Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Didn't get the memo

Well thats all folks(now that its front page glassford news) for the 2009 bikcycle race season. (except maybe subway......and hespeler...dammit, ok but just going to show my support for the various causes / events that good people put on)

Last couple years i've gone to the bitter end of my fitness and mental fortitude, this year trying to quit while im ahead so to speak. Hopefully get back onto a program sooner this year too. Actually this year as opposed to the new year is the plan.

Monday night had a good ride, even with not being able to see the trail and riding off into the woods multiple times. Rode the hard man route all the hills the wrong way on the single speeds.

Yesterday long hike with starbuck, then off to the BCC AGM, good meeting.

Today another long hike with starbuck, then off to an early dinner and a flick.

dinner good, film not good,

Amelia, not going to even give you a reason, if you trust my film reviews then just trust me, horrible story telling. ill give you the ending they went with the old she crashed in the ocean and was lost......when its widely believe she ditched and was captured by the japanesse and held during WW2. But hey. whatever. Bad movie, was very tempted to walk out.

looks like i will get to kill it at the anti race on saturday, should be good plan on ripping some legs off.

"Looks like a hawk"

"Its a Kestrel"

"whats a Kestrel"

"its a Hawk"


Anna the Visitor said...

With bike season over, I guess it's time to get a job now. Or is your Norco salary that good???

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

previous comment ... ouch!

my bad .. checked to make sure you had announced after i posted ... It was in code though

Coffee today man ... am starting my ride from Barrie ... i'll text you .. LOL ... OMG ... LMFAO ... Text Text


ps . i think the annonomous or name/link posting option is gone ... is this punishment ?