Sunday, November 8, 2009

BCC HW S&B CX 09 (hows that for short forms)

Oh boy was it a nice day today to be in the great outdoors. As soon as i woke up it just felt warm.

I headed out to the course and arrived just in time to watch the tail end of the M3 race. The place was buzzing with cx excitment. I got registered and on my way through saw Jack, a little worse for wear apparently crashing at the start, wishing him well.

Got to witness Jeremy ride his bike, which was awesome. He said he was racing, luckily he was kidding. Tammy was racing though, after doing some crossfit on saturday. Jarred also stated his soreness after the same crossfit session, sounds like there coach is a hardman.

Walked around a bit, to see what the course was like, stopped at the barriers for a bit. Watched some of the younger riders get to ride around them, when i was that age i had to go over them. Slackers, (kidding)

Liz did a bang up job marshaling the barriers.

Got dressed a little early and go a lap in before the 11:30 start, course was fast fast fast. Then got my camera out for the 11:30 starts, good size groups especially the junior race. Highlight was Sam Rykhoff showing his ambidextrous dismount skills. Mad skills.

Handed off my camera and headed out for a warmup, up the 6th line and back and onto the course. Mostly by myself but i was able to grab Zach's wheel for a bit, he was super motivated today and was going to kill he said.

Passed the time before the lineup by watching Starbuck have a bout with Wiki, Starbuck had some solid take down moves but Wiki drew first blood therefore winning the battle.

Lined up, beside the Mcor duo of Li and Smith. There was some M1 chatter behind about phone calls from the OCA, long story.

Again we lined up way to early, too many type A personalities. But with a relativley big field i guess it was good to be on the front line.

Start, Stafford and Batty good off the gun fast, i settled in behind Morse and Box, i could sense someone really trying hard to pass me under braking, and making me kinda nervous. Up a climb sure enough juiceboy comes by like he's got a number three on his door. Into the corkscrew, Mark was starting to form a nice gap to us. Not panicking but didn't want to see it get to big either. Moved past morse after the barriers, and behind box and Jared "burpees" stafford. Doing the turn onto the tunnel over and i could here some bike carnage behind me. apparently a riders rear wheel came out of there frame.

Past Box, up to Stafford, who pulled off to do pushups for time allowing me to take up after Mark.

By the finish line i was with Mark. Went by after the start line, and held a nice high pace. The loose sandy climb split things up a bit and it became clear that was going to be a seperator in the race. Me being me, and the way i am, i never let an oppourtunity to open a gap more, so i kept the throttle at 11 and before long put some good real estate to the chasers.

I didn't have my watch on so i had no idea how much time to go and lap board wasn't up yet. I undrestimated and sure enough the board came up wtih 5 to go. I had a nice buffer and didn't want to crash so i turned it down to 8. For the rest of the race, except for the two climbs they were 11 just to stay on the bike. I could see Jarred and a gap back to Erik, with Mark out of sight.

The cheering sections were great today a couple kids who seemed to run around faster than i could ride it to cheer at different sections. Not to mention the usual BCC suspects.

The last lap was tough, legs were feeling it and my back was getting tight, thinking this AWPD standing, big gear, climbing is a little tough on the back.

Finished up in 1st place, (apparently i don't make that clear sometimes) Stafford and Erik 2nd and third.

Awards, chit chat, then home, dinner,

chilling, may try to watch Dexter if I don't pass out, getting down to crunch time for next weekend..... i just don't know.


velotaku said...

You have truly distinguished yourself this season as the Peter Mogg of elite cyclocross in Ontario!

Also, I do not look forward to the impossibility of disengaging you in battle at the anti-race.

Peter G said...

I enjoy the previous comment ... you are the king of ontario cycling ... I also resent the kelso jab but enjoy it at same time

Also i think you used AWPD ... this may infringe on copyright, I will have to consult our lawyers

Andy said...

Velotaku, thanks I do plan on Dominating M1 when the time is right Mogg is just a role model....but did see how close it was on sunday for him.

Peter, i didn't mention that the lung was sitting beside my left hamstring,