before long i was heading up the long climb to rob roy and on to singhampton. just before singhampton, i saw another rider coming towards me. It always nice to see someone else out. It turned out to be Amanda Sin, i gave her a big wave, i was less than impressed with the wave i got back. Im actually not sure if she new it was me. After stopping at the store in Singhampton where the owner/operators are never happy. I headed back down past devils glen and glen huron.

I got a phone call from Kylie giving me a hard time cause i hadn't talked to her in a while and she had to read about me on here. I didn't know she read this. I was so sure of it, i thought i could even tell people that she has the smelliest feet ever. Like seriously they are toxic. Im that confident that she doesn't read this.

back to the ride. i finished off with my tempo through Angus, and finished up in just a hair over 5 hours fastest time for that ride.

After some food, and a couple bevys i was ready for bed to get rested up for another long ride today. and working on my bike in a sweet bambo t-shirt that jacob gave me, it is super comfy.

I awoke early and got some eats in and jumped on the bike to head towards waubashene to meet up with Spak, to ride the big chute loop. I have only ever done it as a out and back from Oro, ive never done the complete ride. So i was keen to get it done today. Heading out Ferndale uphill into the wind my legs were pretty stiff from the long ride yesterday, but again by the time i got to midhurst i was feeling better.

The route today took me over some of the best riding in Ontario, nothern Oro, moonstone, vasey Peter street, smooth ultra quiet roads. In hillsdale i called Matt to say i was on my way, he said i was 45 minutes out, i thought i'd like to do it in 40 mins. I rolled into matts secret hideaway spot at about 2:30 ride time, yup it was going to be a long ride. After getting tackled by Molly, and filling my bottles we were on our way. Matt had some fresh legs on and was killing me on all the short steep poppers that are common all the way to big chute.

Once we got there, i took some pics and headed to the store where i was able to score a ripe bannana not bad for a convienence store, of course i still got some junk. We continued on our way and got to coldwater in good time. Matt was still killing me, or i subconsciously knew i still had over 65 km to go. We climbed up Vasey road, which is a killer climb and Matt turned off, while i continued on to the 8th. Matt thought i was going to go around the corner and call for a ride.

I headed to moonstone, down the 7th and finished off basically riding the mt st louis loop. I was bone dry coming into town, so i stopped at the shop to steal some water, there were a couple of sweet looking cinnamon buns on the counter. I informed the staff they should hide them or they will get consumed if they turned there backs. Not wanting any trouble they offered me one, it was good, I grapped some water and after standing around too long and having my legs stiffen up on me i rode the 10.3 km home(uphill). It was another one of those im not bonked but i'd rather be home at this point rides.

After looking at my powertap file, i also realized it was the most amount of work i've done on a ride. (that i have recorded) i actually beat my old best by over 500kj. I also pushed an impressive amount of watts for duration, i will refrain from getting into details as im told elite racers keep there power data a secret............or maybe they just don't think anyone will care how many watts they push. (yes that was a snap at a certain someone)

.....ok that snap was a good one, in all seriousness i am very open with my ride data, and maybe i will start posting more if thats what people would like to see.

good eats, now watching 7 pounds, its looking good full review later.

Calling in my location to Spak. Mad skills

Matts super secret sunroom.

So good, so good,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

call sign "awesome"

So, backing up to monday, i chilled most of the day, got some cleaning and oganizing done. Answered some e-mails, got some good stories from the 24 hour at Albion then headed out for a ride at the 8th, with the usual suspects. And yes if you read Matts blog, i may have made a comment at a bad time. I was just trying to sound like a coach, my old coach always hated it when i said "I can't" when Tammy let it slip, we were on a pretty tough sandy climb, and yes i was shifitng down as i said it. Also causing Scott to have to dismount. It really does frack everything up when people show up with gears on a singlespeed ride. Post ride smash talk as usual.

