Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saw Amanda today on the ride and she said Hi.

So, today was the day, after years of "can you show me on a map where 3 stage is" and "na ill jus t go with you" and that person(s) never actually going. (except for pete and matt first people to ever give me a legit invite to ride there) .... I finally got to ride the infamous three stage.

ill back up a bit, being the eager racer i am i was ready to go at 11:50, sure enough we got rolling at around 12:30 after some people rolling in at 12:15. It was all good though, very laid back, some beverages consumed, some casual smoking, to expand the lungs and we were off.

10 minutes in and we headed straight up the escarpment, on a gravel road, a steep gravel road, and 75% of us were on singlespeeds, it was a scene out of a horror movie, people walking zig-zaging, the humanity, though everyone had a huge smile on there face.

some hike a bike and before i knew it we were in the mother of trail systems. Not to shabby some nice tight anti kabush trails, some carnage. While stopped a few riders came from the other direction, including Mrs. Sin. (or Ms. Sin) and the title says the rest of that story.

Good riding, had the gps on so i know the trails we rode, i can wait to get back up there and just explore, hopefully this week. By the end of the trails my back was just killing me, really thinking i need some gears, this big gear pushing is killing me these days.

one highlight of the ride was getting passed by the equivalent to the angry german on the train in europe. This guy was just pissed off at the world, and i am not surprised at all that he was riding by himself.

The ride back was interesting 20 under geard singlespeeders bombing down gray road 19, trying to out draft each other. Got back to the village, got cleaned up at matts place, (looking like i may have a cat named after me)

Dinner at the firehall, awards were given out, stories told, starbucks then home.

thanks misfits for a great day on the bike.

so so so tempted to go back tomorrow........

"my cat was pure evil, it would drop mice in the pool just to watch them drown"

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

let me know if your riding this week i am game ... parking at top makes for better singlespeeding