Sunday, December 20, 2009

ummm, ummm

post weekend, kinda for all intense purposes. Yesterday after a few days of sun and no snow i thought it was a good day for a outdoor ride. It was on the chilly side but almost no wind so very manageable, still bundled up in about 15 pounds of gear though. And the secret weapons of heat packs, it felt like my feet were at a day spa as i was riding, and to note they say "environmentally safe" right on the package. A few hours out there, some roads were clear some less than ideal, had a few slip and slid moments. Glad I got out there though it was easier on the brain than the rollers.

My alarm clock(K9) had me up early, the sun was out and it appeared to be another nice day out. A gallon of coffee later and phone call from the mayor of the Waub(its on a weekly rotation so everyone gets a turn) and i was headed to copeland for a touring ski. Saw a Mazda in the parking lot and decided it would be ok to pull right in. It was close but i made it. Headed out with Molly leading the charge, great ski, a little bit of everything, bushwhacking, packed snowshoe trail, groomed track-set. Skis were great, my nordic descending skills need a little work though,

I had grand plans of a few more hours on the rollers but i was feeling some muscles that i had never felt before, and opted for some highly aerobic stretching instead (soft)

"grape lady falls?, what is grape lady falls?"

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Matt Spak said...

I wonder if that dog of mine would drive the pace a little to high. My thoughts of an easy ride in the afternoon failed also