Tuesday, in the afternoon i had a dentists appointment where i was informed my jaw was wacky and i was grinding my teeth down. Wicked. i may need to sleep with a "device" anyways, i got home and had dinner with Terri who is back from the artic, but didn't bring me a husky/wolf puppy like i wanted. But it was nice to see her i guess. I then got suited up for mt st louis round 2. we had such a good ride last week it was decided to give it another go. Another good ride. Coming in Astro, Shane and JD were wispering like a bunch of school girls, so i knew they were planning the old shanty bay sign sprint/just keep going maneuver. I promised myself i wouldn't sprint and i didn't but i never said i wasn't going to go fast. I rode up to them, and together we distanced the befuttled group. After the bridge i just sat on the rest of the way and just rode in without sprinting (it was tough)

Today, i got a call from the A Channel wanting to do a segment, i was wondering if it was going to be another athlete of the week thing. Just before leaving the diswasher repair man comes and knocks on my door, it kinda freaked me out. He recognized my car and was just saying hi apparently. After some cell phone guidence Katherine was able to find me at the 8th line trails. It went well she asked good questions, even if i wasn't giving great answers, some of the questions are so vague i could have talked for 30 minutes. But i tired to keep it short and concise. But im pretty sure its safe to say i do not have a carrer in journalism. It was her last day before taking a job with TSN so she was in a good mood and joked around a fair bit, even getting me to take some picture of her pretending to use her camera. And sure enough it was another athlete of the week thing. After all that i got a good ride all around there.

After getting changed, i headed to Orillia to meet mother who really wanted to see the snowbirds. Also to see the canadian air force precision flying squad i forget what there called. (dude i am so funny) We got some prime real estate, set up and were soon encompassed by all shapes and sizes of people. This one women sat down right at my feet, seriously i thought she wanted a back rub or something. My bubble felt very violated.

The show started 1 minute late, so much for military precision, with an lone f-18 comeing in from behind to freak out the crowd, my mom almost broke my arm, it actually still hurts, im not kidding all that gardening makes her pretty strong. Anyways, this was the highlight of the show, that thing was insane, i almost couldn't believe what he(or she) was able to do in it. I didn't think to bring my camera as i thought they would be flying pretty far away and i wouldn't get any good shots. i was wrong, the thing flew way closer than i thought it would. After that pilot left and the 9 little planes showed up i lost all interest. After watching a documentary on how they do that stuff, and how far apart they actually are when they do the flybys i lost interest. Not to mention all the little kids around me were kinda distracting, whenever they saw a plane they would yell "look a plane". I know im a party pooper and maybe when i have kids it will be cute.

drove home, now im home, its still hot i love it, long ride tommorow, hope to get a couple in before next weekend.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you post

In my delirous post race airport typing i forgot some important people i need to thank. first off the Jetpower crew for having Zach and I along for the trip. Mitch Bailey and Scott R. Johnson put together a great trip, super dialed and stress free. They had some good races, Mitch rode strong, overcame a flat to finish third. Steve Noble, after writing three exams before the race, put in a solid effort for 6th in the Junior Mens field.

In the womens field Laura Bietola from 3 Rox, took the win, Cayley and Natasha rode strong on a tough course to finish 3rd and 4th respectively, almost making it an Ontario Sweep.

Dan Varga, rode a smart race and lead from start to finish in the cadet expert (sorry U17) expert.

Scott kept things light in the feedzone. and after their races all the youngens were out in full force cheering us on.

Next big thanks is to Kylie and Anna, from province of the Bison, for letting us chill at there place, and for Kylie feeding Zach, Catherine and myself in our race.

Zach, was riding strong until crashing(while infront of Widmer, that guy is bad luck to ride infront of) in the coal chutes. Once this kid puts it all together watch out.

Today was so nice, Lesley and Scott dropped me off and i crawled into bed and woke up at 4, a solid sleep. It was my first day off since.....i can't actually remember.

www.andrewwatson.ca has been updated too.

and everyone should read spaks 24 report, sounded like a good one www.matthewspak.blogspot.com

turning of screws

So im killing some time at the Calgary airport before a redeye home, and i discover they have "free" interenet, maybe some of that "airport improvement fees" are doing something.

