Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maytag coaching services

Yesterday, was lots of cleaning and such after the double weekend, before loading up to head out to the 8th for a night ride. Tristan and Matt were in attendance, Ben was supposed to be there, but maybe he got lost trying to leave his driveway?

Good ride, almost impaled myself once, lots of sliding around on hidden wet 45 degree logs, somehow we all managed to get out in one piece.

Good sleep up for coffee, and it was sunny, by the time i finished it was raining, awesome.

Took my time getting ready to ride. The diswasher repair man stopped by and gave me crap for stretching, saying its not the thing to do anymore. I said my left knee and its tendency for tendinitis disagrees. After reinforcing Starbucks bad habits he left me to head out to ride. I dressed for dry, maybe a slight drizzle. Sure enough it didn't take long for the hail, sleet, and snow to come down. So yeah cut that ride a little short.

Out for some supplies and back into the shop to do some more work on bikes, getting the Faze ready to sell, and my fender bike all ready to go. Its going to be dope, last year my winter bike was probably close to 30 lbs. Taking out all the stops and hopefully with fenders it will only be a little over 20.


Matt Spak said...

It works!!! Remember that the Maytag Man is lonely so I have apperently way to much time to read different things.

Oh Starbuck wanna go for a W A L K!!!!

Wednesday Night Something said...

I heard SPAK was going to race the Barrie cross race, but when he heard it might be slightly overcast he decided to stay home and stretch instead.