Saturday, November 28, 2009

back and atom

well im taking some good hits from all sides on here. Bring it.

Yesterday was semi -productive, took the dry morning to install the snow tires on the 3. Funny enough it actually started to snow a little as i was doing it. Car looks mean with the steel wheels on, ready for anything and by anything its still not as good as the Lumina in the snow, that thing could go through anything.

Then i had to update the firmware in the blu ray player, total fail on blu ray players in this respect. As blu-rays change with more features you have to update your player.(who knew) Took me a while to figure it all out, and i'm somewhat ok with electronics. Basically requiring to unhook the modem from the office hook it up to the player, and sit there for an hour as it downloaded to the player. So basically if you have a blu ray player you also need the internet to update it and need to know how to do it. I miss vhs you put the tape in a hit play. fail for anyone who just wants to put a dvd in and watch it.

A visit from my favorite northern ontario teacher, somehow escaped even though global warming means no ice road in sight.

AM was getting my bike ready for tomorrow, then headed out on my singlespeed to pedal around a little bit. First solo non-group ride in a long time. Gotta get used to that again.

Forecast is looking moderate, starting to cool off with a little snow in the long range, may be a while before i get on snow.

Have some new and different approaches to training this winter, in an attempt to cut back on mindless hours on the rollers.

Snowshoeing may not be the same depending on how Starbuck handles the snow, have a feeling it will be lot more solo stuff. Basically her favorite thing in the world so it will be tough leaving her at home when i head out.

"Tiger should have used a driver"
Just hilarious

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