Anyway, i had two goals going into the race a top 3, which would make my hardwood dissapear from the overall. And to get some results out asap via twitter. Both went well i think.

After a good dinner over at Kylies with Peter glassford in attendance who barbecues a mean chicken breast, and a good nights sleep. It was time to check out and check into Kylies pad for a morning of keeping the legs up. While discussing many things with Pete. And we agreed that today was the day that we went head to head.

We rolled up to the course at 12:30 and after some more sitting around the nordic center at the Norco team compound AKA a bench. Oh and getting some help with getting a nitrogen/oxygen mixture pumped into my tire by some freindly Albertans.

We got lined up 11 wide to start the 4 lap race. They added a couple minutes to try and get the race close to 2 hours. The chief commisaire was talking 28 s at the meeting i new it would be faster than that. but moving on. (i know i know, im trying)

The first couple hundred meters of the race were pretty quick i found myself on Kabush's wheel and before long Zandstar came by as well. The pace settled down a little once we got out of view from the crowd, i think Kabush is a bit of a feedzone warrior. Before the course turned a little steep and narrower i got passed by Julian who immediatly let a gap open up, i passed him back about 8 seconds later. Tim was also passed me too. Nearing the top i passed Tim and my momentum brought me passed Kabush and onto Zandstras wheel going into the first DH. The three of us opened up a bit of a gap on Tim. Mainly due to a certain inventive line by Zandstra. We rolled through the middle section and railed the next dh into the coal chutes where the gap opened up even more going into the georgetown climb. After buzzing kabush's tire a couple times, seriously i felt like such a jit. We were at the top.

Heading onto the second lap i moved into the lead up the first climb for a bit. Before settling into second for the first dh. I was feeling pretty strong at this point, as long as it stayed steady. In the middle rolly section Kabush tested Me/Zandstra on the dh into the chutes. I felt like i was in a super d, i think my wheels were in the air longer than on the ground. I came out of the coal chutes a few feet behind them i rolled back on Zandstra was impressed and i informed them i was riding a norco, Hardtail or not, the thing loves the downhills. I lapped through in the lead grapped my bottle from Kylie who i think was semi stoked i was leading.

Kabush got his game face on and turned it up just a hair on the first climb up to the oven, me being me, played it safe, and instead of risk a explosion on the 4th lap i fell off and settled into my own pace. I know i Know, maybe ill let it all hang out at Bromont but moving on. The duo never really got to far out of site on the third lap. I was rolling the flats a little faster, and lapped through about 15 seconds back.

The fourth lap was more of the same, i knew i had a little more gas in the tank, again that 1:45 pace is coming along but i haven't quite nailed it yet. I got out of the saddle and cranked a couple of the shorter climbs. Got down the downhills fast and smooth. Up the last climb i could still see the battle up about a minute or so. I kept the pressure on, coming into the finish i could see a 3 rox jersey just up the course, i thought Zandstra had flatted, as i got closer i could see the back number -02, when i got really close i realized it was 102 and it was actually Amanda. Yeah i felt awesome sprinting past her, i just pretended i was going hard right to the line.

I got out to dinner with Kylie (kabush took it) and waited over an hour for the food, they were nice enough to comp our drinks but it sucked. Shuttle ride back.....airport.....

here are some pics.

Varga and OJ out at the grizzly paw, awesome Bison burgers, and beer brewed right in the restaurant.

Norco flew in a feeder from the Praries, Catherine had a solid race and finished 8th a tight group of racers.

Womens Podium, not a bad shot if i say so myself.

I also just heard that the 24 hour got cut short by about 12 hours, due to insane rain, i guess matt will be all good for the monday night ride.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My apologies

I can't believe i haven't blogged since sunday, sorry.

Monday was good got some cleaning done and installed a new 2010 Corsa fork onto my Norco. It was still warm from the assembly line. The fork felt awesome right from the get go. I was planning on taking Monday off, but i wanted to ride the fork before packing it up for Canmore. So i headed out to the monday night ride, but on a geared bike. see matts blog for some stoked video. I was wearing my Norco freeride jersey and had to represent the north shore style to the best of my ability. I also want to wish Matt luck with his 24 hour comng up this weekend, SOLO. yeah crazy.

