Friday, December 18, 2009

blaming it on blackberry

Yesterday the plan was to hit Horseshoe for a skate ski, the entire trail system is groomed and open. Bought my pass online its supposed to save time that way, im not convinced but at least if it was really busy like getting the pass last year i would just go ski and not feel bad as technically i had bought my pass.(i can hear the lawyers saying "but you didn't sign a waiver")

On the way up, got some texts from Matt about a classic ski a little later in the day, i changed up the plan and headed up to Mountainview instead to see what there selection of classic skis was like. I had a lead they would have something i was looking for. Got there and got that warm fuzzy feeling that i remember from the summer, nice people, homey atmosphere. When i said that someone told me to check them out for skis the nice women looked at me very surprised like she had never heard that before. But they have a really good shop there with all the essentials you'd ever need for Alpine of Nordic.

Got set up with some waxless, wide, classic skis, and boots. Something i can just bomb around on anywhere anytime(in the winter).

Back to Horseshoe for my pass, quick and easy, guy wanted to use my old picture cause he thought i'd break the camera. Then headed to the copeland to try them out. Matt was hoping to be there by 4, but ran late and didn't get my texts, blackberry outage im saying. bombed around for almost two hours before calling it a night, skiis worked well, tried them on everything but groomed track-set, so far so good im looking forward to more km's on them to come. Spent more time than i would have liked doing some of the errands but i'm now set up and can just get out and ski.

Today was down to business woke up calorie intake and off back to horseshoe for a skate ski. Noticed my pass said "super cross country" not sure what the super means. It seems to be the same trails as last year, i thought there would be some new extreme features or something.

The conditions were great, a couple cold days and no new snow makes for some fast(relative) conditions. Skied the west loop first, going up katies hill, there was a tree fallen across the trail being held up by another tree, high enough to ski under(quickly) but i have no idea how the groomer got under it. Unless it came down today. See how long it takes for them to take it down. North loop next, this is the copeland loop, knowing the singletrack a little better now i was tempted to venture off, something for the classic skis. Not many users i think i was the third set of skate skis on it all day, which is nice in its own way. Some calorie intake at the car and hit the south loop last with two laps of the farm loop. Happy with 3 hours for my first skate of the year. Thinking my arms and shoulders will have something to say about it in the morning though.

My new road shoes arrived today, my 9 year old northwaves are finally being retired. Good shoes, not sure i have ever used anything as long as those, and i don't want to even guess how many miles are on them. The new Shimano's I can already tell are 2x stiffer and about a pound(ish) lighter.

Cycle tomorrow will the main workout with maybe some outdoor x-training.

Sounds like Astro has taken on another initiative and is looking into the club adopting a piece of ridge road.


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Matt Spak said...

It's actually an iPhone and of course since Apple rules the world it thought it would alter all plans.