Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 has begun

Feeling refreshed after some mellow riding i was ready to get back at it today. Instead of Paris to Ancaster it was the subway cross but im doing the old car industry saying its the year ahead model.

Felt good to pack up and get into race gear to head to the city for a bike race. Survived the drive down Jane Street, city drivers really are a different bread.

Arrived and sure enough the usual suspects were there, Nathan, Peter (Morse & Mancini) Box arrived fashionable last but it was obvious he was in the zone. Got signed in and watched the junior m2's go off, quickly realized the course was very confusing and i had no idea how it all linked together.

Got ready spare wheels in the pit and watched the end of the junior race. The deal was that if Sam won it he could race the senior race. He did and immediately started the smack talk.

Got warmed up, the course was good, i realized there was zero barriers, non, nata, it was sweet. Still couldn't figure out the course other than Rod and the CXO guys installed wormholes around the course. I'm pretty sure that's how they did it.

Lined up, Craig is getting good at being a commisaire, "you guys ready to go?" ..."ok go" I settled in a couple spots back and just hung on the back of the lead group until i couldn't any longer. My shifting was a little off, totally my bad, it allowed the group to get a gap a little earlier but it would have happened regardless im sure. I found myself in 5th and in no mans land. Box and Jarred were off the front battling and Nathan and Morse were riding for 3rd. I got a glimpse every once in a while, looked like a good race up front.

I had to get off a couple times to adjust my cable tension but nothing to crazy. The M1 leader Derrick came by, i was super nervous and didn't want to hold him up. Rode with him for a bit but he powered away quickly.

Near the end of the lap i noticed Mancini gaining on me but i appeared to have enough distance to maintain my 5th.

Erik won, yeah hey who was it that called that oh right.

good stuff, and thus concludes the 2009 southern series, won the overall again, 3rd year i think(maybe 4th) i think i did 11 races,(could be 12 or 10) not in a hurry to look. It was a good season with weather that was nicer than the mtb season.

And once again its the people that make the series great, spectators, racers, organizers, all were amazing this year.

up next two weeks to prepare for the Hub race teams take down of there own rider Peter Mogg. Also, hr monitor or not i'm hitting the bricks tomorrow. And by bricks i mean some endurance.

no blog post isn't complete with a Tiger Woods theory, ok here's mine, he had to run out to get a movie back to blockbuster before he left in the morning, while pulling out of his drive way he dropped it and reached down to get it and lost control of his caddy........or he just had an accident that is no ones business and people should leave it at that. i know crazy idea.

Also calling him the best golfer in the world is like calling lance armstrong the best cyclist in the world, hes not, hes just the best tour rider in the past 10 years. big difference. Fabian Cancellara is the best.

k good stuff,

the facebook e-mails are rolling in over the photos better see the comments.

"oh right the character not the coffee chain"
finally somebody gets it.

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