Tuesday i repacked, but with some extra clothes for cooler weather, then headed out to mt st louis on the tuesday night ride. I promised my legs i wouldn't race or sprint. All the way in Ridge road i had to keep telling myself, just spin, pretend its motorpacing, it took every ounce of my will power to not blast by on the bridge. I held out for the whole run in until Orrin basically set me up perfectly right at the Egon s motors corner. It was really a work of art that even Mark Cavendish would appreciate. So i had to go, i was actually angry at myself. But i didn't do an ounce of work on the way in so i didn't really have to kill it.

Wednesday i awoke at 4 a.m. again, for the trip to Pearson, Zach and I were able to hook up with the Jetpower team for the journey. A good group of young riders, Mitch Bailey, Steven Noble, Dan Varga, Natasha Oldcorn, Bretton(absent from this trip) coached and mentored by Scott Johnson and Mike Garrigan(yes the Mike Garrigan) Im told they don't have a website or i would link it. The travel was good, a little sleep on the plane, the shuttle to Canmore was awaiting us, and we were at our accomodation in no time. Got our bikes built, Mitch won that race. Most of us did an easy lap of the course, which is good, its shorter by good amount compared to 2 years ago, I think there trying to trim the lap back to get 5 laps in instead of 4.

A good dinner at boston pizza, sleep, a good coffee this morning....

oh also be sure to check out www.andrewwatson.ca probably the best website in the world. (p.s. i didn't make it, that would be weird)

ill try to take some pics and upload today

"This peanut butter sucks, it tastes like peanuts, if i wanted that i'd just eat some peanuts"
Zach as he adds brown suger to his bagal.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home sweet home

Well i arrived home early this morning, in time to meet up with group that was heading around lake simcoe, i opted for a shorter route so i could return home and get some more zzz's.

But backing up to yesterdays race, the morning went well for myself, Zach was feeling a little under the weather. I had breakfast with Atkins, Benoit and Lenni and was waiting for Zach to come down to eat but never did. I got back to the room and i could tell he was hurting.

But he got his game face on and we stowed our stuff in Cam's room for the afternoon, and headed down to the race course. We were greated by Jonathan and the west coast Norco crew who had everything all set up and ready to go. Dustin was recruited to feed us Cross country folk.

After a light warm up, for some reason it takes less time to get warmed up when its 30 degress out, i headed to the start line of the 5 lap race. The elite mens field was missing a few contenders, In Zandstar and Glassford who were racing in the rockies, and Gagne who was riding his road bike around Beauce this past week. But Tim Heemskerk was in attendance, so the field was still a good one. With all the other usual suspects, trek boys, widmer, blue boys, Roddi...etc.

I lined up right in the middle and got a good start off the line. My plan was to stay in the top five for the first lap. I settled into third behind Matt and Tim, and rolled through the first half lap together. When we got to the root drop Matt rode it but when Tim jumped off i had to dismount as well, it was my first time running it and it was almost sketchier, and i tripped up and went into the fence on the right hand turn at the bottom. A bit of a gap opened up, but i wasn't too worried. But then i made a error took the wrong line and ended up falling off the trail a bit.

Once i got going again i settled into 6th heading out onto the second lap. My legs also started to feel a little iffy, not as bad as boler, I think the heat was soaking in a bit. Widmer came by and I rode behind him for the next lap. It was smooth consistant pace, and the leaders never really got out of sight. Actually i think Widmer is the new Glassford.

Heading out to the third lap, my legs started to come back around and i went and picked it up a little bit, not trying to drop steph but see how the legs felt. Coming up to the drop i picked it up a bit and gapped him. After the drop and next rooty section i could see Julian and Eric, I started to pick it up a little more and i got some momentum going on the road/sidewalk section and went by. I had good speed going at this point and started rolling the course pretty good.

