Sunday, November 22, 2009

400 north

So, yesterday the Faze got picked up, in good time for me to jet up to the "waub" for get together, i missed out on the ride, but got there in time for pizza and Thrashin, pizza was good, film was well received,

Bob the cat is friendly he let me pet him more than my own cats, home bed, awake at 2 in the morning for a big scene in front of the house. Lots or talk but in the end i never saw any punches flying, cops got there about 12 seconds after they kids left, its a long way from a tim's in the north end.

Up, breakfast, right away i just felt a little off today, rolled in and as i was getting ready i felt this breeze, and though damn its really cold out here. And why do i feel naked? sure enough i didn't realize it when i put my bibs on put they were totally torn open at the back. Like one of those doors on full pj's i have no idea how it happened or how i didn't notice. Considered riding like that but figured i'd spare my riding partners and through my sweats on with some duct tape to keep my pant leg out of my single ring. Turns out to be a pretty comfortable way to ride.

Spak, my new friend Rob, and the Matheson Brothers, yes that right both were out, Jaime showed up up on anything DH, .....road warrior is on AMC stoked, really really really hope they actually get around to making another one while Mel Gibson is still acting. sorry sidetracked.....ride was good, a few other groups were out, couple of dh'ers sessioning the bermed downhill and skinnies.

Matt thought of a new motto for the BCC, ill have to share that privately,

home, nap i was feeling better but still a little off, Starbuck wouldn't let it slide though, i thought a walk would do me good too. Nope, got down to the bottom of the first trail and had to turn around, feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Starbuck was not happy with the u-turn, but i was not feeling it.

not sure whats up,

planning on doing the subway cross next weekend so hopefully not getting sick.


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