Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its coming

So just hanging out with starbuck watching some season 1 BSG, some good classic stuff before it got all super crazy(and by super i mean good)

Good quote

"I thought we were just sparring"?

"Thats why you don't win"

rehashing of the past 48 hours. Wednesday jumped on the bucket for an all encompassing ride, actually some of you may have seen a link to the ride on garmin connect, i was playing around with it and didn't realize it was posted.

One way to really hone your balance is to ride wet leafy muddy ground on road slicks, you'll find out where too put your weight fast.

Another good aerobic endurance ride,

today was an off bike day, did a little core, and took angel for a good hike, i also did some crossfit in the, no i didn't i can't lie.

Stop in the shop for a bit, then did a little shopping for the upcoming holiday gift giving event.

With winter slowly (very slowly) rolling in, the AWI CEO, and the monday night something vice-president, are cooking up an epic ride on Sunday, titled THE ride, it is also being called Spakfest in hopes of getting some hardy endurance specialists out for it. Should be good, there will be blood, tears, flats, broken bike parts, spread out over gravel, pavement, singletrack, rail trail.

Could be a snowy ride tomorrow,


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