Sunday, December 6, 2009

THE ride/spakfest

Pics uploaded weird can't comment on them individually, reverse order is more accurate chronologically.

So wicked ride today, huge turnout and by huge i mean there was more than just me and Charlie. So every person after that is a bonus.

Not going to lie, starting out was ominous, dark skies, freezing cold, but the old rule of thumb about if your warm in the first 10 minutes your overdressed was right and quickly got comfortable.

Made good time and before long we hit coulson hill for the first off road section, took a pretty direct route south to the 11th line, not before stopping to see Tristan's magic trick.

Sun was out in full force, so I made the executive decision to complete the ride as planned and head over to Scanlon creek, for another off road section, which included all of us doing a two wheel sideways slide down a hill in front of a couple wondering what the frack we were doing.

Next long long, p-a type headwind section, Matt refused to pull, something about it was his ride so he didn't have to. Back onto some gravel and hit the cookstown tim's for some refreshments, we beat the rush, as we sat down the lot filled with cars with x-mas trees on them.

Hoping to get some good snow squalls on the way back, didn't happen, sun was out the whole way. Then we were put in our place by a middle aged women on a Kona MTB, who absolutely schooled us on the rail trail. Matt was about to quit cycling and take up knitting on the spot.

finished on the natural gas cut, to make it memorable, almost ate it huge on the one downhill.

good stuff, kinda like brewery to brewerym the antirace and P-A all put together.

Rykoff, better get cracking on the blog.

next big event, Hespeler GP, hoping to be in decent shape, however lots of snow in the forecast so we'll see how many outdoor miles i get in.

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Big Mike said...

Unless it is a trade secret can you share your tips for keeping feet warm. What shoes etc. do you wear for winter riding?

Matt Spak said...

My feet were toasty and I didn't kill the enviroment doing it.

Marina wool socks with a thick knit sock over top, normal shoes and mid weight booties, worked for me.

Hey Andrew what did you use????

Andy said...

"Big Mike" thanks for reading, I use normal socks, shoes, but full winter booties, for added comfort, i use those little feet warmers that you open and shake up a bit, they last a long time and add just enough heat. I put them over my toes on top of my shoe. Pretty cheap 1.25 or so at walmart for a pair. Well worth it.

Apparently these are bad for the environment, according to some.

Big Mike said...

Thanks to both you guys. I will give those feet warmers a try and check out a pair of winter booties.

Jeff Moote said...

If your shoes have room for the wool socks they are great, but if not it's better to go thin on socks and allow the feet room for blood circulation. I'm extra conscious not to tighten them too much in the winter as well.

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

thanks for putting me in favorite blogs

Big Mike i love wool socks + normal shoes + either another set of white socks or thermal booties ... that and high cadence !