Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Primed in Waubababaland

So headed down to the city for lunch with Kev and Matt P. Good stuff, talked bikes, business, girls, H1 N1, you know all the usual gossip. Did you know that Shimano is going to 11 speed next year, why? cause it goes to 11.

Drive back home was interesting just north of King road it turned into a January Snowstorm, and the Mazda without snows is a little sketchy, kinda like small blocks in greasy mud. It was a thin snowband that i got through after about 2km. By the Marsh is was sunshine and butterflies. Another couple patched of snow, saw one little spinout, and 80 firefighters standing around it.

Home finished building the Faze for sale, its all ready to go so come buy it. Free to good home. well maybe not free but a good home is a must.

A quick bit to eat and i was off to the North, Yes there is a place that is even further north than Barrie. Headed with Jer and Tammy to Matts for a little viewing of Aspen Extreme, yeah put 4 ski ( former) instructors in a room and its a given that it would be picked. Just as good as i remember, great one liners. Also got to ogle the shop setup which includes a bike bathtub, yeah.

home, eats, blogging, facebook surfing, bed, MSN conversation on the new MSN don't like it,

"Tell her you went to the olympics"

"I didn't go to the Olympics"

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