Saturday, November 7, 2009

Moffat Stakes Race

So woke up blah blah blah the usual. Back down the westbound 401, this time past Kelso to the next exit down the road and past Mohawk and bam on a horse farm or a farm with horses, not sure if horses are “farmed”. Just walking around a bit the course seemed to be very old school. Actually it reminded me of the alpha five farm race.

Got to watch and take some pics of the 11:30 races, couldn’t have asked for a better day to watch or take part in a race. Got changed headed out on the road for a bit to get warmed up.

Headed out on the course for a lap, yup Log barriers, a little singletrack, it was great. It was a little bumpy at pre-ride speed.

Lined up, there was an ok number of seniors and m1’s, just big enough for our own starts. Moote led off the start I was shuffled back a few into the first barrier, may or may not have been hit from behind causing a bit of a crash. Nathan took over the lead and I settled in behind Mancini for a bit, well the uphill grind into the headwind bit. Came by on the next barrier run up. I had a little gap to Nathan but the singletrack section took care of that. Or Nathan not pre-riding it to be exact. The couple barriers in that section were well placed with tight uphill corners right after. The next two barriers I think were semi useless, just kinda there.

Caught onto Nathan, the course suited him and his big ring power, Good q-ring course it was said. Rode behind for a bit, then came by figured I’d share the work, Nathan was having none of that and immediately moved back into the lead. We had some good back and forth battles for a bit before I got by on the inside of a corner jus before the singletrack section. The gap grew from there.

Came by 3 laps to go, huh feels like Steve was cutting us some slack and making it a hair on the short side, Kewl, kept the pressure on, started to ride the main runup after the barrier not sure if it was faster but I hate running.

Lapped through 3 laps to go, and Steve yelling something about going faster, darn it. Settled into a nice pace and tried to have some fun on the course. There were some sections that had me smiling for sure.

Of course the entire True North factory was out watching and heckling to no end. Never getting to far from the pit though. Just in case someone needed a frame welded up I guess.

Finished up, Nathan was 2nd, and Mancini third.

Good times, great course, (- two barriers) awards were good, there was a huge dog that I thought was a wolf walking around after.

All cleaned and ready to go tomorrow at hardwood, like I said all readers within 150km radius are expected to attend.

Sounds like the course is a combo of last year and this years Wednesday night course.


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Jeff Moote said...

Agreed on the good course, minus the last couple barriers which were just "there". Speaking of Q-rings, I was trying a new setting (OCP 4 for accelerations). Seemed nice and accelerate-y, good for cross.

jvk said...

RE:riding up the big runup. Nathan ran it a bit faster but of course you have to take into account the re-mount. I'd say it was a wash for time but you win with regards to style.