Thursday, April 30, 2009

stir crazy

last i left you i was geting ready for the tuesday night ride, i headed down a little early to grab an americano from casa to get pepped up. The ride was pretty good, we started a little late, i didn't even realize it but after chatting for a while it was 6:10 and we were burning daylight so we got underway. But we had at least 15 people out so a new record for the season after being rained out most of April.

Yesterday i headed out for a nice steady ride south into innisfil. It was nice to get out for a good ride on the new road bike on some smooth roads. The bike fits like a surgical glove and rides like a dream. It was also nice to get a nice steady endurance ride in after the weekend. The weather has been great the past couple days i think i may have even gotten a bit of a tan.

Today was a full day off the bike, first one in a while. i think my legs will thank me heading into the next couple days. In the afternoon i drove down to Woodbridge to pick up my MTB which has been switched over to an exc hardtail. But it will have to wait till saturday to be ridden.

Tommorow im going to head up to pretty river road to do some climbing, hopefully push some serious watts. Not to mention get some sun on my pasty legs, really thats the primary goal.

The hit counter is showing some interesting data, im getting about 50 unique visitors a day, thats about 5 times as many as i thought. So suddenly i feel very self conscious. By far the most readership comes from locally situated readers. But there are some American hits, so i really have to watch what i say about certain american politicians.

I also got some hits from Belgium, some international fans perhaps.....or just a couple of slackers who should be out training on the world cup course this weekend. Either way. This blog is spreading faster than......i was going to say swine flu, but i won't, cause actually it really freaks me out. Im not scared of nuclear bombs, terrorists, weather, people, but little bugs that i can't even see i find terrifying.

"i have a 52 cm cross frameset for sale, if your interested"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

getting squared away,

So with the rain hitting hard this a.m. and my floor invisible under all the clothes i had laid out for varying weather conditions on the weekend, i decided it was a good time to get tidied up. The weather is going to clear this afternoon so ill head out on the tuesday nighter for a few hours later.

Before i get to that yesterday was a solid recovery spin day. In the A.M. after getting up early(by my standards) i spun down to the shop on my fixie to pick up a few little pieces to finish off the road bike assembly. While there i was able to catch up with other peoples races as i didn't see many people after the race. Something about me hiding in the Norco trailer. Its always fun to go down and try to get Jeremy to buy more bike parts. I also was able to double confirm the monday night ride was happening even though the weather was exactly co-operating. Riding home took a little longer than usual, into a headwind uphill the fixie was just rolling along.

I finished up the road bike, its a pretty sweet bike, a light alloy frame, full dura ace, with the nicest set of wheels i've ever ridden, some shallow carbon dura ace clinchers, (of course i had to weigh them). Its very stealth, all black with a white saddle, and bar tape. Im very much looking forward to riding it in the dundalk pursuit this sunday.

After a solid bbq steak dinner, i got packed and ready for the first monday night singlespeed night ride of the year. A tradition that started actually in January a couple years ago when it was over 10 degrees out and we said hey why not. The rules are simple, you must go to all lengths to secure a singlespeed for the ride, if that fails you must use a cross bike. Also if you are below the age of thirty the bicycle must be fully rigid. Then we head out and hammer until someone crashes really hard, and then we slow down. A solid group of 5 showed, and before the ride started i made the mistake of calling matts dog ,Molly, fat, she proceded to come over a lick my water bottle after licking her own rear end. not impressed.

The ride was good, we had a blast, in the past i was the limiting factor with a substandard light setup, basically the ride was as long as my light lasted. But i was able to secure a sick light and motion seca 700 lightset. ( now that i figured out how to link, this could be trouble) so i should be set for another 8 or 9 years of night riding before nuclear powered lights come out. Brendan's light was the first to go down, but we were pretty close to the cars. the night finished off with solving some of the worlds problems, including the auto industry, stock market, pc savings "high interest" accounts.

