Thursday, November 26, 2009

since monday

wowzers been a while, must be why my visits are down.

Well still just recharging the batteries for the season ahead. Tuesday am, got the car sprayed at Krown, lady said be careful of my brakes they may be squishy, brakes were fine the oil on my brake pedal on the other hand. Yeah foot slipped right of the pedal, good thing i wasn't following to closely.

P.M. "son number 1" came over for his birthday dinner, which of course meant the Keg, my birthdays tend to be at Wendy's hence the numbering system, actually Moose Winoskies as i love their mushroom penne.

I will say the Keg has the best chicken in town, i always get laughed at when i say that but its true. Im very particular with my steak and really only like it when i have full control over it.

New pet peave when someone calls you then says they'll call you back later and doesn't, you know who you are.

yesterday was a Starbucks morning, Matt and I even met some blog groupies there, signed some autographs, posed for some pictures the usual stuff. Then headed down to visit grandma for her birthday in Newmarket. Her talking about her boyfriend made me very uncomfortable.

home, chilled watched Frost/Nixon, excellent best boxing movie i have ever seen. I thought it would be boring and slow but wow, only Ron Howard could make it exciting. Featruing two of my favorite character actors Sam Rockwell and Kevin Bacon, highly recommended.

Still waiting for my Polar......

Astroboy is planning tons of projects for the Club, one may or may not be to take over the world. I'm getting pretty pumped for direction the club is going.

Kyle Fry put his rain cape in the dryer, the 8 Ball said nothing about doing that.

Subway CX sunday where Erik Box is my pick for the win. Should be interesting to see how i do with zero intensity since the Barrie cross race.

Looking forward to training again, first year i haven't actually stopped riding entirely on my time off, basically been taking any opportunity to ride with people as i can get. And everyone is pretty much in the same boat so there is usually more talking than riding.

Heard a crazy rumour Jeremy rode the winter wow, better not be true may have to have a stern talk about that one.

Seems like no blog is complete without this link looks like fun, may need to bust out the freeride jersey



Tammy said...

the rumours are true...

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

where is the damn annonomous commenting

sunday you must come to official bike club meeting ... matt p is hoping to join ... location undeterminded ... place your request


Steve Neal Performance Development said...

further jeremey rode the s-word out of it (not specialized) ... he stood up too i believe

ITXMarkGray said...

By "Groupies", do you mean the 40 year old cougars that said hi at Starbucks? Carey says she'll bring her camera next time to make it official.