Monday, November 30, 2009

It begins

Pete glassford inspired post with pictures,

Talked with the nice lady at the polar service center, shes the tech that does the tech stuff and she had h1n1 last week, so thats wicked so my polar will come back with the swine flu probably, ill douse it in alcohol when i get it back.

After a little procrastinating i was out the door, for the first solo road ride in the past while. First time out on the new (old) bike, yes you are counting the cables right. Just a 42 on front and mtb cassette on the rear.

Beard is coming in nicely, and by nicely i mean patchy, to keep the old face warm this winter.

I prefer to use action shots as opposed to brutally staged still shots like some people. This was taken at like 23 kph.

This is from Nathans bio pace big ring, you'll notice the elongated pattern. (that long scar involved my brother not knowing how to ride a dirtbike)

K, soo i was on the side of seadon adjusting my saddle height and fore aft, as this old lady in a covered golf cart buzzed me at 8 k an hour. No joke she almost hit me, the whole road was clear but she was not pulling that carts right tire of the shoulder. I was pretty sure i was in the twilight zone.

No idea how long i rode for, probably 2-2.5 hours, nice high rpm, aerobic the whole time thanks to the gearing i have. Good ride, little chilly but ill take it on November 30th.

a new blog to keep an eye on, its not going my left link list yet, but it has potential.

a little snow today,

k, thats it for now


Jeff Moote said...

Oh man, Sam has a blog. He will never make the list up on the right if he doesn't improve his spelling.

I've been thinking of the same for winter training: 42 front, 11-28 rear.

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

let me know if you need to borrow a hrmonitor ... or buy one or a powertap but no worries to borrow something.

also stop riding solo ... i am riding 5hrs in snow today what are youdoing ?


ps. where is the god damn annonomous / link-site posting option this is restricting the people who are able to post on yoru blog ... bad for business

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

also that bike def qualifies for the PO30s Club ... you may need to install a powertap or lead bolt filled seat post to meet weight restriction though .


Sam Rykhoff said...

My blog is the best hands down my mommy liked it!