Now im just waiting for the dryer to finish before sitting down with a book maybe for a little while. Before preping for the tuesday night road worlds. its been rain/snowed out the past two weeks so hopefully theres a nice group.

oh i also was setup with a hit counter, that also tracks where people are reading this from. Matt says he gets 150 hits a day so of course i would like to challenge that. But apparantly someone from Nunavut is a reader so greetings. But don't worry it doesnt' give me your home address or anything like that just the town.

"Molly your getting fat"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

getting there

So Saturday was a day filled with dialing in the race bike, pre-riding and catching up with fellow racers after a long off season. The weather was awesome, almost a little too awesome. It was only about 24-25 ish but it felt like over 30 to me. My legs were not responding well so i was looking forward to the cooler more seasonal temperatures on race day. After arriving home i got cleaned up and did most of my packing and prep before sitting down to watch Mickey Rourke's big comeback movie "The Wrestler" full review will be at the bottom.

I got a good nights sleep and woke up with lots of time to do a little spin on the rollers to get the blood moving. I had my typical slow cook oats and coffee for breakfast. I headed to the race venue, mainsfield outdoor center, at around 11:00. While driving over my temperature gauge was reading 4 degrees and it started absolutly pouring rain. At least i didn't have to worry about the heat. By the time I arrived the rain had stopped and it was mostly just cool. I chilled at the Norco trailer for a while, in the mean time kevin double checked my bike and applied his secret chain lube.

I got dressed (warmly) and headed out with Spak for a little warmup. I think the temperture climbed a little as i was pretty comfortable when i finished and headed to the start line. Where i took off my jacket and knee warmers. The start was next to insane, i got slightly boxed out and found myself on the wrong wheel losing even more ground. I hit the single track hovering just outside of the top ten. I knew i wanted to start conservativley but that was a little further back than i wanted. Pretty early on the knew my legs were feeling better and responding better to accelerations. I had to burn a couple matches on the first lap to make my way back to the front group that had formed.

Heading out to the second lap i was latched firmly onto u23 rider Mike Mitchnick. In 6th place. At the front was another u23 rider Cam "the Jet" who was driving the pace pretty good up the first climb of the lap. The group gapped me a little but by the time we hit the first singletrack section i was back on. The pace was pretty unsteady with lots of attacking the climbs. It was exactly what i need to work on, so pushed a little harder in some sections than i would have on my own.

Heading out on lap three Cam was still on the front driving it, about halfway through the lap there are three short punchy singletack climbs that were starting to wear me down. The group gaped me again, and before i could get back up i looked up and Cam was on the ground. Not sure what happened but he hit hard. Which was too bad as he was riding super strong and had a good shot at the win.

I held on for the 4th lap, but by the end i could feel my legs starting to give. Heading on to the fifth i lost contact with the group of 4 now and settled into my own rythem for the last lap. When i hit the second of the three punchy climbs my legs really started to shut down,but not before Cam came roaring back past me. When i hit the top of the final pitch i knew i had a small amount of energy left. Luckily it was mostly rolling to the finish. I was pretty sure i could hold on to my 6th, but yet another u23 rider Jon Kinsie came past me. I was just able to stay on my bike for the finish.

I was fairly delirious so i forwent the cooldown for a nice comfy chair at the trailer. I cooled off fast and got into some dry clean clothes and got some good recovery food in me. I have to thank Kevin who had everything set for this weekend, Jon Hughes for his support around the trailer and on the course.

When i got home and unloaded i got back into a chamois to spin to blockbuster to return the movie, i needed to get a spin in so two birds one stone theory.

now just sitting with Starbuck, watching some bad sunday night television.

ok now the the review, A great film. Not quite what i expected but still good. Prepare for a depression film overall though. Rourke is this film, he nailed the role and did some very impressive things in the ring that surprised me. Tomei also added a lot the film. Basically it starts out very depressing, gets happy in the middle but then ends on a low note for sure.

Up next a little recovery ride tomorow, then the infamous monday night single speed night ride later in the evening. Really today was just a warmup for it.