I could see Tim and Matt attacking each other, but not really getting much time on me, again after the root drop and following section i was on Tim pretty quick and he pulled over and told me to go win it. By the end of the 4th i was on Matt and went by lapping through.

After the feedzone i left it in my big ring and put my singlespeed legs to the test. I punched the next couple climbs and i opened up a gap. I knew i had 20 minutes left so i just made myself hurt on each climb. I opted to run the drop on the last lap again just didn't make sense to risk crashing myself out. Also when i lapped through i though i heard the announcer say, "Cam you only have a lap left" so i thought the Jet was coming up from behind. I kept the pressure on right till the end, until about 200 meters to go and i knew i had it. I was able to enjoy the finish line stretch. Jonathan was there to great me, it was nice to get a good result for those guys who drove a long way out from Vancouver to the race.

Turns out Cam wasn't right behind me, and i must have imagend it to get myself going.

After a couple interviews edmonton journal article with a good pic of Zach. I got changed and ready for the podium, where i also got a nice new leaders jersey.

Catherine finished a solid 4th, Zach pushed through and finished.

After getting cleaned up we headed to the pizza royale for dinner, it was good eats but it was like 30 degrees in the place. I stopped at Starbucks for an americano and on the way backed we bumped into Kevin the head commisaire, we chatted for a while and laps came up. (i didn't bring it up for the record) He said they needed to drop the juniors and womens laps and that it didn't make sense to not drop the mens. they thought, but eh, the organizers and officials did a great job with the course and keeping the trail clear which in an urban park is difficult to say the least. I would definelty go back again.

Cam's mother offered to give us a ride to the airpot which helped out a ton.

We got charged for our oversize luggage first time on westjet i have ever been charged, now i have no reason not to at least look at Air Canada. Zach had some issues getting through security i was pretty sure at one point he was going to get strip searched.

now just watching the The Thomas Crown affair, awesome movie.

"I heard they put something in tim hortons coffee thats addictive"

"yeah its called Caffeine"

Oh yeah and i saw Lori -Anne Muenzer at United Cycle, Zach didn't believe it was her.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre night

Just got back from the rider/managers meeting. Where i didn't win any points for vetoing a move to shorten the race to 5 laps. Living up to my reputation.

Backing up, the day was good, good breakfast, good ride, have it pretty dialed, got caught up with Roddi, who had a bad bail yesterday but hes all good and ready to race.

Had some good dinner at Gino's a nice italian place, that isn't part of a chain of restaurants.

last night i was out at 7:30 and had a solid 12 hours of sleep, tonight i think ill cut that back a little bit.

The hockey tournament is on the Pittsburgh Stealers appeard to have scored a point.

Feeling good for the event tomorrow

ummm i think thats it

Zach whenever a cute girl walks by, not very stealth

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Day#1

Yup, i found summer all i had to do was gt on a plan for a few hours. And i found it here in Edmonton, maybe its from all the tar sands pollution, whatever i don't care its warm and i can wear shorts and a t shirt no problem.

The travel went off without a hitch, drive, park n fly, check in, fly, shuttle, hotel check in, chill for a bit, all good.

After hitting up the local grocery store for 70 bucks of food, mostly went into buying juice for OJ. We had a quick bit to eat then got ready and headed over to the course. I was amazed by how friendly the dirvers are to cyclists. There were a few times when we had to cross a busy road and the cars would stop and let us cross it, craziness. The course is only 1.5 km away, through a nice little college section of town.

The course is really nice, fast, flowing, short punchy climbs, ala boler and hardwood. Its situated in the edmonton river valley, so there are lots of other park users and stuff, but they didn't care at all that we were bombing around in a city park, another somewhat surprising thing.

