Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, winter is here but i would say with more of a whimper than a bang, too much snow/ice for good roads not to mention crazy high winds. Not enough for skiing/snowshoeing.

So I'm left with two options, rollers and pole running(I use running cautiously)So past two have been just that, some work on the rollers tempo and coordination, then outside for anything to get my HR into a nice endurance zone. Rule #1 cardio.

today after all that i was left with a dog that was thinking of ways to kill me in my sleep if i didn't take her out too. not long into the walk i met up with a boxer and his off-leash owner. This woman should be the third edition to the daily show/report combo, always some kind of snap. As they played, small talk, "whats her name?" Starbuck. "what"? then the old "wow he's really big". I can never win with this lady. Insult to injury the boxer is a total tease and demoralizes Starbuck.

so the focus of todays blog is where i came up with the name Starbuck for the dog. If this does not interest you i welcome you to change the channel, may i recommend another blog from the list to the right of this page?.

Its no secret of the BSG relation, but there are others, non coffee related.

the first place i can find the name is from Moby Dick, the character was the first mate of the the Pequod. And was apparently "thoughtful and intellectual" nope thats not her.

And yes this is where the coffee shop gets its name a little bit about that at the bottom of the wiki page.

next up, and getting closer is Agent Dana Scully of the X-files, another of my favourite tv shows, in short characters favourite book as a kid is moby dick, her father nicknames her Starbuck and is in turn called Ahab. Explained in an episode where she brings her little kick it, Queequeg, another character from the book. The little kick it gets eaten by a lake monster. The Dana Scully reference was the first time i had heard of the name.

next came, Kara Thrace from BSG, foul-mouthed, hot shot, just imagine tom cruise from top gun. One in the same really. Again no secret im a BSG fan, so when the debate came up what to name the little crazy puppy we just got came up, It was choosen. Tough, always ready for a fight, doesn't listen very well, bad knee, perfect fit.

so there you go a complete rundown, so now the next time i hear someone say "like the coffee place" i can give them this url. im having cards made up as we speak.

The Look,



sharkwater is on, never seen it, looks good,

oh good club meeting last night, lots on the go and by that i mean Astro has lots on the go and he tells me about it.

Hoping for more snow, or warm temps to get rid of what we have until it really decides to come down. One or the other is what im going for really.

Nitro-circus (orillia chapter) inspired link what i would do to have a ride in that.

k, gonna try to get an outdoor ride in on the CCX SL tomorrow in prep for sunday's throwdown in Georgetown.

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Matt Spak said...

Fatty faty 2 by 4 couldn't get through the doggie door, unless there was food on the other side

Jeff Moote said...

Sunday, Georgetown? Don't you mean Hespeler?

Andy said...

Matt, just cause your dog is a complete wuss and couldn't take down a chihuahua.

Jeff, i was thinking Cambridge and i always get those two confused. But hespeler is good too.

Jeff Moote said...

Right-o, as long as that's what you meant.

Tristan Spurr said...

We have something like that in the works.We got the idea from a movie I watched from my childhood.The basic idea is Jacob will ride a bicycle well I am sitting on the handlebars pointing my finger towards the sky.If it goes as well as it did in the movie we should fly.I might also have to say E.T go home but we will see.

Matt Spak said...

Could this be a rumble on Monday Night. The snow is only a few inches high, Starbucks belly will clear that.

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