"A little less"

"a little more"

"a little less"

"a little more"

Friday, April 24, 2009


Before i get busy this weekend i thought i would update till now. Last i left you i was heading out for the thursday night ride. Actually because i said that we had one extra person come out and "enjoy" the ride. We started with six people, but in the first 100 meters of the ride, we lost one to forgotten shoes, and another one to a dura ace 7900 malfunction. So it was left to 4 to hammer it out. I felt pretty good, but a little "flat". I felt a little "heavy". I tried to keep my leg speed up on the downhills to try and get them feeling "lighter" (do you like all the quotations). In the end I played the part of another club rider(no names)...(orrin) and sucked wheel all the way in until past Egon motors, and with about 30 meters to go i snaked by to take the final sprint.

I spun my legs out on the way home, taking a shortcut through the bluffs, i was on the CCX with slicks so it was a little bumpy at 100psi, but i was able to climb almost the whole way home. When i arrived home it was about 5 degrees. Now im not complaining but its been between 0 and 10 for about 2 months now and im really lookign forward to wearing at least knee warmers.

Today i was rewarded with a warm southerly wind. Bringing a nice warm air mass with it. The morning was spent taking starbuck in for her 7 week check up. All is well, except for the hair isn't growing back nearly as fast as i'd like. But all the vet techs seem to really like seeing her and i don't mind seeing them. So it works out well for everyone.

I got the demo Faze all cleaned up and ready to trade for my race bike tomorow morning. After a spot of lunch, i got my golf clubs ready and headed to the driving range. When i arrived i was the only one there where i got a medium bucket, (actually a large cause it goes, small, large, jumbo, for some reason) after totally missing my first tee shot, i settled into a little bit of a rythem. I was glad i was a lone cause i was pretty pitiful. But a few others started to show up with their Ping drivers, which are worth probably more than my cross bike. I was relieved when they were worse than me, they were hitting them maybe 50 yards, when i was smashing them out to 75. I also realised i hit every club the same way. Whether its my wedge or my big driver i hit them 75 -100 yards and 5 feet of the ground. So i think the next time i go golfing im just going to take my putter and 7 iron. But im sticking to my plan of joining the PGA tour.

After picking up some recovery supplies for the weekend I talked my soigneur into driving me south past thornton. Allowing me to spin back. It was a great way to do a recovery ride. 35 km/hr, at 120 ish bpm, and 100-110 rpm. When i got back there was this liquid seemingly coming out of my skin, it kinda freaked me out, but when i realized it was cooling me off a little i thought maybe its normal in warm weather. But my legs felt awesome, very "light" now.

I was really concerned with the forecast for sunday calling for 25 and sun, i think i would have had heat stroke, but luckily it looks like it will be 10 degrees and raining.

Now i'm just going to put my feet up and watch a little nip/tuck on ROD. Before heading to Mainsfield early(ish) tomorow to pre-ride and fine tune my race bike.

"we don't have medium, we have small, large and jumbo"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just try it, just give me an excuse.

After a solid weekend of riding and racing, i settled into some for preperation for the season. Monday I tacked on some hard hill intervals in the bluffs, i used a climb that was 850 meters long and gained 50 meters, of elevation. I would ususally use a mtb bike but i wasnted to compare how i felt to the previous days effort at paris to ancaster so i used the CCX. I felt pretty good, the workout went well, but i could definelty feel the effort the day before.

oh before i go any further watch this from about 1:15min in. I know shameless self promotion. Actually it worked out well as i got tons of photos taken cause of who i was riding with.

Tuesday in the a.m. i headed out on my fixie on the flatest roads i could find, which can be tough when i ride 15 minutes in any direction i end up going downhill. It felt good to spin the legs at a high rpm. Tuesday evening i headed downtown for the Tuesday night ride, as soon as i pulled in the parking lot it start raining pretty hard, and with the 6 degree temperatures, i made the executive decision to head into second cup instead. Sure enough by 6:30 the skies cleared and the wind dropped and it was a pleasent evening. I also stopped into the Trek store, to see the latest technique of cleaning a bike with bike lust, then bike lust it again. Interesting.

