Friday, December 25, 2009

merry chris....... sorry i mean happy holidays

Its the calm after to the storm, (is that even an expression....well it is now) chilling with starbuck probably going to fall asleep mid sentence typing this.

Wednesday was a long multisport cross-training day. Headed out to home away from home horseshoe valley, packed the car with all my gear skate skis, classic, and my snowshoes, food, mypod shuffle. Started out with a 2 hour skate ski, did almost everything I skipped the farm loop and terry's test, headed back and and strapped on the snowshoes, just as i was heading out something happened that hasn't happened in .. 7 years of xc skiing i had my pass checked. Slightly grumpy british guy thought he had bagged a big one, asked to see my pass with a big smile on my face i said certainly and showed it to him. I could tell i ruined what he thought would have been the highlight of his day. Good snowshoe in some deep(ish) snow, up and down all a bunch of the ravines tried to stay off the actual snowshoe trail as much as possible as you could ride a road bike on them they are so packed down(lightbulb)

After almost 2 hours of that i switched footwear yet again for a classic ski, shuffled, kinda glided, till it was 4:30 closing time, Pretty beat after, the classic skiing is a totally different ball game that really is kicking my ass, i say that as a good thing, its a new challenge.

Yesterday was the big family gathering here so no training yesterday. Just good food, solving global warming, watching festive television like family guy and jackass. Followed by a 2 am opening of presents, ill say my family were not good consumers this year, we said we were going to go easy this year, and for once we all did. Sorry canadian economy, highlights of my x-mas haul, new jerry can, and lots of vertical striped clothes, think my family is telling me i need to slim down.

Feeling a little worked this morning it took me a while to get going but i managed to get on the rollers, the day off did wonders for my legs all the fatigue and soreness was pretty much gone. Once I got warmed up i had a great tempo workout, same 2 x 20 mins but a higher wattage. Quality ride, then out for the rest of my time on the skis in the bluffs. Figured out a very doable loop in there, super mild above zero the waxless skiis worked really well, the last 15 minutes the rain started coming down pretty good.

Merry Christmas to you all,

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