Wednesday, November 4, 2009

todays events,

Well for a ride, i slid down to Coulson's for a mtb ride, not sure if i would get another chance this year before the snow flies. Good ride, some new trails in there, one really new piece that look like it was cut(raked) yesterday. And it appears some huckers have been in there too, as there are three big gaps at the north end. One is crazy huge, or at least it looks like it to me as a xc'er. I bet if i had my freeride jersey on it would have looked smaller.

great ride, didn't get shot by any hunters, bonus,

just saw the best subaru commercial ever, going to go by one.

Heading to the metropolis in the am, rumour has it a 2x CTS winner will be around. Interesting.

Then home for a bicycle ride, of some sort,

Wondering when the day will come that i start winding things down for the season. I think it will be soon. Or whenever i have that race that just tells me to pack it in. With only a few left not sure what will happen first.


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peter g said...

Winter Wow ... oh ya i just did that