Wednesday was supposed to be chill day but coach changed that into an endurance ride on the MTB. I headed out into some pretty nasty conditions. I stuck to mostly gravel roads, and headed down to cookstown on the rail trail. It was nice to have some good spinning on the Faze 1 to get used to the fit. In cookstown i got a little hail but it didn't last long, and before long i had turned back home. To finish the ride i headed back into the bluffs to try out a loop i want to do for training. Its good three solid climbs, for a total of 150 meters(about 500 feet for my american readers), in about 4 km. I did a couple laps at endurance, dredding when i do them at race pace.

After finishing up on the road to cooldown i got cleaned up and headed to Home Depot. I wanted to go to Canadian Tire cause the checkout girls are cuter, but i was pressured to go to Home Depot instead. The reason was last year we had some nice robins come and lay some eggs which hatched into the cutest little birds that i got kinda attached too, and even named them Larry, Curly, and Moe. But an A-Hole raccoon came and had himself a nice little dinner. I was pretty pissed. I thought surely the robins wouldn't be back again this year but sure enough they showed up and built a nest in about 3 hours.

I knew i had to come up with something to keep the coons at bay so i headed into the depot to see what i could find, the first aisle i walked down the steel stove piping caught my eye. So just try it mr raccoon.

This evening im heading back downtown for the thursday night throwdown, to give the legs something to think about. Its not exactly warm, but the sun is out and feels nice out.
"Vodka Martini"
"Would you like that shaken or stirred sir"
"Does it look like i give a damn"
just watched casino royale in HD and i love how they make fun of the previous james bond films.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Polarized View

So the first race is in the history books. I finished 10th, not exactly what I was hoping for, I was aiming to better my best result, a 6th from 2006. But that’s the end result, now for the days report.

I got up nice and early to prepare my slow cook oats and fresh coffee, which I ran out to get last night. I was told I was very anxious and restless yesterday, and that was one more thing I could do instead of sit down and relax. Anyway, I had everything all packed and ready to go so all I had to do was eat, and load up the Mazda for the drive down to Ancaster. I was meeting Shane there at 8, to get a ride to the start line. I got out the door a few minutes late and under estimated the drive time. Kylie you would be proud I didn’t even look to see what the driving time was I just went with it but I did have directions. I arrived at 8:15 in time for a few dirty looks, as I was the one imposing the early arrival so we weren’t rushed. I picked up my package without showing my license which I spent an hour on last night trying to find a picture for it and laminate it.

The drive to Paris was quick, I got ready and after a warm-up, which probably could have been better I headed for the start line. Which was the first glitch of the day, trying to get into the front pen without a yellow number. You need to have finished in the top 100 the prior year and or have a uci race license, which I both did. But I was given a red number at registration. Fry and I were told to go to the back of the field. We just quietly awaited the organizer while some masters riders were asking this particular race guy, (who I have a bit of a history with….maybe another time) "are you serious"

In the end we were called up to front line, and said our good lucks to each other (even though we don’t actually mean it) The start was the fastest I’ve ever done at this race. With Jeremy powers killing it off the start line, and driving the pace onto the rail trail. I was in a nice position and at this point my legs felt good. The pace settled down a little bit, with Peter Mogg taking a flyer off the front. This is when I made my first mistake, I started to fall back a little bit with some riders riding up the grass banks. I wasn’t too concerned but when the guy with the fender and camelback passed me I decided it was time to get moving back to the front. I thought I had a little more time to get there before we hit the first course feature which basically shatters the field. It’s a hard 90 degree corner onto a couple short steep loose climbs.

My second mistake was getting a little ahead of my legs and trying to bridge up to the leaders to quickly. I felt strong for the first 100 meters or so, but that’s when I my legs started to shut down and my hr dropped which also kinda freaked me out, as I was pretty maxed out. The last pitch killed me heading onto the road and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on any longer. I knew I went a little to hard to fast and I was paying the price. A couple riders went passed but I just couldn’t respond and I knew I had to back off or I was going totally implode. After the first forrest section, I had a couple more riders go by before I hooked onto a guys wheel just in front of this chick wearing a rocky jersey with rainbow stripes on the sleeves (Alison Sydor, if you didn’t catch the sarcasim) anywho, I pulled a couple times, I looked back and saw a big group of 15-20 riders about to gobble us up. I fell back into this group as Alison and the guy almost got into a fight over her not pulling, the guy was riding from one side of the road to the other, trying to get her off his wheel. Which allowed the big group to just mow them both down.