We got pointed to a section of the course that wasn't marked in yet, but was being added just for the elite race. They were working on it, so we just walked it, im freaked out. I have no idea how im going to ride it. Its a nasty little rooty drop thing that if you mess up you will get hurt. It might be a quick dismount run section, but ill see once i get to try to ride it tomorrow.

now just chilling, waiting to go eat some dinner and register.

oh yeah and i have internet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so South end anymore

So it looks like the city of Barrie made enough "donations" cough cough to the right people at Queens park and have succesfully acquired some of Innisfil. They say its a good thing and it will create 45 000 jobs, long term. Bull, Pratts just going to go in there and build a couple thousand houses, for commuters. Oh but they are doing to slow down urban sprawl, well what the hell do you call it when you take forrest and farmland and turn it into city. the whole thing wreaks and the people of innisfil have every right to be pissed.

Back to my own little world of cycling, Monday night was a nice ride in finally some good monday night weather, rainy, cloudy, dark, and miserable. Matt , Jeremy, Jacob, and myself oh and Molly of course, just to add some incentive to not dog it to much. As we arrived at bass lake sure enough we weren't the only ones out riding, there was a big group of fly girls, and another group of guys. As we were heading out Matt was trying to talk us into putting lights on. But i figured its light out till well after nine now so why bother. By 8:30, when we were riding in the hardwood forrests it was pretty much pitch black and it was pretty much ride by feel. Matt had his light on but still managed to take a nice bail. Its all that racing in Quebec it buffs up the rods and cones. Post ride, much smash talk, as usual.

Tuesday, i got some stuff done and then headed to the tuesday night ride. again it was about 12 degrees and not sunny. The turnout wasn't half bad considering the weather. We had a great ride, even going up Horseshoe which i haven't done in a couple years. And no one flatted. Orrin, Nigel and myself sat down for a warm bevy, until Nigels wife called and was wondering where he was, we kinda forgot we road till after 9 and it was almost 9:45.

Today, i spent dong Laundry and packing, with a good ride and a long time trial thrown in. I was awaiting a new 2010 fork, to put on but Canpar i guess ran behind so it will have to wait for next week.

Just finished watching Gran Torino, awesome, great flick, a totally different film for Eastwood, yet it was still classic Eastwood, its tough to describe. But if you have a issue with racial slurs please avoid. I thought i've heard them all over the years, but was i wrong. Anyway, two thumbs up, great story, great acting(not that it wouldn't be) get out and rent it.

Now im just getting ready to hit the sack, up at 4:00 to drive to pearson, to meet O.J. (juiceboy) (Junior) (spider) Zach. To fly to Edmonton.

i have taken actions to be able to update my twitter feed via text so i hope to do a couple quick updates that way if i don't have internet. you can follow me at http://twitter.com/swabag

"i can't say anything from Gran Torino"

"Hey guys you should have lights on"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fast, fast and Fast

Friday i did a mtb ride around the local trails, which are getting ridden in pretty well, and you can start to carry some speed through. Follwed by a nice sit down to watch Caprica, the pilot/first episode of the new tv series written by the creators of Battlestar. Which centers in on the twelve colonies 58 years before the holocaust. A prequel so to speak but with a much different tone and style. It was amazing, i dare say it think this series could top BSG. Being based on a planet, Caprica, and not lost in space on a battlestar i think it will draw in a lot more viewers. Take the best things about bsg in regards to the morality of artificial intelegence, and what is real and not. And thats the essence of the show. If you liked I robot, BSG, Blade Runner, then you'll enjoy this. Two Thumbs up.

Saturday i did a nice road ride out into oro and back with some intensity to open up the legs for todays competition in London at Boler Mtn.

This morning i woke up at 6:30 to get my steal cut oats going and fill my bottles. After all that i loaded up the Mazda for a solo drive down to London. I made a starbucks stop and i was on the hwy. I set it on cruise control at a little over the speed limit, but quickly realized i was holding up traffic, so i bumped it up untill i was well over the speed limit and was still getting passed a ton. I thought i was at the indy 401. I made a couple stops for nature breaks, but made good time getting there in under 2.5 hours.

