Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunny with clear skies, not much wind, warmish, I knew I had to get outside on a bicycle of some sort today. The cross bike mad sense as i will hopefully be able to race tomorrow.I threw on my "grifo"s to try out on the ice/snow. I think they will be best if it stays cold and frozen, if not i'll put on the rhino's on if it gets messy. The big concern is actually getting to the race. Forecast is for 5-10mm of freezing rain in the morning. Could be dicey getting on the 400 in that. AM call i think.

The roads were in great shape today, clear and dry for the most part. The trails were tough on the cx bike, a lot of hike a bike, i kept that stuff to a minimum. Just a hair too much snow. With some warmer weather tomorrow Monday night may be possible. We'll see.

Horseshoe is open for skiing, good stuff.

Is there anything it can't do?

I'm in talks with ESPN 8 to develop "cycling powder 8". Also already convinced the IOC to drop another track event in favour of it. (it was surprisingly easy)

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Jeff Moote said...

Tomorrow's course is looking pretty ridiculous at this point. I particularly like the sketchy euro chute on to the icy parking lot.