It was a solid group of some familiar faces, Andrew Croutch, Mike Dennis, some Waglers, Hamish, Paul Greene, I settled in near the back out of the wind to see if I could recover enough to finish strong. I needed to relax so I started to converse with some of the other riders. Some of the masters made a couple attacks but nothing really stuck. By the time we hit the next semi off road section through a field and onto a rail trail my legs had come around and I was ready to get going again and try to pick off as many people as I could. While heading onto the rail line, Alison didn’t really attack, but just rode off the front and opened up a little bit of a gap. I don’t think anyone thought it would stick so they just let her go. I rode past them and headed out chasing her. A couple guys latched on my wheel but over some rough terrain which included a cross dismount over a log I gaped them and got on Alison’s wheel. I came by and settled into a solid tempo, something I can say I am confident in gauging myself. We headed back onto the road, and when I looked back there was no one in sight.

We had a pretty brutal headwind for rest of the race, as we were heading pretty much due east most of the time right into it. So I wasn’t sure if I/We could make it stick against 8 pretty strong guys chasing. But it was worth a try so I got in the drops and just pictured I was riding down ridge road, Expect my wrists weren’t breaking and I didn’t have to worry about pinch flatting.

Alison stuck in my draft for the most part, it was nice to not be out there solo, it kept me pushing. On some of the rail trails she came by for enough time for me to recover for a bit. We picked up a few riders, Fry who was riding strong was having some back issues for one.
There was one little muddy section that I messed up on and Alison passed me and put a little gap into me. It was around this point I was wondering how the finish was going to shape up. I could see we were gaining on a few riders but I knew that as long as they didn’t completely blow the race was getting close to the end and I was running out of real estate. My legs were feeling pretty good, and I felt good about the climb into the finish which is pretty tough, but I was pushing a lot of wind for a long time so I couldn’t rule out that Alison could go by me on the last climb if I faded.

We hit the first of two "chutes" that signal the end is near, the first was pretty much bone dry and as long as you stuck on a good line you came out of it fine. I played it a little safe not wanting to puncture. We came out together and hit the last few road sections. The second chute was a little muddy and I had a gap when I came out of it. I hit the hammer button to open up as much as I could leading into the last climb. I hit the climb and knew I just had to stay upright, which ended up being pretty tough as my legs started to fad near the top. But I made it to the finish line with my head on straight.

Overall I feel mixed on the race, I made a couple mistakes that cost me. And it’s always a little tough to know how the legs are going to respond the first race out. But I didn’t have any technicals, or crashes and rode a solid pace pretty much solo into a crazy headwind that a couple years ago would have broken me. So I’ll keep it positive and get to work on what I need to do to fill in the holes.

The next few days are looking a little nasty, but I have some shorter harder rides to tack on Monday & Tuesday, before getting ready for the first MTB race at Mansfield on Sunday.

"your in big trouble"
anonymous winnipeg resident

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here We Go

So I must admit I’ve been slacking this week with the updates. Other than posting a pic below. I have decided not to retire as it turns out.

The week has gone well leading into tommorow (Sunday 19) Paris To Ancaster. Tuesday I headed out a little early to get a few extra miles in before meeting up for the Tuesday night ride. The ride went well with the best turnout of the year. While spinning home with another local rider, Granola, as he is called sometimes, I still don’t know why. He informed me that he reads this blog, after a while I always think I’m just ranting to myself.