I arrived with good time to get my bike checked over by Kevin who wasn't impressed with my bike lust job. I thought he would take notice of the effort i put into cleaning and shining up the machine. but no. Anyway, everything was dialed, the atmosphere of the race venue was very relaxed and laid back. Not sure if it was just cause we came off three back to back c-cups. But it seemed very low stress.

I was pretty stoked to have a good showdown with Pete, I was sure today was the day, no mechanicals, no crazy bails, just good ole mono a mono.

I was dissapointed to say the least when he didn't appear at the start line. But anyway we started and the start was like always at this race a little sketch, and i immediatly found myslef getting nascared left and right. Mainly due to my own poor positioning. I know how hard it is to pass on this course so i spent a bullet moving back to the top 5 before the singletrack. And sure enough that was as far as i was going. Jacob took the lead and held off the rest of the field for a while. Eventually getting swepped up. On an open section i made a couple more passes and moved up to third, behind the Jet and Zach Winn. I didn't pre-ride so i wasn't too sure where i was going and on a tricky beach right hander Zach and i made contact. But rubbings racing and we both carried on. I knew the race was going to be short in the 1:45 range. Definetley a weakness, so i really wanted to test myself to see if i could have that speed. I took charge and moved to the front, my glory was almost short lived as i ran into difficulty negoiating a reducing radius right hander, which actually Zach hit two years ago and i believe i had a good chuckle at. Anyway, i held onto the lead and even opened it up in the next couple sections heading out to the second lap.

Once i started hitting the climbs on the second my legs started resisiting, and were starting to scream at me to go back to my 2 hour pace. Its funny, but that extra 20 mintues can really make a difference in my pacing. Not wanting to completly blow and go completly backwards i backed off and just started to roll throught stuff. By the end of the second lap i was in second and being chased hard by Coach Garrigan, and Kinsie(newly appointent to the Canada summer games team, props)

Going out onto the third lap it was damage control, try to recover and just hold onto second. About halway through my legs started to come back around and accept the pace i was trying to ride. I started cranking out some short steep climbs, and found myself rolling through the fast course well.

For the next two laps every climb i hit i felt a little better, i was riding the big ring a little more and i knew my lap times were coming down. I pushed it right to the line and finished 7 seconds off first. I'm pretty happy with the way the legs felt at the end i just need them to stay that way for the middle of the race. I had plenty of gas left in the tank, just need a couple more shorter races to get it dialed.

After getting cleaned up i headed out to dinner with Jer, Tammy, Shane, Matt, Lee, Brendan, and girlfriends. it was good to sit down and eat a nice meal before hitting the road for the 2 hour plus drive home.

We decided we should race home, i lost big time, im pretty sure i was the last one home. Now im chillin watching Kill Bill Vol. 2,

i really need to carry around a note pad for all the one liners, but i can never remember them

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need to vent.

K first off, the mustache is going strong i just put in some "Just for men mustache and Beard"...Medium brown. If theres ever a super troopers sequel I'm totally auditioning.

So my day went well, got some stuff done around the house. Washed the Mazda, things like that. I also got a sweet 20 dollar gift card to Dariy Queen for lending my TT helmet out for the last CSG qualifier. So that made my day. I also got a 50 dollar qift card to canadian tire for my birthday so im going on a shopping spree for blue shop towels, simple green, and oreo cookie bliazzards.

I made up some Home wreckers for dinner, something Stu and Matt got me onto in Baie st paul. Not sure if my mother and Brother were too into them but i loves my Mexican food.

After stuffing myself, i got dressed and headed out to the oro fairgrounds for the Thursday evening time trial. With the longer days the 85km round trip is possible without finishing in the dark. On the way out i rode at tempo from thunder bridge to the bridge over hwy 11 and the 7th line. I felt good, the only thing was i had a solid stitch in my side from eating a little to close to riding.

Last year i did a fair amount of these but never really put much effort into them. Except for the epic Kyle Fry showdown in late may, where i laid it down good. Most of the other times i was just there to support the event and the awesome job Mike and Judy Doble do every (other) week. Mostly riding them at Tempo ish. This year i'm trying to make it a point that im either there to set a new personal best or ill help out with the turn or holding or looking good if im not feeling great to ride.

