Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoke to soon

Warning: this post has little to do with anything

So, you may recall yesterday's post when i got sidetracked with "Road warrior" or mad max 2, When i said i hope Mel Gibson is in the long promised mad max 4. Well, as i was typing that it was announced he wouldn't be mad max in the new film titled "Fury Road". The possibility of a cameo or small role is still possible, but the lead appears to be going to Tom Hardy, british character actor seen in Layer Cake and also he was the bad guy in Nemesis. I think it should be an Aussie and Worthington who is the new aussie it boy has been tossed around and i 100% think he would be awesome in that role. (Still think Mel could pull it off, look at Willis in live free or die hard)

Charlize Theron is also rumored to have a big role, so thats wicked.

Either way i look forward to it,

Feeling better today, took starbuck for an extra long hike today to make up for yesterday, shes pretty whooped right now.

Canadian tire stop for some price matching, Starbucks, meet up with the crew for a ride, made to feel bad cause i had a starbucks coffee, a perk of living in the south end, we have three, and the northerners are left with about 30 tim's.

Good ride, Ben let it slip that he watched an episode of BSG and really liked it, ha,

starting to get itchy for my polar to show up, may need to start without it, i'd be lost though, i have barely done a workout it for 8 years.

"hey you guy, im going to stop and roll in this smelly stuff here, hey you, watch this"
Starbuck if she could talk

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