Wednesday morning I was awoken by the Easter bunny dressed in a purolator uniform. After a solid breakfast I got to work setting up the new Norco CCX 1 Cross bike. It was pretty much built all I had to do was some sizing stuff. It’s the same geometry as my CCX im riding now on the road so it made it a simple setup. I also got a large part of my clothing too as well as a Faze 1 demo to ride until my race bike is totally ready. But I left that for another day to get ready. I headed out on the Cross bike through some trails and onto the Oro rail trail for a couple hours. I stopped in at the Trek store to hear the local gossip, its pretty much the equivalent to a cyclists coffee shop.

Thursday morning I had to bring the Mazda in for its annual service and to get the snow tires switched off, I figure im pretty safe now. While waiting for the car I walked up to Tim Hortons, and was pleasantly surprised to see they are now serving hot apple cider. Which other than being a little pricey compared to hot chocolate or coffee. It was a little on the sweet side. But it wasn’t half bad, and it gives me a good reason to actually go to Timmy’s now.

Thursday night I headed down for the Thursday night training ride, which was pretty solid, not a huge turnout out, but we had some fun trying to rip each others legs off. Which included a sign sprint into Oro-station which was deemed unofficial due to the fact the town sign is now gone. We finished with the classic finish in ridge road where I really made myself hurt and set a new PB over 30 sec, along with a new max wattage, so it was a productive ride. The highlight of the night was riding along(a quiet road with no cars in sight), and giving a little wave to another cyclist going the other way, only to have him yell at us to ride single file, I thought easy to say when your riding by yourself.

After getting the Faze ready on Thursday I headed down to Coulson hill for a mtb ride. The trails have been cleaned up quite a bit with most of the downed trees falling victim to a chainsaw. The trails were pretty busy with a high school class riding around as well as a trail build going on. The bike rode awesome, I think I had a smile on my face the entire time. Probably the most comfortable, funnest bike I’ve ever ridden off road. As I headed back towards my car to switch bottles I came flying out of a single track section onto a fireroad to see a new hyundai parked sideways across the trail. I came pretty close to smoking the car, as I got my speed in check I looked up to see a couple photographers looking at me. It appeard I came across a little photo shot, (no our lady peace by anymeans) actually it looked kinda like a low budget shoot. I could tell the guy was pretty freaked out by how close I came to hitting the car, while the girl just laughed it off. I finished off with riding the new piece of trail which is nice, it just needs to be ridden in.

Today after switching some parts around on the new cross bike to get it ready for tomorrow. Like putting on a full size crankset, with a 38/48 and a wider range 11-26 cassette. I headed out on it to give it one last shakedown ride to make sure everything was nice and tight and ready to go. I’m pretty happy with the setup especially with the Kenda Small block 8 cross tires. They hold nicely on a mix of terrain but also corner like a road tire on pavement, I think they’ll be perfect for tomorrow.

I’m happy to be finally racing tomorrow, I look forward to this race mostly cause its one of the only races in a year where we don’t just chase each other around in circles. After two years of technical difficulties I’m hoping to just have a clean race.

Film Review: In Bruges, not bad a little off beat, the highlight is Colin Ferral actually pulling off a comedic part. I used to think he was a pretty one-dimensional actor, or at least his choice of roles, but he pulls off funny pretty good. Its his first real departure from his typical roles. (expect for Miami Vice, he rocked that movie)

Stayed tuned for a full race report tomorrow or Monday evening.

"I’d like to write some of the wicked lines form In Bruges but I don’t want to offend anyone"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of my goals in cycling was to have my name printed on the back of my jersey MX style.....i think i can retire now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny, what easter bunny?

Its been a couple days, I hope all 10-15 of my devoted readers weren’t getting worried. Last I left I was just about to head out for a late ride on Thursday.
The ride went well, I got some good work in before meeting up with the training group ride, downtown. Which even with the nice weather only had an average turnout.

Friday, ……um I can’t remember, I need to check my files. Ah yes, a longish ride with a couple of long tempo "intervals" I use the term interval loosely. As they were longer than most people would consider intervals. The workout went very well. With both efforts finishing strong with rising wattage’s.

