Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish i was still a carrot farmer

Tonight was the first of four night cross races at hardwood hills(yes i just called it that) Good times.

backing up though, thanks to Big mike for letting me know the uci races have switched, good thing i would have been on the backside of the hill wondering where the hell everyone was. And to Andrew for the Norco history lesson, and yes i know Andy Tout left some big shoes for me to fill. Too many Andrews floating around that sentence.

I went for a good trail run today. it was a little scary the wind was blowing pretty good, i was worried about getting smoked by a falling branch, a tree i can avoid but those branches are trickier to hear falling. Made it out unscathed, my garmin is telling me im running at about 7.5 kph in the woods, which would put me at 2 hours if i was able to keep that up. Ben brought up a good point about the accuracy of the Garmin for trail running, is it cutting corners? am i running farther and therefore faster than its telling me? not sure, but i figure 1:45 to 2 hours is the goal. It will depend a little on the course too i think.

Got home another layer of tubular glue on the rims and tires. Lost count now. Good chat with Gershom at Bikeland, he tried to sell me a specialized stumpjumper.

wraps for dinner,

Headed to HH got registered signed up for the whole series, i guess i know what im doing the next three wednesdays.

Almost saw the blue ranger(Bretton) knock himself out with his own bike, still not sure what happend. Was asked if Pete and i are friends, I said yes but that Peter should be asked the same question maybe he would answer differently.

Got on the course, I was immediatly impressed with the thought and effort that went into it. Same general direction and layout as the BCC hardwood cross race last year. But with a bunch of little changes, and additions, a giant corkscrew that takes about 3 mins to ride. (exaggerating). Decent turnout, we started with a bit of light in the sky, but by the second lap it was dark, they did a great job lighting the course, using the ski lights, and also the old baseball trick, cars running with there lights on scattered around the course. It was a blast start to finish, there were a couple spots on the course that were pretty dark and all you could do was hold on and hope there still wasn't anything there. I really hammered it good, trying to get some good form heading into the uci races. The course had nothing really technical on it, pretty much on the gas, 180 degree sandy corner and repeat 18 times a lap.

Used my big ring a lot, by the end of the 30 mins i was pretty cooked. Brendan was second on a singlespeed mtb (running my recomended gearing) Tristan was third. The juniors started 30 - 40 seconds behind us. I think they should start with us, pretty much doing the same lap times.

so yeah good stuff. look forward to next week.

"I almost drove the lawntractor to work today"

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

i feel that quote is taken out of context ... I stated 'what do you want' as you were expecting me to recognize your presence whilst running down a hill to solve a timing problem ... not knowing that you had arrived yet .

i feel friends question is weird ... i would say yes, but its complicated :)

also let mek now whaty ou think of my new site ... its a work in progress butbetter in many ways (such as blogger blog)

also can you add 'annonomous' commmenting please ...

also we are riding copeland sunday and i am open to riding monday endurance slow