So tonight i went out with the sole purpose to go faster than 21:47 my previous best time on a regular road bike. I also know what wattage i pushed to get that time. Im on a different bike, which isn't really any slower or faster, i was in a skinsuit then and just my Jersey tonight. But other than that pretty straight forward eddy m. Style.

I started second to last, 60 seconds behind Tim on his recumbent (its fast) and 60 seconds in front of Dave Viney, who may or may not know how to ride a TT. He showed up with his fastest bike yet, a P4, full disc Powertap, 1080 front, single 56 tooth ring......oh and its stupid light. anyways, it wasn't really a question of if as to when i got caught.

The 15km is very challenging, never flat, always up or down, and the road surface could be a bit smoother. My previous best time was just over 40kph, where i have done flat 40km tt's at well over 40kph, so its not a fast course by purest standards.

Anyways this is getting long, i started, felt good, my wattage was good, i was comfortable on the bike. Dave went by at about the 7 minute mark. The bike sounds like a jet coming up from behind so i know when hes coming. I kept the pressure on and had a good turnaround, I knew that Tim had put about 20 seconds into me on the way out which didn't surprise me as its mostly downhill, and there were some good climbs on the way back where he might loose some time. Times aren't up as of posting so im not sure what his time was.

I was able to keep my power up, but i knew by checking my watch i was behind my goal speed. I finished up at 22:43(my time, official may vary by a second) so 56 seconds slower....but i pushed 25 more watts, or another 7.5%. But i was 4% slower. Wind was pretty calm, not really a tailwind or a headwind. Same as my fastest time i think. It appears Dave set the new course record at 20 minutes flat. Again another indication its not that fast of a course.

I put my leg warmers on quick and got heading home so my legs wouldn't seize up on me. I did some more tempo on the way home. By the time i hit town i was ready to be home. And the climb up Essa was a bit of a drag.

so thats my story, just had to get it out there, im surprisingly grumpy about it and thought i would share.

"Send a maniac to catch a maniac"
just watching Demolition man, solid lines

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can't think of a title

so monday, i woke up pretty sore in many areas. Which, in a way, is better than waking up really sore in one spot. I can't even remember what i did Monday couldn't have been very exciting, but in the afternoon we had some family over where my mom started speaking German like it was nothing. If i ever need to hire someone to go to germany or austria i may have found my translator. After eating some more birthday cake i ducked out at 7 to head out to midhurst for the mtb ride. Which was good, we were able to ride till after 9 without any lights and Molly only nascared me once by taking a solid shortcut.

Tuesday still a little sore but thought i would head down to Coulson in the morning to get a little time on the MTB, the legs are still a little fatigued, but i my arms and shoulders were killing me after only an hour, i cut it a little short in favour of more time on the road bike in the evening.

In the evening i rode over to sunnidale for the ride. It was sunny but pretty chilly so i wasn't surprised to see the small turnout. The pace was really good, somehow we managed to stay all together on the climb up bidwell. Only to start having flat after flat right after. We continued on and in the run into town on ridge road Nigels tire went too, it was really getting chilly and a little dark so most of the group opted to finish up. Which was good as ridge isn't a great road to have people stopped on.

Everyone was a little chilly and it was getting late so we all opted to skip the coffee. Nigel and I rode to the South end to finish up a good ride.

Today i woke up and after a solid breakfast i headed out for a long road ride. I headed up to moonstone, peter street area and back down the 7th line. I hit some new pavement and got some good climbs in. I felt good for the first long ride in a while. I was a little hungry by the end but didn't bonk which was good.

This evening we had my third birthday dinner, even im getting tired of it. It was good except the waiter was a little different, he started randomly talking about being drunk at the Jays gam

Tommorow, im going to get some stuff done in the AM and early afternoon before heading out to the TT in Oro. Im aiming to better my PB, ill keep you posted on that.

"thats why i hate Yoga pants you can't tell your gaining weight they just keep stretching and you don't notice."