Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok kid you can be on the blog roll

First Rykhoff is now on the blog roll, he appears to be able to put up the good blog fight. We'll see if he can keep it up.

Next, ride today was saaawweeeaaatt. Started out on the road, headed to Georgian downs and got onto the rail trail there. Sometime since the summer they have put down crushed gravel and graded the whole line all the way to Cookstown. Its now right up on par with the barrie-orillia trail. Used to be rough even on a MTB now its as smooth as a babies bottom on 26 mm tires. First few sectors even had snow coverage. Added to the epicness.

As i hit cookstown my tire was rubbing my fender a bit, broken spoke was the cause, as i was standing on the road(keeping an eye out for golf carts) playing with my nipples,(evening out the spoke tension) the sun came roaring out and I felt like just sitting down on a bench(there was no bench) and soaking it all in. Got the wheel pretty straight and headed back north along a zig zag of gravel and pavement, and a little bit of the rail trail again.

Got home, fenders worked really well, rode through everything and i was still very clean.

Also the fake tree is up and "designer" decorated.

got the powertap on the CCX SL, with slicks on for the rollers, when the mood strikes to do any "power" workouts.

Maybe use the powertap at the Hespeler cross for data purposes if its suitable???

14 day trend still has technical support at the 0 mark, oh man we are going to pay for this in January

Box is a stud

that is all

"Nathan falling = Andrew falling = Sam falling + Sam's false info = Andrew making fun of my blog = Sam being up set, and wanting to sabotage Andrew's bike at the next race"

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