Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Starbuck, in her short lived position as King of the Castle

Where does the time go, i thought it had been a couple days since my last update, and according to my research it was 10 days ago. My bad. I guess it got kinda crazy with the inauguration, which i still wonder if it was legal. Im also counting down the days till Colbert and Stewart go off the air for lack of material.

On Friday i headed to the Barrie Cycling Club "2008" dinner/social/awards/banquet night. I was wondering about the mid january date but it was actually great to see everyone in the middle of winter for a change. Since it will be another couple months before we all get out on the roads together.

Last week i took Starbuck out on her longest snowshoe ever, a awesome 3 hour loop through the bluffs. We were both pretty fried after that one. But she is never happier than when shes out in the snow.

Training is still on track, well saturday and sunday both had late starts to the day but i still got decent workouts in.

Last night was the 2nd 2009 monday night something, a solid night snowshoe out in midhurst which even with a gps we managed to get lost. When Starbuck and I first got there Matt said the salt on the parking lot was bugging his dog, Molly's, paws and he put her back in the car until we were ready to go. I thought, what a wuss dog, Starbuck can handle it, considering i have never seen her bothered by salt on roads or anything before. So i let her out and sure enough within 30 seconds she was whining like someone poured salt in an open wound. Once we were on fresh snow she was fine, but it was kinda freaky, the county must just load that parking lot up with salt.

I've been burning through Heroes on the rollers and a new Hero to the show, an invisible man, has quickly become my favourite character. And something he said really proved to be true today while i was skiing. That when people think they are alone they show there true colours. As i was just starting out heading north, i came into the middle of a group of school kids around 10 ish, al having a good time just shuffling along in the trackset on the right side of the trail. I was skating up the middle coming up behind an experienced older (40's) classic skier in the trackset on the left hand side of the trail. I was probably about 20 feet behind him, and another 30 feet up the trail on the right two girls were in the trackset. The first girl fell and the second girl jumped out of the tracks and started to head towards the left tracks, to avoid hitting her friend. I was impressed by how agile this kid was, the guy infront of me just unleashed on the kid. I couldn't believe it, TRACK TRACK, TRACK, TRACK, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Like he was finishing up the olympics. The kid who actually never came close to going into the tracks. And there was no chance he would hit her. But the thought of slowing down(from 12 kph to 8 kph) just enraged this guy.

He never swore or got really nasty, but i was still in shock, I skied up to him and as soon as he saw me you could see in his eyes, "oh shit i didn't think anyone was around" He just put his head down and slowed right down. I wanted to say something, not sure what but when he looked at me i could tell he new what i was thinking. People really do show their real colours when they think no one(older than a 10 year old girl) is around.

The rest of the ski was awesome sunny -6 ish, great conditions, made for an easy day to get the longest ski of the year in. I also heard a rumour Horseshoe is going to be adding a night loop which will be nice to extend the ski day past 4:30.

Oh and the return of BSG has been utterly devastatingly well written. I can't believe whats going on, and i don't know how they are going to wrap it up with 8 episodes left. And Lost also kicked some ass in its premier.

"There...our technology is far more advanced than our.....yours"
Former Chief Tyrol

"Do you need a chart to keep it all straight"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

XC ski withdrawl

Yup its been almost a week since i last got out skiing. Ill make a game day call about heading out to Horseshoe tommorow morning. It will still be a little sticky but i don't want to be off the skiis for too long.

The time off the skiis has been a bonus for the snowshoeing, Starbuck and myself have been stomping out some solid length snowshoes. Also my roller hours are up there too. Im taking a different approach to riding inside this year, which has helped my brain from turning into swiss cheese. I've piled through season 4.0 of bsg just in time for the return last night. Today i just started Heroes, i've heard it was a good show. So far so good, i think it will be good roller material.

I've also made good gains in the strength portion of my training plan, but i am being careful to not put too much muscle on. I've struggled with this a little in the past, too much muscle can really drag when your trying to climb. So im focusing a lot on stability and core work.

So back to Battlestar, i can't stop thinking about the new episode. It had about three major story lines all being turned on their heads. It was not a very happy episode i can say that for sure. I'm actually a little bit depressed thinking about it. But i can say that those writers should be given Peabody awards for great writing.....oh yeah.

"So what would the foxes do"

"Half would turn and fight, the other half would try to swim across. But my uncle would tell me about a few that, they'd swim halfway out and turn with the current and ride it all the way out to sea."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

still waiting

So according to the news, "this amount of cold air hasn't covered canada in decades" i'd really like to know how global warming fits into that. Its been a little chilly at night but during the day its about -15, so not bad i've gotten out for some long snowshoes, with starbuck, who doesn't realize shes not a husky.

