Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Long time no post, i apologize I was hunkered down in my bomb shelter. Waiting out the huge storm that was rolling in. Wow the city did a great job getting rid of most of it, while i was in the bunker there was like only 5-10 cm on the ground. Nothing to worry about, so im sure there was more. bah,

ok so monday evening i headed out to midhurst for the what may be the last monday night ride. Yes i know i have said that before. But this is usually what happens a little bit of snow for one then unrideable till april. We'll see, good ride with Tristan and Jacob. Pace was brisk, until i led us onto a new trail, with some trees down. No crashes of consequence. Just the right amount of snow, to make it a fun sketchy

Yesterday, i hit the road for a few hours, i included some Tempo in there for good measure. Well what I/SNPD(when i was in the SNPD camp) would call tempo some say its endurance. Differing vocabulary i guess. Felt good to open the legs up a bit, i kept the hr in the low end of the zone, but my cadence at the higher end. Was nice to do a little structure.

Then hunkered down in the bunker to await the impending Colorado clipper. Caught up on some films, First up new release "carriers" not bad, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, are the main talent. Along the same lines a 28 days later, zombieland etc.... Pretty good, I enjoyed it, slightly more indie, not a big budget blockbuster. I give it 4 out of 5.

Next up on the double header, "Blade Runner:the final cut" still not convinced that Ford is a replicant, sure there is a unicorn dream sequence but what the hell does that mean. Still a wicked film, easy to see how it played as inspiration to BSG.

Woke up, sure enough the storm turned out to be a typical winter day. Some shoveling and snowblowing later, the driveway was clear. The rain helped too. It reminded me of a late march early april snowfall.

Man date with Jeremy and Matt at the new Rainforest Starbucks, now with real falling rain inside. Good thing i had my Mace water resistant jacket on. Not sure if it will catch on.

Home, ride on the rollers, coordination was the on the ticket today. Followed by Starbucks first snow walk since her surgery. Shes still a nut. She thinks shes a Husky.

Got a delivery late in the day, addressed to DR Watson, interesting.

Looks like its that time of year to play things pretty loose day to day with training. Not sure what the weather will be like. Tough to plan things in advance.
Short term, Sunday should be good, but i'd be lying if i said i'm not ready to get some good x-training in too.

good stuff

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