Sunday, December 13, 2009

SOFT/ another call to the police

yes, i did not compete today in Hespeler, i am soft i will not deny that. All i will say is it wasn't the "race" that kept me away, I'm sure it was a blast and I'm bummed i missed it. But with a late night ,pelting freezing rain/snow/hail/rain/fire/brimstone coming down as i was getting ready i couldn't drag myself onto the 400 in that. Your all welcome to a snowshoe tomorrow night and you can kick my ass and call me soft to your hearts content.

On to the late night, at 12:45 i got up to answer the call of nature and I look out my window and i see a random PT cruiser parked behind my Mazda. WTF, then i notice a sunfire parked behind the van.Both parked, not running, Double WTF. First off this is why its not good idea to own a gun, cause if i had one i would have grabbed it and loaded it.

I made my way around the house making sure everything was locked, checked the garage, Starbuck was still fast asleep so i took that as no one broke in. (maybe i put too much faith in her) edit:upon reading this it would seem starbuck sleeps in the garage, she does not. just poor sentence construction.

With all my running around Mother woke up and same response WTF.I looked around the neighborhood, all was quiet there no parties or anything going on, no cars on the street. Neighbors driveways were vacant. After trying to talk the other into going outside to get the license plates, instead just called the fuzz.....again. My first guess was stolen cars, it wouldn't be the first time we've had stolen cars dumped in front of our house. (Matts right i live in a ghetto of Barrie)

Cop came, hand on gun(see), checked the cars, came in said yeah WTF, I confessed my fear of going out myself, and quoted rule #8, "Don't be a hero".

Ran the plates not stolen, so basically it was our problem, gives us a number to a tow truck to get them towed, says they can just bill the owner. About an hour has gone by at this point.

Cop leaves, fair enough better things to do(I do mean that, not a snap) Tow truck driver says yeah he can tow them but he has to charge us, since recently the city of Barrie passed a by-law saying they can't do that anymore. So here we are stuck in our own driveway, and WE HAVE TO PAY.(add that to the list of reasons I hate Barrie) Also it was still possible they were stolen and just not reported yet. So its two in the morning, sure enough as my moms about to say, well better come get them two little F%$kers come out from a townhouse across the street walk(very quickly) and jump in and drive off. Probably waiting for the cop to leave. Little f%$ks are lucky they didn't get their parents cars towed. (Pete how do you like that cursive writing?)

Too fracking lazy to walk from the actual townhouse parking lot i guess. So didn't get to sleep until well after 2.

So there you go, if you park in someones driveway in Barrie and your car gets towed, no worries you don't have to pay a cent to get your car back. Remember that the next time you have a party, kinda like valet parking. But no need to tip. This city is so fraked up sometimes.

Woke up and yeah a little on the tired side. Mother went over and busted some skulls at the neighbors, she came back with bloody knuckles and said you should see the other guy.

After the President of the AWI made the call to really end the 2009 race season, i hoped on the rollers for a good ride, (as good as it gets inside) Miami Vice was the DVD of choice. Good post ride stretching, food, then out for some x-mas shopping, productive, stores will be kept to myself never know who reads this. New powercord for my laptop, there is another potential rant here but ill spare you. (your welcome)........(actually are you still reading this)

Starbucks stop, i'd be lying if i said there wasn't a cute girl who works there that makes a hell of an americano.

home walk the dog,

dinner, then watched the US cross nats on cycling dirt, good coverage, started out on the big screen but my computer got kinda dicey, like the graphics card couldn't handle it or something, don't know not a computer wiz, good enough on the laptop.

Good racing, Johnson did his thing, Trebon rode well couldn't do anything more and was gracious in defeat, Third on the other hand, won't go there. T(odd) wells 4th nice.(will make Paz happy) Craig was up there, Timmerman had a nice one, his beard is so awesome. Good stuff.

so, Dexter at 10 season finale, got a new book to read to keep me occupied until Lost starts back up again. A Philip K dick novel i have never heard of before.

oh Speed racer good story, actually really good story horrible horrible film making.

on a roll, if you are a film fan and or Kevin Smith(silent Bob) fan you have to watch "A threevening with Kevin smith" awesome hearing him sharing some good stories about his dogs, Mulder and Scully,(see) making cleaks 2, his role in Die hard 4, his medical issues, really good.

long post sorry, im sure im down to the hardcore 10% of AWI'ers. You are AWI platinum members.

Tomorrow Astro/BCC's rural road safety meeting at the OPP detachment, my job is to show up and not make the club/cyclists look bad. Then some kind of physical activity in the evening.

thank you to Nelson Papel, without who this post would not be possible.

p.s. i notice as starbuck gets older she hogs my nascar blanket and the bed more and more. I might as well just sit on the floor.

k longest post? maybe?


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she must be really good at pushing "espresso", then adding hot water.