Before i go any further, mad props to the pilots of the US airways flight that landed ON the Hudson river. Whenever i fly and read that little safety card i laugh when i see the plane floating on the water and people orderly exiting. I always thought there was no way you could land a big jet on the water and it not break up into a million pieces. Not to mention with no power, now if it was a little lear jet, i'd say no big deal, i could do that. But to land that amount of plane on a river and not crash, i want those pilots flyin me around. And yes i said both pilots cause who knows the captain could have had a hissy fit the co-pilot could have landed it.

......not much else to say actually, My Trek 5.2 pro road bike is for sale if your interested, its in like new condition, e-mail me if your interested, swabag at hotmail.com

Just over 24 hours until the season opening of BSG, oh man, can't wait, if only it was in high def.

"Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing"
Not sure who said that first(probably someone who crashed a plane and tried to explain the upside of it to the planes owner)

Friday, January 9, 2009

I know I know

Im a horrible blog updater, and i apologize to all my readers, all two of you. I can't say ive been extraordinarily busy, though i have got a few things done. Like opened a Tax Free savings account. The next trick will be funding it.

Today i went out to Horeshoe for an awesome ski, the conditions were perfect, we've gotten a fair amount of snow and the grooming was the best i've seen it. I think skiing on the off days really does wonders for when the conditions are good. I felt very solid today on the skiis, and when i was doing my intervals, i was able to get my HR up. Before i was limited by my technique heavily, but i was able to get it right up to race pace today.

On the home front, i've adopted a new snow removal technique. Im always trying to figure out a better way to get the snow off my driveway and today i think i found it. Its highly complex, maybe ill draw out a diagram and post it here.

All high on my new found snow removal wisdom i decided to blow out my neighbours driveway who has been away for a little while. The technique worked wonders however i have a bone to pick with the paper boy, who left three papers in the middle of the driveway under a foot of snow, for me to find. One i just skimmed and chewed up a bit. The second one i completely shredded into a thousand pieces which spewed out onto two neighbours lawns (sorry Nigel). The third i was able to discover intact. Good thing my snowblower is brut.

The snowshoeing has also been ideal the past couple days. Starbuck and I have been destroying the woods. Which is good cause i see a lot of surveyor flags and post in there, so i think its only a matter of time before Pratt Homes builds a thousand more houses in there. Who needs forests anyway?

Oh and my coach has a profile up here http://www.coach.ca/eng/bios.cfm?ID=555 if you'd like to know who i argue with about training.

On the film front, (there are many front lines) im waiting for The Wrestler to open in the area. I have good feelings about, and i wouldn't doubt if it topped my list for 08. Yes even beating out the Dark Knight and Hancock. But we'll see, films have a way of dissapointing the past little while.

On the Television front, im anxioulsy awaiting the final season of BSG starting on the 16th at 10:00 on space. And the return of Lost, on the 21st(ish) both are looking very promising.

"I love this rug"

Bill Clinton

Monday, January 5, 2009


well my new years resolution to update everyday, has failed.

But i can say i have begun my caffeine re hab. Im down to 995ml instead of a litre in the morning.

After pumping some serious iron I went for a ski today, the conditions were fast again, but a little icy. I was struggling with my balance today and the conditions didn't help. I managed to stay upright. They had some of the bigger hills closed today, which was probably a good idea.

And i just want to publicly congratulate a certain happy couple who are expecting a baby in the summer. The news made my day, ive been waiting a couple years to hear it.

"Wheres my Ferrari?"
Nick Cage

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So a new year came rolling in last night. And with that i have a few new years resolutions,

1) To cut back on my dependance on Caffeine.

2) To update this blog everyday(everyday i have internet access)

now that we have those out of the way, I went out for my first ski of 2009, it was the fastest conditions i have skied in a couple years. Basically cause there wasn't a foot of fresh powder to ski through like everyday last year. There was however a lot of sticks and twigs, and i wish i had brought my older skis. But i didn't sweat it and skied through it, about an hour in i was skiing up to the south trails, heading uphill at a nice offset pace when i stepped onto a pine cone, it basically stopped my left ski dead. I ended up face planting into the hard snow. Now i'll admit i have a had a few crashes during my xc ski's but they are usually the downhill variety or maybe flat. Never have i crashed going uphill.

"wow this is a nice ski, oh look at the nice pine cone........"