Saturday was a straight endurance ride, nothing very exciting just a solid ride. Sunday I woke up and went on a serious hunt for some Easter eggs. I was very disappointed when I didn’t find anything. I had to get out early to ride as the family was going to the Nottawasaga inn for brunch at 1. Yeah I know 1 oclock is actually lunch, I fought hard but lost that battle. I was able to get out with a small group for a little while before I turned back south. I had a nice tailwind so I used the opportunity to get some high rpm work in.
After a solid meal the family headed out for a little walk around the inn, the endless hours of riding in the cold wind really paid off as I seemed to be the most comfortable in the chilly weather.

Today I headed out for a short ride with some uphill threshold work. My powertap decided to go on the fritz so it was mostly feeling and hr, which was tough. After years of riding and working with power its hard to go back to pure feeling especially during the harder workouts.
So when I arrived home I headed to the Barrie City Zoo to pick up some new 357 batteries. My jaw almost dropped when I noticed that the price of the batteries has jumped 10%. I also picked up some riding food for the rest of the week.

I also got some race registrations out of the way, to ensure I was getting maximum bang for my buck with pre registration (which I seem to forget to do sometimes) I’m expecting a sizable delivery with a good portion of my gear for the year. There are a couple bits ands pieces to come in form various team sponsors, but I should be looking pretty stylish come the first MTB race of the season.

I plan to post links to all the team sponsors (once I figure out how)(Fry I need a lesson)
Film reviews.

Changeling, good, highly recommended, a little disturbing, don’t watch it with little kids they will never sleep again.

Quarantine: I wasn’t sure if It was a comedy, I found myself laughing a couple times before turning it off to go watch some paint dry. Avoid it unless you getting paid to watch it.

The weather looks nice for the next week with continued sun but with some warmer temperatures. Hopefully some warm southerly winds will come along and get rid of the snow in the forests before July, which would be nice.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

With Monday came 48 hours of snow that must of set a record. It was a magical winter wonderland. Even after leaving my snow tires on i was not brave enough to venture up to Oro for a XC ski. So i stuck at home and did a solid snowshoe instead. It was actually a great change from being on the bike for a solid month. mmmmm maybe it should snow once a month in July and August too.

I felt pretty strong on the hills and even caught myself running a little. The only downer was i wasn't able to bring starbuck with me. But she saw me walking out the door with my poles and snowshoes and i thought i heard her heart break, she gave me the saddest look ever.

Tuesday, i scraped off the wax on my skiis and loaded up for a white knuckle drive into the heart of Oro for a ski. I definetly had my hands at 10 and 2. Hwy 400 was a single lane, and the off ramp to doran road was non-existant. Ill tell you something snow tires are no substitue for mass. My Lumina with all season's was way better in the snow than my paperweight of a Mazda. Anyways i made it and got a pretty good ski in, the trail heading out was very soft. I actually fell flat on my face in the first ten feet. I pushed off with my right and foot and my entire ski and boot sunk about 6 inches. It was a real challenge getting going, but once i hit all the loops the trails were a lot firmer. My stomach wasn't giving me much love though even with a couple breaks, it was still bugging me so i cut the ski a little shorter than i would have liked.

Yesterday was a chill day, other than shoveling for almost an hour since the snowblower is all cleaned up and put away. After cleaning up a bit i headed out for some Thai food, not my favourite, and hit the theatre to see Adventureland......not bad. It was a little different than i expected but i enjoyed it.

Today im laying low until later in the afternoon before i head out for some threshold intervals, then meet up for the training ride downtown.

The forecast for the next three days looks good, dry and sunny, so it looks like ill be able to pack the skis and snowshoes away again.

"your so strong...ish"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mixed Bag

Like the title suggests the past few days have been a mix of nice sunny warm weather, or downright nasty snow and/or rain. Not much middle ground. Thursday I headed north to do Awenda, even on the ride itself I was greeted with a real mix of weather. When I started out heading north the sun was out and it was pretty warm. By the time I hit Tiny Beaches road ride on the edge of Georgian Bay the clouds were in full force and the temperature was a little chilly. I got to the park in a little under 3 hours which was good compared to my last solo ride up there where it took 4. There was still tons of snow in the park but the road was dry and clear. When I dumped out onto champlain road, the temperature bottomed out at 4 degrees.

