Friday, December 4, 2009

Prep ride

In anticipation of THE ride Sunday I wanted to get a good preparation ride in for it. Headed out on the Bucket(BSG reference) again for an all in one ride. North today into springwater, hitting north simcoe rail trail, nine mile portage, midhurst trails, Hendrie tract, fort willow and various roads.

skill of the day, snow covered log overs on road slicks,

The weather was also all in one, started out well above 0, with the sun shining, by the end i went through 3 snow squalls, luckily the temp dropped so it was snow instead of rain.

Encountered 6 OPP when i was exiting Hendrie, they were all laughing and having a Jolly old time, until they saw me, they all ceased conversing and just stared at me like i was an alien. Another twilight zone moment.

ride map courtesy garmin

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Polar has arrived, so no more cheating on rides, if i'm out of zone it'll be beeping at me. At least i know what time it is.

oh, and never buy an extended warranty on a computer, absolute scam, i am refraining from a serious rant here, but yeah, total scam don't do it. Basically they can buy you out of your (broken)computer for pennies on the dollar if they don't want to fix your Computer. Staples FAIL.

around 36 hours till THE ride,

8 days till Hespeler grand prix,


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