Monday, December 28, 2009

patent pending

So, to end the 2009 season Santa brought me a nice AWI cold, im starting to get sick of this same fraking thing. A few times a year, same timeline

day 1 scratchy sore throat,
day 2 gets a little worse body aches,
day 3 throat feels fine but full blown head cold.
Day 4 lots of burgers, but levels out.
day 5 start to feel a little better
day 6+ gets better for next few days

clockwork i tell you, i can set my calender by it.
For as long as i remember i have never gotten sick any other way, i don't think i have ever even had the flu.

Saturday was a good workout before getting sick, on the rollers for some shorter 6 min intervals, hard, legs felt worked by the end. Not used to doing this kind of intensity this early in the (training) year.

yesterday was day 1, laid low, killed the first section of a mind games book I got for x-mas. I kinda hate all the numbers 1-9 right now.

the weather hasn't been amazing either still can't decide what it wants to do, so i'm not missing much outside.(thats what im telling myself)


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Jeff Moote said...

Is that the secret to getting rid of a cold, lots of burgers?