Sunday, October 11, 2009

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I headed down to the city solo today, i left pretty early didn't see the point in sitting around home when i could watch the earlier races. I forgot to bring my camera though that was a bummer.

Rolled in, just as i get out of the car juiceboy rolls up. potential teamwork? no probably not. Got registered, watched some of the 10 am race then got changed and ready to turn some laps with the Norco cross team, before the 11:30 race. The course blew me away, from a 4 minute circle around the park into a 7:30 min lap with tons of fast corners, climbs, off camber, just about everything you'd want in a course. Stephane did a great job with it, with some tweaking to the start and pit areas, it will be really nice nationals course.

Good laps with juice he was killing it, his definition of easy lap is different than my definition.

The turnout by the looks of things was looking huge, turns out 157. not sure but i think thats a new southern cx record.

Watched the 11:30 race, Jason Massicotte(sp) killed it off the front of the junior race again. Amanda had a chaser all day but won the womens race.

Got warmed up again, with a few more laps, Craig gave us his usual speech, basically pluggin his own race. But he let us start a little early, which was nice as it was a little chilly. Led the start until the second corner when i slid out going a bit hot, Nathan got by me. Followed him into the run up. Marco, Juice, Morse and box came by Nathan and myself. Marco and Box immediatly gapped us. Nathan and Juice started getting the elbows out, i just sat on, and waited to see if Peter was going to chase back the duo. I Nascared juice good into a corner, and on the next corner something happened to Nathans bike, and he pulled off. Just before the lap I came by peter and chased after Box and Marco. Marco killed it with me on his wheel basically in the process an impromto leadout into the tough drag climb. I was able to hold the lead even on the long run up, which really sucked the life out of me. I settled into a nice groove and continued to build my lead a few seconds over Box a lap. Juice was with box for a while in 3rd. But fell back partway and got passed by Morse and finished 4th. Could be some good Stafford/Juice espoir battles this year.

Lots of good spectators out too which was nice, a couple random off leash dogs but im not Steve Homenuk so it wasn't a problem.

Won a good size Pumpkin nice. Got out of there in good time, home before 4, food, long walk with Starbuck, more food,

bugged Spak to come ride tommorow morning, looks like it will be chilly but dry.

for the winter i've decided to take my level 1 in this fine sport and get back into instructing at Horseshoe this winter. Book your private lesson today!!!

Creemore tommorow......ill probably actually skip the samples, unless they are warm

"good stuff"
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