Once I hit baseline road and started heading straight south, I opened up my legs and did a 1000kj burn, at tempo. The sun came out as I made my way towards Barrie. I finished the workout in 1:15 ish and spun into town. I stopped by Fred Grant to maybe hook up with a group ride, but heading out ridge I was feeling the fatigue set in so I turned for home. Definitely a hard ride, but I felt good when I got home. Except for the last climb when I wasn’t blown but I really wished I was home eating. If I had a follow car I probably would have gotten in at that point.
Friday many places in Ontario including Barrie set new records for rainfall. I wasn’t surprised cause it never stopped for more than 24 hours, and I don’t mean drizzle it rained a lot. I took it as a sign and did a spin on the rollers and trail run. The trails are getting pretty clear theres still a little ice here and there but most of the snow is gone.

Yesterday with the promise of some sunshine by 3 or 4, I pushed my hill repeat ride back. Unfortunately the sun never appeared, so I headed out into a nasty wind to hit mapleton a few times. My legs were feeling it when I got home, I got some good eats in and after some stretching I got a good nights sleep.

Today I was awoken by a nice clear blue ski and lots of sun. The morning was a little crisp, I took my time eating a solid breakfast and getting ready, I was on the bike by 11:30 for another hard day. After spinning out to Midhurst I started a long tempo effort that took me out old Barrie road down to ridge road and back to Barrie. I thought I pinch flatted a couple times on ridge but my solid training tires held up well. I was pretty gassed by the time I hit the city limits, and it was nice to just spin home. Riding through the subdivisions I noticed everyone had there BBQ’s out and were grilling up a storm. So when I arrived home my first order of business was to get to the store and pick up my own grilling supplies.

Tommorow with 15 cm of snow in the forecast I’m thinking of heading out for a XC ski. Followed by an easy day Tuesday, before finalizing my plans for the next week or so.

Film review-
I snagged a copy of Bottle Shock, for two reasons, I wasn’t looking for anything too serious and I wanted to see what this Chris Pine chap can do. He plays James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek, and I have high expectations so I needed to get a feeling for what he can do. With Allan Rickman, and Freddy Rodriguez in this film I new it wasn’t going to be bad, and I was right. It was a very good movie. Following a couple of Napa Valley’s wine makers trying to impress the french with there own wines. Almost in the spirit of sideways and equally as educational to myself about how little I know about wine.

"seriously i can't think of anything anymore"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day of Rest

With some weather closing in and my legs needing some good TLC. I've taken today off to get some errands done around the house, and take the dog for a walk. Oh yeah i can't take her for a walk for another 2 months. Starbuck is healing up nicely but she is getting a little stir crazy.

Back to the past couple days. Monday i got down to coulson hill for another MTB ride in the slightly sub zero temperatures. It was a nice power workout on the singlespeed, not to mention a good cross workout jumping over all the fallen trees.

Yesterday the weather was very nice, i actually didn't get out to ride until later. I headed down to the Driver licensing office to renew my license, then over to the Health office to renew my health card which i haven't even had for two years (awesome way to spend some extra tax dollars) Which included the extra benefit of waiting for over an hour, for something that took about 2 minutes to do.

I headed downtown to meet up with the tuesday night ride. We headed out ridge road to maximize the actual ride time, a solid ride, where i seemed to be on the front for 98% of it. I spun home with Don, (who is selling a 56cm specialized tarmac, with 7800, if anyone is interested) i turned off and headed up mapleton which is always a great way to finish a ride.

It looks like the readership has increased from 9 people to 13, or people are just voting more than once in the poll. With only a couple hours remaining it looks like Awenda Backwards is going to take it. Still not sure which day it will be but i look forward to it. I thank you.

It looks like the sun is coming through.......maybe ill get out for a little spin. I haven't been outside on my fix gear yet.

"drawing a blank"