Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking one for the team

Today was the usual pre double weekend process, of getting everything cleaned and tuned before getting everything dirty and detuned.

I was planning on just heading to Hardwood tommorow to help out with getting the sunday course set up. You know pounding stakes in all day, running tape, fun stuff like that. But shucks, the bib numbers have to get to the race on sunday from the race tommorow near Moffat. I bit my tongue and volunteered to go to the race and bring the numbers back. Oh well someone has to do it.

Also got the Road bike all ready to go to a new home. Looks like it will stay local, so i can check in on her every once in a while. (Tear)

Once i got everything dialed i got out for a ride in the bluffs on the CCX1, Make sure all the bugs are out of it. Found a nice new trail in there, way better than the trails that were cut last year that never really got ridden in cause they kinda sucked, but this one was really well laid out, and even being extremely fresh i was able to ride most of it on the cx bike.

Home, into my civies to take starbuck for a walk, back into forrest, pretty much all the leaves are on the ground now, looks like a golden brown carpet laid over the forrest floor.

A little more work in the shop, starting to get to that crappy point in the cross season where for every 60 minute cross race, you spend 120 minutes even colder washing everything in the dark.

I'm strugling with the choices for next weekend, New Jersey is most likely out as i have no plans for that. There is the Anvil/Mooneys bay races in ottawa, or i show up to and kill everyone at the Antirace race. Yes im a bike racer and i will race it. Suck it misfit. (oh and pete yes i got your e-mails and as you can see im not sure yet)

Liam has "resigned" from trek world racing, im expecting the phone to ring any second now.......

stoked, k back to packing,

Paz is talking 29'er again geez, cause 26 inch hardtails are dead (even though 98 percent of WC XC racers still use them)

"no dogs allowed"

guess starbuck is staying home tommorow

p.s. i expect all my readers within a 150km radius to attend the race at Hardwood Sunday


Reader #3 said...

Ok, all 4 of us will be there.

Jason Everaert said...

I may be #5 but alas...I live more than 150km away.