Wednesday, November 18, 2009


yeah, been a few days since the last post, nothing to exciting going on,

Sunday, had some good intentions to get on the bike but it was cloudy so i didn't. The old fair weather only type deal nowadays.

Monday morning i spent in tears after seeing the provincials results, i then asked the 8 ball if it would ever happen, it said "signs point to yes" So there is hope for Box.

Coffee at Starbucks, re haching the weekend.

Got out for a ride with a good size group in midhurst, halfway through the sun started to appear turned out to be Ben after his late arrival.

yesterday, long walk with starbuck, theres this lady that always gets mad at me when i have her on a leash. So i let her off to play hardball with a Boxer. The bluffs are a weird place, you can't win, if your dog is off the leash you get dirty looks, but if you have your dog on the leash you also get dirty looks from the off leashers. I don't know what to do its like two cliques of people.

Last night i got a last minute ride oppoutunity on the rail trail, good ride a little chilly, some hot apple cider, solving the worlds problems as usual.

today, some phone calls, made some appointments, shipped my polar off to get fixed, i decided when i get it back ill start training again seriosuly. Usually a fast turnaround.

surfed the MTBr forums, its a crazy world that i am kinda new to and am blown away by the language and lack of respect there is on there. crazy. But entertaining.

Another hike with the devil, this time i said f-it im joining the no leash movement, sure enough i see tons of people out. The first lady got all nervous and asked if she bites, Yeah, shes a yellow lab they are known for there viciousness be carefull, that smile and tail wag means trouble. Next lady has two retrievers both of which are grumpy and Starbuck knows to just ignore them, then she meets a really young puppy, but she was pretty good and gentle so problems. So i've picked my side. Au natural.

looking like i won't have the cat named after me, thats good.

progress is being made on the geared MTB side, my lifes ambition is about to come to fruition.

Back is feeling better,

GI JOE wasn't great, wasn't too bad either

weekend is hopefully going to include some sort of group bicycle ride and film watching, thrashin has been proposed.

....i think thats it,

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