Wednesday, December 16, 2009


well we'll see, not much to report on exercising you can just read Matts, Tristans and Jacobs blogs for that.

good outing tonight with K. Sojurn stop to check out their ski selection, not bad but did meet up with an old SV buddy working there, chit chat. Lots of crazy nice stuff in that store. Killed some time. Wanted to hit the new pizza place but its not open yet. I want to get in there before it goes under and something else goes in there in a month.

dinner, ordered the same thing, server had a good chuckle. i wasn't happy

Starbucks wal-mart plaza location. May have found an even cuter girl that makes a better americano, and im sorry but its the way the hot water goes into the cup, it has to be gentle as not to "bruise" the espresso.(i totally just made that up)

film pick, the blind side. Excellent, better than i expected, 2 thumbs, and 2 big toes up. Krista really liked it too and shes usually hard to please with films. And Sandra Bullock is never hard to look at either.

lots o snow, figure a skate trip to the shoe is in order soon.


Jeff Moote said...

Even if your logic about the preparation of your americano is BS, if the cuter girl makes it taste better it sounds like win-win. -10 pts for being next to a Walmart though.

mpaziuk said...

hotter girl = hotter americano, you know my policy on Barista girls.... lock it up