Sunday, November 1, 2009

DAY 2, High and Dry

Last night was a record setter with the number of kids coming by. Took a while to get started but after a while they just started coming in swarms.

Woke up to nice bright sunshine thanks to the time change. breaky, loaded up the van, hit tim's i scored a hot apple cider, they seem to be random where and when you can get them.

Made it to Kelso in time to watch the juniors/m2/womens start, got some good pics. The junior race was great to watch very tight lots of lead changes. My wednesday night sparring partner Sean Kelly from Bradford won it.

The course was looking dry and fast, complete opposite to yesterday. I warmed up a little on the road, and over near the MTB course, think i found part of Pete's left lung. Can't be sure.

Rode the course a few times, a very nice condensed course that was great for viewing the race. A little bit of everything.

Both Peter morse and Issac were on the sidelines sick, im starting to get sketched out, i don't know if more people are sick or if im just noticing it more..... think i might curl up in a ball for the next 6 months until this thing passes.

Got lined up, stood there talking to the other guys and realized Brad the starter wasn't even there yet. Good start nailed my pedal first try and got on nathan's wheel. First set of barriers were tight, or the left right after moreso, I jumped on Erik and i think Marco ran it, some jockying there.

Nathan was pushing a huge gear and wasn't accelerating out of the corners to quick so i moved past and into the lead. Box and Jarred formed up a few seconds behind me. I settled into a nice high pace, I didn't want to make the same mistake as yesterday and almost blow up on the first lap. Rode the climb well and started to open the gap up a little. I focused on riding the fun sections fast and rolled the flats in a big rolling gear. Box and Jarred were still together which made me slightly nervous, but with some many loops on the course i could see just about everyone and know if i was putting time into them or vice versa, as long as it wasn't coming down i knew i could just keep doing what i was doing.

Partway through Jarred distanced himself from Box and but my gap was holding steady. The beach was full of hecklers and every time through there was lots of commentary. Tim was there to peer pressure me into doing something showboaty, one of these days karhma is going to come back and bit me.

Kept the pace high, last couple laps i was able to bring it down and notch and enjoy the course. Except for the long grinding climb, that one hurt a bit.

finished up, post race debrief, awards. I have a fridge full of beer now, Should be good till next october.

The speedriver guys put on another great weekend of racing, like always.

monday night night ride tommorow looking forward to that.

"Im sick"
80% of the people i know

edit: great Quote from Erik

"Cyclocross is about fun. It's about great people, building great courses (like this weekend past; THANKS SpeedRiver!), riding mud, sand, being a tech weenie and enjoying the fall, while the rest hide inside."

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Great job on the wins man